If you ask different binary options traders what the most popular expiration time is, most will undoubtedly answer one minute.

Therefore, binary options trading strategies for minute time frames and minute expirations are extremely popular, which is not surprising, because everyone loves to make quick profits and easy money, and minute expiration provides such an opportunity. On top of that, psychologically, it is easier for many to see results quickly than to wait for weeks or months and be in tension.

Trading strategy for minute expiration

For a long time, and especially recently, one strategy for trading binary options has become popular. It can even be called a system. For its application it is used:

Anyone who has looked at live price charts more than once knows that even with an upward movement there are pullbacks. No matter how much prices rise, someone will still sell, fixing, for example, their profit.

Simply put, when there is growth there are always red candles, and when there is a fall there are often green ones. This observation is very useful for us, as it allows us to use it to our advantage.

Rise and Fall

Rules for trading using a minute strategy for binary options

Recommended brokers for trading using this strategy are Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

The basic idea is to open trades against the movement, but after a price impulse has appeared, consisting of several candles of the same color.

Since we will work with an expiration of 1 minute and on the M1 chart, our transaction will be equal to one candle. That is, if we open a deal just at the beginning of the formation of a new candle, then when it closes, our deal will also end.

Expiration 1 minute

In addition to being visually convenient, we can see short impulse movements that form throughout the day. And having found such a movement, we can open a Call option (higher) of $1 (your minimum bet).

Accordingly, with several red candles down, we open a Put option (2-3 candles are enough).

Let's return to our call option trade (above). The candle closed green and we made a profit of approximately 80% of the investment.

Call option

But if the candle closed down (red), we would receive a loss of $1.

In the case of a situation where we make a profit, everything is simple, we wait or look for new impulse movements for new transactions. The situation with a loss is more interesting, since now we will need to immediately increase our trade after receiving a loss and open a Call option in the amount of $3.

If on the chart during this time the price closed with a green candle, then we will make a profit, which will cover the loss from previous transactions, and will also make a profit on top of this. If we again have a red candle, we will continue to increase the size of the opened position and the third time it will be $9.

In the picture below we see that trade 4 would be winning, and would bring profit and cover the loss on previous trades.

Call option

The maximum number of transactions in one series should consist of six pieces: $1; $3; $9; $18; $42; $97. For your convenience and more accurate calculation of positions, we recommend using the online Martingale Calculator .

Below we will give filters, when using which it rarely happens that six transactions are not enough to make a profit. But if this suddenly happens, then after the sixth trade you need to stop trading and analyze the reasons.

Why will 6 trades be enough for us more often? Because any movement, especially a long one, always comes with correction candles. The trade sizes were specially calculated in such a way that only one minute candle would be enough for us to successfully cover the entire series of losing trades.

Filters to reduce the risk of losses when trading with minute expiration

To increase efficiency and increase the likelihood of making a profit using this strategy, you need to adhere to some rules:

  • Work only from 11:00 to 20:00 Moscow time
  • Do not use the AUD/NZD currency pair, cryptocurrencies, and pairs containing JPY
  • Do not trade during important news releases

These simple rules can significantly increase the efficiency of trading using a minute strategy for the binary options market.

The main filter of this trading strategy

The main filter for this minute-long binary options trading strategy allows you to avoid situations when the market is undergoing a prolonged, recoilless movement in one direction. Of course, it is impossible to get rid of errors and losses in 100% of cases, but by using all the recommendations, you can maximize your chances of success.

The picture below shows how, after a long downward movement, a rollback began and more than three green candles appeared in a row. According to our strategy, this is an excellent chance to open a Put option (below). But sometimes it may be that this movement will be a reversal and the beginning of a new upward trend. If this happens, then there may not be red pullback candles in such a movement for some time. This means that you should not trade in such a situation, since the probability of losing money is very high.

The start of a new trend

As an example, below is one of the options for possible events, when in the end there was no new big movement, but the price moved both up and down with a large number of candles.

Do not open trades


This trading strategy for binary options really shows excellent results when all the rules are followed. Of course, there is no escape from losing streaks, but they can easily be covered by a series of positive trades that are closed with profit, because the profit is greater by increasing the position size.

Do not forget to take risks and open a position for an amount that you can afford to lose, and most importantly, test all strategies on a demo account before moving on to real trading.

If you are in doubt about choosing a broker, you can find out a lot of different information in our rating of binary options brokers and choose the one that suits you. We wish you successful trading!

Can't figure out how this strategy or indicator works? Write about it in the comments to this article, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel WinOptionSignals , where we will definitely answer all your questions in the video.

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binary lover
binary lover
эта стратегия для минуток на бинарных стара как мир, но все равно до сих пор популярна на удивление)))
17 December 2019
люблю простые стратегии без индикаторов, которые почти нет, спасибо)
17 December 2019
а я люблю с индикаторами когда, красиво, атмосферно, а пустой график не понимаю вообще, так что эта не для меня стратега)) но спасибо, для общего развития почитала))
17 December 2019
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