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Broker PocketOption reviews

PocketOption – a brief overview of the binary options broker

The PocketOption broker platform (the trademark belongs to Gembell Limited) appeared on the binary options market relatively recently, but this broker deserves attention, as it has already received quite a few positive reviews from traders during its work. Clients are offered very high payout ratios, which can reach 96% for currency pairs. At the same time, the broker has many free and paid binary options tournaments, and also implements a unique market functionality that allows you to receive additional bonuses to your account, ranging from increased odds to cashback.


PocketOption reviews


bonus Attention ! This review contains secret promotional bonus codes for the Pocket Option broker, so if in the text you come across a set of symbols like this WkIrk2yk , this is not a typo or a bug, but a secret promotional code that you can activate in your personal account if you find it first. The codes are regularly updated and change their position in the text. Some of these codes are referral codes, but if you open an account with PocketOption using links from our website, you can activate all of them + receive additional promotional codes for FREE .




Main characteristics of the binary options broker PocketOption

Main sites pocketoption.com, pocket-finance.ru, po.cash, po.site
Date of foundation and place of registration 2017, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH 96960 with number 86967
Regulator name TsROFR
Supported languages English, Italian, Russian and others
Provided trading terminal ITTrendex
Minimum balance replenishment amount $5 (promo codes and bonuses available)
Minimum investment in a deal 1 dollar
Maximum income per option Up to 92%
Amount of bonuses awarded Up to 150%
Supported Assets Over 100
Types of options traded Classic with expiration time from 1 to 240 minutes
Offered trading instruments Raw materials, currencies, cryptocurrencies
Account currency USD, EUR, GBP
Methods for replenishing your balance and withdrawing funds Transfers from bank cards, electronic wallets (including cryptocurrency) are supported
Withdrawal speed No more than three days
Availability of demo account Eat
Availability of social trading Eat
Tournaments Eat
Educational materials Eat
Analytical materials Eat
Contact support 24/7 chat on the website
Platform for mobile devices Eat



History and statistics of the Pocket Option broker

Broker Pocket Option is constantly developing actively and every year provides new services and functionality, as confirmed by the table below:

Year Updates
2017 Start of operation of the trading platform. Added social trading, affiliate program, tournaments and a market with achievements.
2018 Mobile applications have been created for convenient trading outside the home. Added pending transactions and crystal lottery. The site has been adapted for mobile devices.
2019 Crystal mining has appeared, indicators and tools have been updated. The MT5 platform for Forex appeared and a multi-graph was added. A strike price has been introduced for binary options. Updated interface (color themes). Conditions for VIP clients have been improved.
2020 Added new interface color themes. Fast trade appeared. A section with reviews from clients and traders was created. The support service has been reformed.
2021 The program code has been updated and the speed of the platform has been increased.
2022 Added the "Safe" service. There are rewards for copying your trades by other traders through social trading. OTC quotes are now available 24 hours a day. Quick Trade has been updated and has become more functional. The free signals section has been expanded. Fast deposits have appeared. The range of bots in the market has increased. Financial history has become more complete and useful for tracking any transfers and deposits. There are new ways to earn rewards for reviews.


Also, the broker currently has more than one hundred thousand active users from more than 95 countries. Trade turnover is more than $500,000,000.

Registration with the broker PocketOption

To register a new account on the official website of the broker PocketOption , you need to follow the “Quick registration” link directly on the main page:

Registration in PocketOption

In this section you must enter your email and password twice. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the terms of cooperation and avoid possible problems with the withdrawal of funds by clicking on the appropriate link “ Terms of Service ”. After registration, a registration confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address. To complete the procedure, you need to follow the activation link from the letter and you will immediately be taken to the broker's trading terminal.

You can also register on the broker’s website through your personal Facebook accounts. To expand the functionality of the site and gain access to some additional features, it is recommended to go through the Pocket Option account verification procedure. To do this, you will need to provide PPcrtniA with personal identification documents. The procedure YFrEhu9p is carried out through your personal account on the broker’s website.

Demo account Pocket Option

Demo account PocketOption

The demo account presented on the PocketOption broker platform allows novice traders to learn the basics of binary options trading and the operating features of the provided terminal. A demo account is also used to practice new strategies , which can then be used in practice. In order to switch to demo mode, you need to click on the tab of the same name. After this, traders are provided with 10 thousand virtual dollars, which can be used for trading. The balance on such an account can be replenished independently, which is very convenient if you Azp2cbj9 are not yet confident in your abilities and want to continue training. Access to the training account is available to all traders, including those who have not completed the registration and verification procedure.

