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Broker Binarium has been operating in the binary options market for more than 10 years and during this time has managed to win the trust of many traders thanks to its multifunctional trading platform, a wide range of expirations (which other brokers do not have) and high percentages of profitability on trading assets. The broker also keeps a fairly low minimum deposit amount, which attracts novice traders.

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Binarium reviews


The broker's trading platform Binarium first appeared in 2012. Since then, the site has undergone changes more than once. So, in 2017, a new version of it appeared. At the same time, the website was redesigned. Today, the list of broker opportunities available to clients in 2024 is not limited to standard tools for trading binary options. Each trader can take advantage of an expanded set of functions for setting up charts, adding indicators and trading on the OTC market.


Main characteristics of the Binarium broker

Broker websites,,,
Supported languages English, Russian, German and others (15 languages)
Minimum replenishment amount 5 dollars
Minimum investment amount 1 dollar
Maximum percentage of profitability 92%
Trading assets More than 50
Offered trading instruments Currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices
Account currency USD, UAH, RUB, EUR, KZT, BTC, LTC
Replenishment methods Bank cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies
Withdrawal of funds up to 24 hours
Demo account Yes
Tournaments Yes
Education Yes
Mobile app Yes
Contact support 24/7 support


Broker history

To understand whether you should trust the Binarium broker, its review should not only include consideration of the capabilities of the terminal’s functionality. Reliability, like trust in a broker, is also determined by the duration of work. The platform was officially registered in Cyprus in 2012 as Binarium Limited.

However, the broker took time to complete preparations for entering the market. Only 2 years after registration, the brokerage house managed to enter the binary options market. And already in 2017, the management decided to carry out a rebranding, which affected the official sites and the terminal. After 3 years, the company opened several representative offices in different countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. But traders not only from these countries are showing interest:

popularity of binarium

License and regulation

Despite the fact that this is a Russian company, it received a license on the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where the broker is officially registered. But this circumstance does not stop traders. The reason why many brokerage service providers are registered in independent territories is partly due to the peculiarities of Russian legislation. That is, this practically does not affect the reliability of the services provided.

However, the lack of a Russian license worries some traders who are just trying to find a reliable broker. But after reading thematic forums and blogs with reviews, where the question is raised whether it is possible to make money on Binarium, reviews indicate that this platform allows you to constantly make a profit and consistently withdraw money to clients. Additionally, the company is working on extending the validity of two licenses: TsROFR and CySEC . Both regulators have relatively strict control over the work of financial market representatives. In particular, if disputes arise with clients, both organizations, if necessary, can compensate for losses incurred due to improper actions of brokerage houses. This circumstance should dispel any doubts about Binarium: whether it is a scam or not, whether the company withdraws profits and whether the broker can be trusted.

Binarium User Agreement

The user agreement on the official website is referred to as “Client Agreement”. Here is information about:

  • responsibilities, rights and obligations of clients;
  • guarantees provided by the company;
  • ways to eliminate and possible consequences of force majeure, technical problems and others.

This information allows you to understand all the features of cooperation. In particular, traders, having read the presented agreement, will be able to avoid mistakes when conducting transactions and avoid misunderstandings with technical support. Therefore, in order to prevent such consequences that arise when collaborating with an office, registration and transfer of funds are recommended to be carried out only after reading the document provided.

In particular, this agreement discloses information about what to expect in the event of force majeure (technical failure, blocking, etc.). In such circumstances, Binarium is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of the following consequences:

Force Majeure

It is important to note that the client agreement is not available in Russian. All information is presented in English. But we have translated for you the most important points in our opinion: The brokerage office has the right to block the account and terminate cooperation in case of violation of the current agreement, including in the following situations:

  • client's insolvency;
  • providing false information about yourself;
  • accusations of fraud (including suspicions of such actions).

