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Signal time 9:00-22:00 Moscow time, on trading days
Average accuracy of online signal forecasts 71%
Martingale Used
Currency pairs Major currency pairs, gold, silver, Bitcoin
Working timeframes M5, M15, M30, H1
Number of strategies 9
Recommended Brokers Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium , Binary.com ,


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Every trader sooner or later comes to the conclusion about the need for maximum optimization of his work, which means receiving ready-made signals for binary options online.

Trading robots provide many options. Thanks to them, a trader can make informed decisions in the shortest possible time and there is no need to conduct a long market analysis using strategies and indicators for binary options . Online signals are based on technical analysis , which ensures their accuracy.

There are both paid and free signals for binary options. Most BO brokers provide them for free, but there are a number of companies that offer them only for VIP clients.

Let's look at what features free signals for binary options online have and how to use them.

Free online signals from WinOptionSignals

Free online signals for binary options from WinOptionSignals is a new tool on the company's website. They are formed both automatically, processing data from the most profitable strategies for binary options installed on our servers, as well as live signals from real traders of the company, on which they directly place bets.

The online binary options signal platform from WinOptionSignals consists of:

  1. An active window with a chart of the currency pair for which a signal was issued to enter a trade.

currency pair chart

  1. Menu for switching between active signals, results of past signals and general statistics.

Photo switching menu

  1. Active window with information about current signals and their results.

information about signals and their results

  1. An auxiliary window for filtering signals when there are a large number of them.

signal filtering

How online binary options signals work WinOptionSignals

Our server processes all major currency pairs provided for binary options trading, several trading strategies are installed on each currency pair (currently 3), each such strategy looks for entry signals on four time frames m5, m15, m30 and H1 at once.

As soon as the conditions of one of the strategies are met, a chart of the currency pair for which the signal to enter the deal appears appears on the main screen of the signal platform.

signal to enter a trade photo

The top line below the chart shows the chart of which asset is currently displayed. The line also indicates the time the signal was received, its expiration time, the entry point (later we will tell you why this is needed), the direction of the transaction (buy or sell), the name of the strategy (for now test1,2,3..) and whether Martingale is used in it .

Currency pair

If there are several active signals, then the main window of the platform will show the chart of the last signal; for your convenience, you can switch charts simply by clicking on the asset you need from the active signals.

switching schedule

Please note that since there is a lot of data being processed, there may be delays in switching charts (please allow some time for switching).

How to use online binary options signals from WinOptionSignals

In the main window of the platform, you will see the exact entry point into the transaction, marked with an arrow in the desired direction (green up Call, red down Put) and a dotted line for a more visual visualization of the entry point.

entry point level photo

If you did not have time to place a bet immediately at the moment the signal was released and the price had already moved in the indicated direction, then you should wait until the price returns to the entry point, marked by a dotted line on the chart, as well as indicated in the signal itself.

entry point picture

Also, for more successful trading, you should pay attention to the Martingale step in the signal.

Martingale step

Step 1 of Martingale means that on a given currency, a bet using this strategy has already been lost and the system offers you to double your bet to win back. You can also choose signals with a deliberately high step and start betting with your minimum bet.

Online signals for binary options from WinOptionSignals are generated around the clock, but statistics show that the best performance is achieved between 9:30 and 22:00 Moscow time (GMT+3) and accounts for an average of up to 75% of profitable trades.

Free online signals for binary options

One of the most popular services in Russia is the service from the Investing company, which provides a lot of news and analytics, as well as free online signals for both binary options and Forex trading.

Trading recommendations can be considered for several trading periods:

  1. M5 (5 minutes);
  2. M15 (15 minutes);
  3. H1 (1 hour).

There is no point in following daily signals except when trading binary options with an expiration time of 24 hours.

If in all three trading periods indicated above, free signals for binary options online show the same parameter, then you need to buy an option in their direction. For example, if “Sell” is written opposite the required trading asset on all three timeframes , then you need to buy Put options with an expiration of 30 minutes:

online signals based on moving averages

To more accurately determine the transaction period, you can use the economic calendar . If, for example, a high-quality online signal appears at 18:40, and important news is due to be released at 19:00, then it is worth reducing the expiration of the transaction from 30 to 10 minutes, which will allow it to close before the release of this news and thereby reduce the risk, since on the news you can often observe high volatility of currencies .

Free online signals for binary options using indicators

To get a specific understanding of the price direction of the desired asset with high accuracy, you can compare the readings from the above signals for online binary options with the indicators. You can monitor the indicators yourself in the MetaTrader 4 terminal , in the trading platform of a binary options broker , or on a live chart . The Investing service also provides ready-made solutions for indicators for binary options free online:

online signals based on indicators

If necessary, you can choose any trading asset and any time frame, and you can focus on trading signals for binary options free online either on one indicator or on several. And as a rule, if the trend direction is strong, then most of the indicators will show the same entry points.

You can also track signals on multiple timeframes. If the indicator produces similar signals on the trading periods M5 and M15, you can try to buy options with an expiration of 5 minutes.

It is important to note that they are not updated automatically and you will need to refresh the page periodically to receive new directions or changes.

Signals for binary options online using news

When trading binary options on currency pairs, it is recommended to monitor the emergence of current news, which will allow you to correctly set the expiration period for options, since the transaction must already be completed before the expected news is released. Otherwise, there is a possibility of losing profits if the news significantly changes the direction of the price.

In order to stay up to date, you need to regularly study the economic calendar:

economic calendar

News is the strongest entry indicator, capable of establishing a new trend for a long period or radically changing the direction of an existing trend.

The following data is available for viewing in the economic calendar:

  1. News release date;
  2. The currency of the state, which is primarily affected by the news;
  3. The power of news;
  4. Name of news;
  5. Economic indicators before the news release;
  6. Forecasts from the company (may not coincide with the actual value);
  7. The actual value of the economic indicator (appears after the news is released).

First of all, you should pay attention to the strength of the news, and only then to the indicators in the past and in the future. Only the strongest news (3 stars) moves the market, but sometimes the price can rise or fall significantly even after news of medium importance (2 stars). Weak news (1 star) may not affect prices at all.

Online signals from binary options brokers

Many brokers offer their free signals for binary options online, available to every client of the company. They can be found in the broker's trading platform in special sections.

At the moment, even on a demo account you can receive free online signals from two brokers, which we will discuss later.

The first binary options broker with free signals online is Pocket Option . Every client of the company can use them as much as they want, but it is worth noting that they are built using standard indicators and do not have constant high accuracy, as the broker himself warns about.

You can find free signals online from PocketOption on the broker’s platform in the menu on the right:

Pocket Option trading signals

The second broker with similar free online signals for binary options is Quotex . They are also available to everyone at any time and for any period of time. Unlike the previous ones, Quotex gives not only the direction, but also the expiration time, and in addition, all of them are saved in history and can be studied for statistics:

quotex trading signals


These online signals for binary options are not a call to action; you must make all decisions yourself and be aware of the possible risks when trading binary options.



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Я ничего не могу понять со статистикой сигналов, в таблице. Допуcтим стратегия Test1 за всё время показывает 100% и всё время, но как переключаешь таймфрейм на конкретное время показывает 5%, что всё это значит абсолютно не могу понять.
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