Minimum deposit on the PocketOption platform

The minimum deposit of the PocketOption broker is $5 and in order to start trading on the PocketOption platform for real money, you will need to top up your deposit in the amount of $5, and a nice bonus for novice traders will be that on the broker’s bwUxcemc platform you can actively use various promotional codes and bonuses . such as canceling a losing trade of $10.

After making a minimum deposit, you can switch from a demo account to a real one. Access to the platform is available through the “Trade” section. All tradable assets are also listed here 7b5ylpNR. You can read more about the minimum deposit on the PocketOption broker platform in our article “ Pocket Option Minimum Deposit ”.

Topping up your account with a broker

To make a deposit on the broker’s website, you will need to go to the “Finance” section and select the appropriate payment method:

Top up your PocketOption account

Pocket Option supports several options for replenishing your balance, including from electronic wallets and bank accounts. Depending on the amount deposited into the account, the user is assigned the appropriate status. For example, when replenishing the balance by $100, the trader is referred to as “Newbie”. The “Guru” status (the maximum possible) is assigned when 61U9NCrB transfers to a deposit an amount exceeding 50 thousand dollars. Before replenishing your account, we recommend that you read our article TOP 10 ways “How to replenish your account with a broker” , as well as use promotional codes to replenish your PocketOption account.

Replenishment systems in PocketOption

Available bonus programs and promotional codes

When you first replenish your account, the PocketOption broker offers basic deposit bonuses, which directly depend on the amount of the first deposit:

Bonus programs PocketOption

For example, if a trader tops up his balance with $100, he will receive another $27 (the bonus amount is 27%). Moreover, users can refuse this offer by not checking the box in the “Use bonus” window. You can also enter your promotional code by taking it on our website.

On our website you will find a list of all available promotional codes and bonuses for the Pocket Option broker, including the maximum deposit bonus and a promotional code for canceling a losing trade of $10. We do not recommend refusing such bonuses when aU2f77rA replenishing your account, since receiving a bonus when replenishing does not limit your withdrawal of funds.

A complete list of current promotional codes for the PocketOption broker. Bonus on your first deposit up to 150% and up to 100% on any next deposit.


Features of the broker's trading terminal

The broker supports more than 100 assets, including:

  • 4 cryptocurrency pairs (trading of these assets is also carried out on weekends);
  • 29 currency pairs;
  • 6 commodities;
  • 20 shares of the world's leading companies;
  • 10 most popular indexes.

Trading of these assets is carried out through a terminal supplied by ITTrendex. This platform has advanced functionality, including a variety of indicators and oscillators. On weekends, the broker's terminal operates using OTC quotes and allows traders to make transactions 24/7.

Types of binary options on the PocketOption platform

In 2024, the PocketOption broker's trading platform supports a number of different options for trading, and also provides the opportunity to conduct professional Forex trading directly through the broker's website or through the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

The Pocket Option broker platform offers trading in standard binary options and options with a strike price at any interval up to 4 hours of expiration . You can set the expiration you need in the range from 30 seconds to 4 hours, accurate to the second.

Trading of turbo options on the platform is carried out in the interval from 30 seconds to 1 minute, which is essentially unique for all binary options brokers. For other brokers, turbo options are considered to be transactions from 1 to 5 minutes.

In addition to standard binary options and turbo options, toqnCEU3 broker also offers its clients a unique type of options - express options with a profitability of up to 700% per trade. Express options allow you to make simultaneous forecasts on several trading assets at once, thereby increasing the transaction odds. You can read more about this type of options and how to correctly make such transactions in a separate article on our website - how to open an express transaction in PocketOption .

Trading pending transactions on the Pocket Option broker platform

The latest version of the Pocket Option broker platform makes it possible to trade binary options using pending orders (pending transactions):

The platform provides two types of pending transactions:

  1. by time;
  2. at the asset price.

Delayed trades "by time" allow you to automatically place bets at a specified time. This is very convenient, for example, if you trade based on news, use paid signals from the WinOptionSignals website , or, for example, such a Grail indicator for binary options as SSS-Option V2 . When trading WinOptionSignals using pending trades, you can significantly reduce your trading time and further simplify the process of trading binary options on the Pocket Option broker platform.

Delayed trades “at the price of an asset” will allow you to automatically open trades at a predetermined price, which is very convenient when trading from support and resistance levels , trend lines or Fibonacci levels .