The last violation leads to complete blocking of the account. In a number of other situations, including those described above, money can be withdrawn from the deposit, but under the terms of cooperation, access to the trading platform will be closed:

broker regulations

Each brokerage house, including the one under consideration, does not take risks for cases of loss of funds during trading operations. That is, if a trader suffers losses after closing an order, the company will not reimburse this money:


Terms of trading with Binarium

Trading conditions are constantly changing due to an increase in the number of available tools and improved terms of cooperation, which adapt to the current needs of experienced and novice traders. The broker strives to provide the most comfortable conditions for working in the financial market so that clients can focus only on making a profit.

Among the advantages of cooperation with this company, users highlight not only simple registration, which takes no more than five minutes, but also access to a Binarium demo account without verification with a balance of 60 thousand rubles, which is restored every time the terminal is opened. The advantages also include:

  • Free registration, which takes just a few steps;
  • 5 types of trading accounts, as well as a demo account for 60,000 rubles (each new login to the account restores the balance on the demo account);
  • New currencies have been introduced for opening accounts: Ukrainian hryvnia, Australian dollar, Bitcoin , Litecoin ;
  • The minimum deposit is 5 dollars, 300 rubles, 5 euros, 150 hryvnia;
  • The minimum transaction amount is 60 rubles, 1 dollar, 1 euro, 1 Australian dollar, 25 hryvnia;
  • The maximum transaction amount is 600,000 rubles, 10,000 dollars, 10,000 euros, 10,000 Australian dollars or 250,000 hryvnia;
  • The maximum number of simultaneously open transactions is 20 (each of 20 transactions can be made for the maximum amount);
  • The amount of profit on options is up to 92% of the investment amount;
  • The number of options types on the platform is 6;
  • Choice of expiration dates: from 60 seconds to 3 months;
  • Trading 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (thanks to OTC quotes from Binarium );
  • More than 50 trading assets for making transactions;
  • You can open up to 4 charts simultaneously in one window;
  • Storing the history of trading operations in the system;
  • Mobile application from Binarium for trading binary options based on Android;
  • Free training with training materials in the form of video lessons, strategies for Binarium and manuals;
  • Individual training with a company analyst;
  • Binarium clients can replenish their account and withdraw profits using bank cards, electronic wallets and payment systems, as well as cryptocurrencies;
  • Withdrawal of funds from a trading account – within 24 hours;
  • Withdrawal of funds from the VIP account occurs within 1 hour. It is worth considering the time of withdrawal directly to a bank account or payment system;
  • Trading signals and trading room;
  • Analytical materials;
  • Joint trading with a company analyst;
  • Reconciliation of quotes with the supplier upon request. Processing time – 3 working days;
  • The broker's technical support is available 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

When withdrawing and depositing funds, you must remember that the specified time is set by the broker. That is, for example, when working with Binarium in Russia, you should take into account that banks and some payment systems sometimes transfer money to the account with a delay.


Types of options on the Binarium platform

Two types of binary options are available to the company's clients. More experienced ones can trade turbo options with an expiration period of 1-5 minutes. This option allows you to receive a profit of up to 88% of the investment in a relatively short period of time. But when trading in this way, it is necessary to remember that indicators often give false signals, which makes the direction of movement of an asset’s price difficult to predict.

Beginners are recommended to start with classic binary options, the expiration period of which varies from 15 minutes to three months. This option is suitable for those who want to avoid high risks. But regardless of the chosen method, you should first check all strategies used in the Binarium terminal on a demo account.

To select a suitable contract, just click on the appropriate button: “1-5 min” or “5+min”:

types of options in binarium

After this, you should set the time interval after which the order will be closed:


Trading accounts with broker Binarium: types and opportunities

When working online, 5 types of accounts are available:

  1. Start (deposit – from 5 to 99 dollars). This option is suitable for beginners. When choosing this account, trading is only possible with contracts based on one of 46 assets. Traders do not receive additional bonuses for transactions. In addition, access to the trading room is closed.
  2. Standard (from 100 to 499 dollars). When choosing this option, Binarium traders receive bonuses and can return some of the money lost as a result of unprofitable trades. It also opens up access to more assets.