PocketOption orders

Social trading

Social trading is a special type of trading on the platform, in which all operations are carried out automatically. This option suJcKRf1 involves automatic copying of transactions of other traders . That is, the system opens orders in the direction in which the successful traders you selected on the platform conduct operations. You can read more about social trading in our article " PocketOption Social Trading "

Social trading in PocketOption

Working with charts and quotes

The PocketOption trading platform provides fairly accurate quotes and supports four types of graphical display of quote movements:

On each of the given graphs, you can set different time periods (but not more than 60 seconds). To assess market behavior and make SU9A7Ks5 forecasts, the trading platform provides built-in indicators , which include:

Each of the indicators can be displayed mpuwr1ti on the current quotes chart. Moreover, the trading terminal allows you to draw lines yourself. This option is suitable for experienced traders.

Special features of the Pocket Option broker 2023-2024

In 2024, as in the past, Pocket Option clients can take advantage of trading signals that show the optimal moments to enter the market:

PocketOption signals

In addition, on the broker’s website there is a special indicator showing the current mood of traders. That is, this service demonstrates the direction in which most users trade. Read more about signals for PocketOptions in our article " How to use signals from PocketOption "

Additionally, the broker’s website hosts various binary options tournaments among clients. In each of these OcO7LrDv tournaments you can win a significant amount to your account, while participation in tournaments is not at all expensive, and some of them are completely free. For more information on how to participate and win in PocketOption tournaments, read our article “ How to participate in tournaments PocketOption free "

Tournaments in PocketOption

Unique among binary options brokers is Achievements . Each client of the company can receive significant bonuses for their account and further increase the profitability of trading.

Achievements in PocketOption

Achievements include replenishment bonuses, risk-free trades (you can reverse a losing trade up to $1,000), boosters, and even cashback and no-deposit replenishment.

PocketOption broker bonuses

You can activate bonuses both for real money and for accumulated crystals, which are issued for activity on the platform. Here you can activate one of the promotional codes that you found on our website, for example a promotional code (if it doesn’t work, you can ask for a new one on our website), it will cancel your losing trade of $10 and the money will be returned to your account. If this promotional code is no longer active, you can get a new one by requesting it in your personal account on our website.

An important feature of the Pocket Option trading terminal is the ability to check price changes for a selected asset over a certain time period. To do this, you need to point the cursor at the chart and move it in the opposite direction (from right to left).


This service is new, as it appeared at the very beginning of 2024. You can find it in the “Finance” section on the “Safe” tab:

my safe pocket option

The Pocket Option “Safe” service allows you to passively earn up to 10% per year from investments that are not used in trading. You can replenish the safe deposit or withdraw profits and capital at any time without commission.

According to the broker himself, this opportunity arose thanks to the company’s cooperation with large banks in Europe and Asia, thanks to which you invest in bonds and fixed-income investment funds. In addition to deposits in US dollars, you can open a Pocket Option safe in Bitcoin or Ethereum :

types of safes

There are four programs for each currency:

  1. 3% (up to $10,000);
  2. 5% (up to $30,000);
  3. 7% (up to $50,000);
  4. 10% (over $50,000).

More detailed conditions can be seen in the image below:

table of conditions for opening a safe in pocket option

BTC and ETH have different amounts, which will always be adjusted depending on the exchange rate.

For greater convenience, there is a profitability calculator in which you can select the percentage of profitability, the deposit amount and the amount that will be added to the deposit every month. After adding data, a profitability graph appears:

safe profitability chart

Also after the charts there is a profitability table.

Training programs

The Pocket Option website contains a large list of educational materials , including those on working with the terminal and trading strategies. This information, some K6EjA1Yo of which is presented in the form of videos, will be enough to immediately start trading binary options. It is also noteworthy that the broker’s website contains trading strategies that are optimal for most users and a plan within which you can trade. On our website you will find an extended list of trading strategies for Pocket Option in our article " Strategies for PocketOption "

Features of withdrawing money from the site

To withdraw earned funds from the broker’s deposit, you also need to go to the “Finance” section and select the direction for the transfer (bank card or electronic wallet). An important condition for withdrawing money from Pocket Option is that the first deposit of funds is possible exactly at the address from which the trader previously replenished the balance. For example, if the user replenished the deposit account from a bank card, then only the first earnings will be sent to it. Subsequent withdrawals will be possible to any payment instrument convenient for you. For qKTdYb3u to successfully withdraw funds from Poketoption, you will definitely need to go through the account verification procedure and, if necessary, confirm your card.

You can often find reviews about PocketOption on the Internet that the broker is a SCAM project and does not withdraw money or blocks traders’ accounts, but most often such problems with withdrawal of funds are associated precisely with problems with account verification, so be careful about verification and use only your data when registering a new account.

Each request for withdrawal of funds from the platform is executed manually, and therefore the withdrawal takes about three days. The minimum amount to withdraw money from Pocket Option is $15.


Regulation and license of the PocketOption broker. Where to write a complaint about Pocket Option?

Certificate TsROFR PocketOption

The activities of the Pocket Option broker are regulated on the basis of a license issued by the Center for Financial Markets. This is the regulatory center for many binary options brokers. Of course, such regulation does not give you a 100% guarantee that the broker will not block your account and withdraw your money. The presence of a license from the Center for Financial Markets is not perceived by many traders as proof of the reliability of the RhpDuUKt broker. The fact is that this organization is not a state regulator of the binary options market. But it has the right to resolve some conflict situations that arise between traders and brokers, and you can file a complaint with this organization. In any case, before starting trading on the PocketOption platform, it is better to read real customer reviews about the broker, analyze them all, and only then open a real account for trading with real money.

Features of technical support

You can contact support staff through a general chat on the broker’s website by opening a special ticket in the “Help” section, or via email support@pocketoption.com

Complaints against a broker in 2024

Among the shortcomings of the broker in 2024, in their reviews, traders are increasingly complaining that the broker has stopped making direct withdrawals to bank cards and now uses the ADVcash payment system to withdraw money, which in turn charges a 2.5% commission on the withdrawal amount - This minus does exist, but it applies to Georgia and Armenia, while in Russia and most CIS countries bodg3jHm in general there are no such problems.

The second minus is that prices for some assets are indicated with an accuracy of up to six decimal places. In addition, sometimes quotes on the site change at high speed.

Pocket Option user reviews

User reviews about the Pocket Option broker are varied and not always positive. Moreover, some of the reviews seem clearly bought. That is, such reviews, regardless of their nature, good or bad, were specifically ordered either by the broker himself or his competitors, trying to denigrate the broker and lure clients to themselves. All of them are mostly written according to a single template.

You can read more real reviews about the broker on our website at the end of the article. We strongly recommend that you study all the reviews and do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments before trading for real money on the platform.

Pros and cons of the company

Pros of the Pocket Option broker:

  • Available minimum deposit.
  • Trade training.
  • High quality software.
  • Free tournaments.
  • Bonuses and gifts.
  • Functional market.


  • A small number of cryptocurrencies and shares.
  • Mandatory verification.
  • Maximum expiration is only 4 hours.

Results. Should you trust it?

Broker PocketOption provides attractive trading conditions in 2024. In particular, earnings on one option can reach 96%. To top up your balance, you only need to deposit $50, and you can enter into a transaction with one dollar. It should also be noted that the broker supports more than 100 trading instruments, including several cryptocurrency pairs, payouts for which reach 80% (for other companies - 25-50%). In addition, PocketOption allows you to top up your balance and withdraw funds using about 50 payment systems. Withdrawing funds usually takes no more than 2 days, tLgzog6s and the presence of a license and a lot of positive reviews on our website speak in favor of the broker. This broker is trustworthy and recommended for trading in 2024.

Registration in Pocket Option appstore pocket googleplay

Some promotional codes hidden in the text, including these: pA4P7zc5 (cancel a losing trade), Atyh73zi (booster) XKtqyZ8f (mining license) will only work if you opened an account with the Pocket Option broker using our links. Open a new account on the Pocket Option platform and receive all the benefits of the broker's market on an ongoing basis from our website.