  3. Business ($500 to $1,999) and Premium ($2,000 to $4,999). You have access to a trading room that helps you make money.

  4. VIP (from $5,000). If, after opening an account on Binarium, you log in with this amount, you can receive a bonus in real money, which is available for withdrawal. In other cases, such accruals must be worked out by making transactions.

Binarium broker account types

The Binarium platform also introduces restrictions on the withdrawal of earnings depending on the type of account selected. Beginners can submit no more than one withdrawal request per day. When choosing Standard, you are allowed to withdraw money up to two times in 24 hours. As the volume of investments increases, the company removes restrictions on withdrawal.

Similar rules apply to the size of the maximum withdrawal amount. For a novice trader, Binarium limits the withdrawal of funds. Such users can leave requests for up to $200 per day and 1,000 per month. VIP clients are given the opportunity to withdraw up to 15 and 100 thousand dollars, respectively.

At the same time, Binarium has a demo account open to every trader, regardless of the size of the investment.

Registering a new account

Reviews of the site state that registration for Binarium is quick. To do this, simply enter your email address and password, and indicate the type of preferred currency:

official website of the broker binarium

The company accepts transfers in Russian rubles, euros, American dollars, hryvnias and tenge. In addition, you can replenish your deposit in Bitcoins and Litecoins.

To simplify work with the platform, login and registration on the site is now possible using social networks:, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Google+. If you choose this option to create an account, it is recommended that you first verify the information provided on the page. If, for example, an incorrect last name is provided on a social network, the last name will be automatically transferred to the trader’s profile on the broker’s website. After checking and identifying discrepancies in the provided data by the Binarium support service, the entrance to your personal account will be blocked.

Bonus system Binarium

An attractive system of bonus offers is one of the main advantages of Binarium. Promotional codes allow traders to receive additional income and opportunities to make positive transactions. By registering on the platform with a promotional code for replenishing your first deposit, you will have improved conditions.

We are giving away an affiliate promotional code for those who are interested in trading on the platform! For a successful start, double the amount of the initial investment: for example, enter $100 and receive $200 on your balance. The advantage of the bonus program is that the user does not spend his own money, increasing the amount of potential profit from bonus funds.

The promotional code WINOPTION is valid at the registration stage. Enter it in the special field that appears when the platform asks for your name and phone number. The amount along with the bonus is credited upon the first deposit of $20 or more.

How to get a promotional code?

  1. Go to the official Binarium website to register.
  2. Enter your email address and create a password, select your account currency.
  3. At the second stage of registration, when you enter your name and phone number, you will see the “Affiliate promotional code” field.
  4. In the pop-up field, write WINOPTION .
  5. Automatically receive a 100% bonus for further trading after replenishing your first deposit of $20 or more.

welcome bonus

Account verification in Binarium

Often negative comments about Binarium in reviews (whether they cheat or not, whether they pay money and others) contain information that users cannot withdraw money. But upon closer examination of the described problem, the reasons for blocking funds become clear.

An important condition for receiving earnings is passing verification . Obligations to carry out this procedure are imposed on the broker by third-party regulators. To undergo verification, clients must provide copies (scans or photographs) of documents confirming the person’s identity (full name and residential address).

This procedure is carried out only after registration and filling out the appropriate fields in the profile:

Binarium verification

Demo account from Binarium

After completing registration on the site, each client has access to a training account. This tool is always available. In particular, when choosing an options trading method through Binarium, a demo account allows you to practice strategies without the risk of losing money. At the same time, the tool is designed to make it easier to get to know the terminal's features and helps you understand the available functions. Thanks to a demo account, it is easier for beginners to switch to a real one.