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В полном я не давно работаю на Pocket Option. Мне казалась что все обман лахатрон, но когда сама проверила, прочитала куча отзывов, посмотрела много видео практиковалась и ВОЛЯ у меня всё получилась. Тут служба поддержки отзывчивая в любое время суток может ответит на любые вопросы. И самой главной здесь можно выводить денге в любом направление. Рекомендую начать свой путь трейдера с Pocket Option.
06 April 2024
Хорошо работает брокер
28 February 2024
id 61085031 Eu quero código promocional exclusivo grátis!!
26 February 2024
Eu quero promo code free!!
26 February 2024
Hello i just start write and i want to learn for the game
09 February 2024
Написано код на отменя, а там 5 синих)))
09 February 2024
Муратбай Уразниязов
Когда уже начнется игар?
08 February 2024
Пожалуйста, пришлите промо-промо платного турнира. Я новый пользователь Мой карманный вариант i,d 70531632 и мой адрес электронной почты hisanshu3434120@gmail.com.
Himanshu saini, Я бы вам рекомендовал подписаться на телеграмм. t.me/promocod_pocket_option Там выкладывают и турниры и промокоды разные.
01 February 2024
Himanshu saini
Пожалуйста, пришлите промо-промо платного турнира. Я новый пользователь Мой карманный вариант i,d 70531632 и мой адрес электронной почты hisanshu3434120@gmail.com.
01 February 2024
"Работаю с Pocket Option уже год, вывод средств быстрый, Удобный и обширный функционал, наличие демо-счёта позволяет опробовать новые стратегии, всем советуюэтот платформе!"
17 January 2024
Derek Pickett
Pocket Option is a very innovative broker that is constantly looking to enhance the trading experience. They have everything a new trader needs to become a successful and profitable trader. They have trading advantages available as well as a free Demo account to practice new strategies. Some traders have experienced difficulties when trying to withdraw funds from their trading account. I haven't experienced such difficulties withdrawing funds. I've made 10+ withdrawals and I've never had a single issue. Over 75% of my withdrawals were processed and sent to my BTC wallet in less than an hour. But I have had other issues with this broker. I was blocked from participating in tournaments and blocked from copying other traders a few months ago. I've tried numerous times to get an explanation as to why I was blocked from these things but I have yet to receive one. They either say that those things aren't available anymore for me or I don't even get a response at all. Those things don't impact my ability to trade or withdraw funds so I decided not to try to get an explanation anymore. It is very unprofessional not to offer some sort of reasonable explanation but as long as my withdrawals continue to process as normal, I'll continue to trade with this broker. If it wasn't for those couple of things, I would've given this broker 5 stars. And if you're still unsure if you should give Pocket Option a chance because of a few bad reviews, I would encourage you to take a leap of faith and judge for yourself. Every company/business that has a substantially large number of customers/clients will have some bad reviews. Start off by using only the practice account (Demo), which is completely free to use, to build readiness and experience before trading with actual funds. I hope that someone finds this information to be useful in some way. May The Trend Be With You (99276621)
24 December 2023
Great platforme ..so easy to ise , withdraw and deposite so simple and fast
14 December 2023
По моему мнению и долговременной торговле у этого брокера- эта отличная платформа и торговые условия на ней! Всегда оперативный и полноценный отзыв, а не отписка поддержки,все решается без проблем, принимая во внимание обозначенную просьбу! Есть все необходимые инструменты для успешной торговли,даже на выходных, все просто и понятно, ведется история достижений и добавляются те же кристаллы за успехи, как и осколки их( а их них собирается целый кристалл) за копирование сделок успешных трейдеров!Пополнение различными способами, вывод всегда был без проблем и в обозначенные Соглашением сроки (всегда можно уточнить у поддержки, если чуть дольше обычного или на выходных). Словом, есть с кем сравнить и вывод однозначный- лучшая платформа! Поверьте, отзыв не заказной!
Александр, Согласен. Год пользуюсь. И промокоды подкидывают каждую неделю.
06 December 2023
По моему мнению и долговременной торговле у этого брокера- эта отличная платформа и торговые условия на ней! Всегда оперативный и полноценный отзыв, а не отписка поддержки,все решается без проблем, принимая во внимание обозначенную просьбу! Есть все необходимые инструменты для успешной торговли,даже на выходных, все просто и понятно, ведется история достижений и добавляются те же кристаллы за успехи, как и осколки их( а их них собирается целый кристалл) за копирование сделок успешных трейдеров!Пополнение различными способами, вывод всегда был без проблем и в обозначенные Соглашением сроки (всегда можно уточнить у поддержки, если чуть дольше обычного или на выходных). Словом, есть с кем сравнить и вывод однозначный- лучшая платформа! Поверьте, отзыв не заказной!
03 December 2023
Ага, появляются новые. Правда старых навалом. Нужно вести учет.
Артур, Обновились. Удалились старые...
01 December 2023
Худшая платформа. заработал деньги. после попытки вывести они блокирую и пишут что у вас несколько акаунтов. и ставят без права пересмотра. Хотите подарить бирже тогда вам сюда. И да предоставлять они вам ничего не будут так что учитывайте
28 November 2023
тех поддержка просто ужасная всё норм кроме неё
22 November 2023
Ага, появляются новые. Правда старых навалом. Нужно вести учет.
21 November 2023
Для меня однозначно лучший брокер, очень хорошо отлаженная система и много разных плюшек
21 November 2023
Sergey Enin
Sergey Enin
За промокоды спасибо!
17 November 2023
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