Open a demo account

Setting up a schedule

After completing all registration steps, the site opens an entrance in Russian for users from the Russian Federation or other countries who have chosen this language as their main language. After authorization, a working terminal opens. Judging by the comments about Binarium and reviews of the trading platform, the latter has an intuitive interface. Thanks to this, even beginners can quickly understand the location of the main buttons and functions in this terminal:

functionality of the Binarium trading platform

Despite the above, after launching the site, many users have a problem with how to set up the platform. Part of the difficulty arises from the fact that this product has extensive functionality, which, when used correctly, helps speed up operations.

Users of the platform in their reviews note the following features of this development:

  • function of adding assets to the panel for quick access;
  • support for simultaneous display of four graphs;
  • the presence of trading history, cash register, promotions and tournaments, which are listed in a separate side menu;
  • quick access to timeframe and chart settings;
  • the ability to add indicators and graphical tools;
  • function for changing the scale and centering of the graph;
  • selection of trading volume and expiration time.

After reading the reviews, you can find out that the terminal displays information about the profitability of the selected option. You can trade with this broker:

assets in binarium

At the top of the screen there are buttons that allow you to set the required number of charts. The latter can be arranged depending on personal preferences. To do this, just click on the split icon:

4 graphics per window

When considering the platform in 2024, customer reviews also often note the ease of use of the terminal. This is due to the fact that on this site you can choose one of four options for displaying charts: candles, bars, linear and zonal:

types of Binarium charts

Additionally, the terminal interface provides a special button (located in the lower left part), when clicked, access to graphical tools such as:

  • curves;
  • ellipse;
  • intersections;
  • horizontal line;
  • Fibonacci lines;
  • beam and others.

graphic tools

One of the important features of Binarium, in reviews of the site, traders note the presence of an extensive list of indicators. Thanks to this, clients can conduct technical analysis without using third-party developments such as MetaTrader 4. For chart analysis, Binarium users have access to:

You can select and configure a suitable indicator through the same panel:

indicator in Binarium

Free tournaments on the Binarium broker platform

Beginners and experienced traders can test their strength in tournaments, trying to win a significant amount on their deposit. To do this, the site regularly hosts paid and free tournaments with large prize pools:

free tournaments from Binarium

The number of tournaments, as well as the size of winnings, changes regularly. At the same time, traders who write reviews about Binarium note an important feature of such tournaments: the cost of participation does not exceed eight dollars. This “restriction” allows you to take part in competitions with minimal risk.

However, one of the disadvantages of the Binarium broker is that it does not allow you to immediately withdraw the prize received in the tournament. To withdraw money, the user must reach a certain turnover.

Trading room of broker Binarium

The trading room is available to users who have topped up their balance with an amount of $100 or more. It is also important that clients undergo an identity verification procedure.

This tool is similar to a specialized binary options forum . Participants in the trading room can consider different strategies and discuss approaches to market analysis among people with similar interests. In particular, here traders often receive information about hidden and additional capabilities of the terminal, which reviews of the Binarium platform do not cover.

The convenience of using this tool is that clients have the opportunity to track the transactions of the broker's leading analyst and, if desired, carry out similar transactions. In the room you can comment on the chosen trading option and the market situation:

trading room chat

To make making money easier, Binarium offers its regular customers free trading signals, which come with additional explanations. According to reviews, this auxiliary tool is highly effective. However, when trading binary options through Binarium, judging by the feedback from traders in 2024, you cannot completely rely on such signals. They may make mistakes, showing the wrong option for opening a trade; it’s better to check everything yourself:

trading room signals

The trading room is a convenient interface for speculators of various levels of training. Beginners here can gain the necessary experience, learn about the analytical and trading methods used; experienced traders – increase professionalism and adjust the strategy used.

Despite the above, when trading options on Binarium, copying the leading analyst's trades really helps to increase profits. But you need to take into account that the risks associated with an incorrect forecast are borne by you. That is, if the user used an analyst’s advice that resulted in a loss, the broker does not reimburse the loss.

When analyzing the proposed signals, you need to pay attention to the following circumstances:

  • signal output time;
  • direction of price movement;
  • asset type;
  • the degree of signal intensity (shown as stars - the more, the higher the analyst’s confidence in the success of the transaction);
  • duration of action.

In addition to the above advantages of copying a transaction from a leading Binarium analyst, such support is complemented by the fact that the specialist comments on his actions, explaining why he made a certain decision.

Funding your trading account in Binarium

Unlike other exchanges, Binarium, as noted earlier, strives to simplify options trading. This is manifested, in particular, in the convenience of the interface of the proposed terminal. To top up your balance on the platform, just click on the button of the same name located in the upper right corner:

top up your account on the binarium platform

A similar operation can be carried out through your personal account by going to the “Cashier” section, then “Top up your account”:

cash desk section

In addition to the listed advantages, reviews of the Binarium website note another important advantage: users have access to different options for replenishing their balance. You can transfer money to a deposit using bank cards (Visa and Mastercard are supported) and payment systems (Yumani, Webmoney, Qiwi). In addition, transfers to BTC, LTC, ETH and XRP are possible. In addition to this, operations with wallets on Piastrix, FK Wallet and Monetix Wallet are supported.

On in your personal account you can see all the available methods for replenishing your balance. You are allowed to transfer at least five dollars (300 rubles) to the deposit. Through this section, you can submit requests for withdrawal of earnings and view the history of previously completed transactions.

When replenishing the account for the first time, each client is credited with a bonus. Traders also have access to special promotional codes from Binarium , which increase the size of the first deposit:

what is a bonus in binary options

Bonuses from Binarium

Like other brokers providing binary options trading services, Binarium offers traders a variety of bonuses. This is done to increase the company's clients.

Speaking of Binaruim, it provides such a bonus as a risk-free trade. By taking advantage of this opportunity, the client does not lose money if the transaction turns out to be unprofitable. The reason is that when placing such an order, the broker does not deduct money from the balance. However, if the transaction makes a profit, then the entire amount goes to the bonus account. That is, this money cannot be withdrawn without fulfilling certain conditions.

Clients with VIP or Premium accounts have the opportunity to insure three trading transactions. If these transactions result in a loss, the company will return the entire amount that the user invested in the operation. Among the important features of Binarium, reviews note the fact that this option is available for each individual operation. That is, if a trader insures 3 transactions, one of which makes a profit, then the broker compensates for the costs of only two. And the income received from such an operation, together with the entire investment amount, is credited to the account.

The size of the welcome bonus, which is issued upon the first transfer to a deposit, can reach 100%:

bonus 100% Binarium

Broker quotes

Quotes of assets on which binary options are based are supplied by a third-party company, Leverate, which has managed to earn a positive reputation and become one of the leaders in its market segment. Additionally, the broker allows you to verify the information displayed in the terminal.

If there are any doubts about the correctness of quotes, the client has the right to request a reconciliation from the support service, which is carried out with the liquidity provider. Please note that the data available to broker clients may differ from that provided by other companies. This is explained by the fact that market participants use the services of different suppliers. But considering the features of Binarium and trading, reviews from experienced speculators draw attention to the fact that such discrepancies do not affect the probability of obtaining and the amount of profit or loss.

Mobile app

The brokerage platform is available to users of mobile devices and computers. In the first case, the company offers a special application developed for Android devices. There is no difference between the mobile and desktop versions of the program. Both terminal options support the same functions and trading tools.

Binarium broker trading platform for Android

Also, the same interface has been developed for the mobile and computer versions of the terminal, so that customers can not waste time getting acquainted with the product and immediately start trading.

The application is available on Play Market. After installation on your smartphone or tablet, you can log into the program using the previously entered data from your personal account.

Download the Binarium application

Trading training from binary options broker Binarium

When reviewing the site in 2024, real reviews often note the availability of educational materials that are provided for free. Here is the information beginners need to get started with digital contracts.

Among the training materials are the following:

  1. Answers to popular questions.
  2. A detailed description of 20 effective strategies, which are divided into several groups depending on complexity.
  3. Market analytics, trading signals, live chat with other traders.
  4. Trading sessions and economic calendar .

The following sections of Binarium deserve special attention:

  1. Terminology . Here you can find information about the types and duration of transactions, quotes, prices and more.
  2. Check . This section describes the available options for replenishing and withdrawing from a deposit, the size of the minimum transfer, and so on.
  3. Bonuses . Types of additional enrollments, features of tournaments, insurance and more.
  4. Assets and quotes . In this section you can find similar information about trades, trading hours, history and so on.

training from broker Binarium

Thanks to such an extensive list of educational materials presented on the Binarium website, trading is greatly simplified.

Withdrawing funds from Binarium

According to the terms of cooperation, the platform allows you to withdraw an amount of your choice ranging from 300 to 15 thousand rubles (or in another currency, recalculation is carried out at the current rate). However, if it is necessary to withdraw more, the trader can make several withdrawal requests, subject to the described restrictions (for a basic account - no more than two per day, for others - up to five).

There is often a question in reviews online: do they withdraw money? According to comments from clients who have been cooperating with this broker for a long time, he does not delay payments. But, according to the terms of the user agreement, applications are processed within three days (Business account holders receive money per day). You can transfer funds to the same wallet from which the balance was previously replenished:

withdrawal of profits from binarium

The broker does not charge commissions for such transactions. But in some cases, traders complain that not the entire amount withdrawn from the account is credited to the wallet and the difference can reach several percent. This happens because the system through which the transfer is made takes its own commission.

Complaints about the broker

The main stream of complaints is related to the incorrect operation of the mobile application. According to people, this program periodically freezes or gives errors about problems when starting. You can leave your feedback at the end of the article. The brokerage support service promptly responds to such messages, eliminating problems that arise:

complaints about binarium


The broker's technical support is only available from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. At the same time, specialists quickly respond to incoming questions, striving to quickly resolve situations that arise.

To quickly get the answer you need, it is recommended to write a message in the online chat. To do this, click on the corresponding button located in the lower left corner:

Support Binarium

You can open an online chat through your personal account on the official website:

Support Binarium on the official website

The support service provides answers in Russian.

Pros and cons of the Binarium trading platform

Many people choose this brokerage service provider for the following reasons:

  • a wide list of underlying assets;
  • trading signals and analytics from experienced traders;
  • the ability to carry out transactions based on advice from a leading analyst;
  • prompt resolution of emerging problems;
  • several types of trading accounts;
  • support for several types of currencies;
  • The minimum deposit is $5;
  • convenient access to the economic calendar and trading session schedule;
  • large bonuses and promotions;
  • reliable data protection;
  • an extensive list of educational materials provided free of charge;
  • fast withdrawal of money (from one hour);
  • support for ten languages.

The trading terminal has a convenient and intuitive interface. The version of the platform for mobile devices has a similar design.

But the Bimarium platform also has disadvantages:

  1. Lack of access to a trading room with effective signals for owners of two initial accounts (Start and Standart).
  2. Restrictions that are introduced on trading for owners of two starting accounts.
  3. Trading on weekends is only allowed in cryptocurrencies and indices.
  4. Binarium often provides quotes that differ from those available from other sources such as MT4 or TradingView. This is due to differences in formats, calculation formulas used, and timing.

What are the reviews about Binarium on the Internet?

Mostly, negative comments about the company are not supported by real evidence. People write angry reviews without attaching screenshots that confirm the statements made. Real clients of the company have the opposite opinion, stating that Binarium is a reliable binary options broker. Some of the negative comments appeared due to the fact that people do not read the terms of the user agreement and violate the prescribed rules of cooperation:

negative review binarium

The above comment confirms the statement made. One customer stated that he received funds an hour after submitting his application. The second person objected that the company only withdraws money within 24 hours. But the user agreement states that this is a deadline. That is, money can come out either in five minutes or in a day.

There are also often negative comments related to the fact that Binarium “leaks” deposits . But upon closer examination of such messages, it becomes clear that the people who wrote this do not understand the specifics of working with options. That is, having made a mistake, a person accuses the company of deception:

positive feedback binarium

To avoid similar situations, it is recommended to first undergo comprehensive training, which includes training on a demo account. This will help you understand the features of trading digital contracts and find out the risks associated with such activities.

The broker's plans and goals for 2023-2024

The company, which initially operated only in the CIS countries, now plans to expand its area of ​​activity and enter the global market. Along the way, Binarium intends to:

  • improve the quality of services provided, thereby increasing the client base;
  • improve trading conditions;
  • expand the list of underlying assets;
  • create a working mirror of the site for traders from Russia;
  • conduct training in trading digital contracts, increasing the range of relevant materials.

At the same time, it is planned to work to improve the quality of technical support services.

Frequently asked questions to the broker

Below you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions from traders.

Is it possible to withdraw bonus accruals?

You can place bonuses for withdrawal provided that the trader makes transactions for a total amount that is 40 times higher than the initial accruals.

How to log into your personal account on the official website?

To log into your personal account, you need to enter your username and password or through one of the proposed social networks by clicking on the corresponding icon.

How to contact technical support?

In addition to the online chat, which can be opened through the profile or trading terminal, customers can contact support via email, phone or Telegram.

What is the minimum amount that can be bet for withdrawal?

You are allowed to withdraw at least 300 rubles from a brokerage deposit.

Is it necessary to carry out verification immediately after registration?

Verification can be carried out at any time. But this procedure is mandatory for those who submit a withdrawal request.

How to copy trades and receive trading signals?

To be able to copy transactions of experienced traders, you need to top up your balance in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

Does the broker run free tournaments without fees?

Each client of the company can regularly take part in free tournaments with a prize fund of $1,500.

Are transfers available in cryptocurrency?

The company supports replenishing your balance in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.


In 2024, Binarium provides a platform designed for binary options trading that is user-friendly in terms of interface, tools and design. The broker offers clients an extensive list of educational materials that can be useful for beginners and experienced traders. Additionally, tournaments with good prize pools are held on the official website.

Despite the described advantages, when opening trades on Binarium, you should remember that all risks associated with an incorrect forecast are borne by traders and the broker does not compensate for losses.

Open an account in Binarium


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12927 Бинарные опционы - это отличный способ заработка, особенно когда ты работаешь с Binarium. Их платформа дает возможность максимально эффективно использовать свой потенциал и достигать финансовых целей.
03 May 2024
Derek Pickett
12334 I wish this broker allowed traders from the US.
24 December 2023
12265 А здесь в тексте статьи как я понял промокодов нет. Жаль.
06 December 2023
12124 Выпускает ли Binomo промо-коды для возмещения торговых убытков?
10 November 2023
11830 Все хорошо работает, претензий нет.
31 August 2023
11829 Сегодня открылся здесь. Пока ничего не напрягает.
31 August 2023
Трейдер БО
Трейдер БО
11824 В принципе нормальный брокер. Нужно искать для себя то, что тебя устраивает. Так и выберешь своего брокера.
30 August 2023
Бинариум - нормальный брокер. Позвонили, все рассказали, предложили попробовать на демо счету. Тоесть без никаких рисков и вложений сразу. У меня все пошло и нравится. Что тянуть - зарегистрировался и уже торгую, могу совмещать с основной работой что очень удобно и важно для меня. Вывожу на киви, накапало за неделю 3к - и уже приятно, согласитесь. При чем какихто особых знаний не надо, можно все походу изучать, смотреть терминал, спрашивать у менеджера.
Леонид, они вроде не звонят. Не названивают. Мне не разу не звонили.
Кирилл, мне позвонили через неделю, сразу когда я нчал зарабатывать и вывел два раза первые деньги. Познакомились, спросили доволен ли я сервисом и предложили перейти на тариф выше по статусу, где открывается доступ к торговой комнате и сигналам.
28 May 2023
Бинариум - нормальный брокер. Позвонили, все рассказали, предложили попробовать на демо счету. Тоесть без никаких рисков и вложений сразу. У меня все пошло и нравится. Что тянуть - зарегистрировался и уже торгую, могу совмещать с основной работой что очень удобно и важно для меня. Вывожу на киви, накапало за неделю 3к - и уже приятно, согласитесь. При чем какихто особых знаний не надо, можно все походу изучать, смотреть терминал, спрашивать у менеджера.
Леонид, они вроде не звонят. Не названивают. Мне не разу не звонили.
11 May 2023
Как проще всего снять средства в России? Кто знает?
Option Bull, да вроде ничего особенного в снятии нет, даже есть поддержка карт с платежной системой Мир.
Руслан, в начале года несколько месяцев были проблемы с картой МИР, но вот сейчас не знаю. А почему не использовать другие альтернативные способы вывода средств? Их на платформе много...
27 October 2022
Как проще всего снять средства в России? Кто знает?
Option Bull, да вроде ничего особенного в снятии нет, даже есть поддержка карт с платежной системой Мир.
25 October 2022
Option Bull
Option Bull
10214 Как проще всего снять средства в России? Кто знает?
25 October 2022
Бинариум - нормальный брокер. Позвонили, все рассказали, предложили попробовать на демо счету. Тоесть без никаких рисков и вложений сразу. У меня все пошло и нравится. Что тянуть - зарегистрировался и уже торгую, могу совмещать с основной работой что очень удобно и важно для меня. Вывожу на киви, накапало за неделю 3к - и уже приятно, согласитесь. При чем какихто особых знаний не надо, можно все походу изучать, смотреть терминал, спрашивать у менеджера.
Леонид, вам во всем менеджер помогает? С каими воросами к нему можно обращаться? Это за каждым такого закрепляют?
24 October 2022
10080 Бинариум - нормальный брокер. Позвонили, все рассказали, предложили попробовать на демо счету. Тоесть без никаких рисков и вложений сразу. У меня все пошло и нравится. Что тянуть - зарегистрировался и уже торгую, могу совмещать с основной работой что очень удобно и важно для меня. Вывожу на киви, накапало за неделю 3к - и уже приятно, согласитесь. При чем какихто особых знаний не надо, можно все походу изучать, смотреть терминал, спрашивать у менеджера.
20 September 2022
10075 Бинариумы, конечно красавцы. Начали проводить крутые вебинары. С вопросами разборами экономических новостей, стратегий на платформе... Круто и очень интересно послушать эксперта из компании брокера.
17 September 2022
Олег Т.
Олег Т.
10066 Спасибо за новые промокоды. Информацию получил из группы ВКонтакте, там всегда оперативно. Хотел оставить комментарий с благодарностью на странице с промиками, но там комменты закрыты.
14 September 2022
10065 Старый добрый Бинариум! Классный брокер с хорошей историей... И радует, что он продолжает развиваться
14 September 2022
10029 Поделюсь и я своими впечатлениями. Брокерская компания Binarium за время работы показала себя как добротный и надежный торговый помощник. И вроде ничего сверхъестественного, зато трейдинг получается эффективнее. Закинул на депозит, торгуешь с бинарными опционами, прислушиваешься к аналитическим прогнозам) Очень помогают сотрудники компании, подсказывают, что особенно важно на первых порах. На платформе все удобно разложено по полочкам, все просто и быстро можно найти. Что особенно важно когда нужно поймать необходимый торговый сигнал)
22 August 2022
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