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Trading binary options is not for everyone and most traders lose their money in this market. Therefore, some traders turn their attention to paid and free trading signals, since in this case there is no need to conduct analysis. The main question is to buy paid signals or get them for free? In this article we will try to answer it.



Is it worth buying trading signals?

A trading signal is a clear indication of when and which option to buy. Most often, signals are provided immediately with the required expiration time , so the trader just needs to make a trade. If you have a great desire to trade binary options, but do not have the ability to conduct technical analysis or do not know how to do it, then signals can help you in trading. But for beginners it is always better to start with free signals in order to understand the principle of such trading.

Experienced traders can start with paid signals, as they know how to test them to see if they will bring profit. Also, experienced traders can always adjust these signals, combining them with their strategy, and if their rules are completely at odds with the paid signals, they will lose only a small part of the deposit. Beginners will most likely open trades on every signal they receive and lose their entire deposit .

Who sends out and sells signals?

Often, the developers of trading signals are professional traders, who often form groups. They distribute this information on a paid basis to other market participants. For example, traders can distribute trading signals to buy binary options through telegram channels. You can also find sites on the Internet where similar “tips” are constantly broadcast in the form of a ticker. But this tool is less convenient to use.

Each newsletter or advertisement states that only successful traders take part in the development of trading signals. But in reality, market professionals usually do not engage in such developments. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Earnings from trading signals are lower than from real trading. For example, successful traders are able to earn up to 1% of the deposit amount every day. Let's say a professional has $10,000 in his account. Therefore, if a trader trades every working day, then in a year he will be able to increase his deposit to $22,000. With an average subscription price for trading signals of $50, a professional must reach an audience of at least 440 people! Only a trader with a very large audience that watches him, for example, on social networks, can gain such a number of clients.
  2. Successful traders value their time. Therefore, they rarely spend it on developing special services for sending trading signals. It will also take time to promote your products and recruit an audience. Traders would rather spend their free minutes on regular market analysis or developing new profitable strategies.

Trading signals Therefore, most successful traders, with a small audience, are not interested in creating and sending trading signals. But the opposite situation is not excluded.

Most often, trading signals are sent by:

  1. Brokers. Brokers are interested in expanding their audience and, as a result, increasing profits. Sending out trading signals helps attract new clients. But they are also interested in traders incurring losses. Therefore, they often send out trading signals that do not produce profit.
  2. Traders who do not make money from the market. Sending out trading signals helps these market participants make money without having to trade. But “tips” from such traders also often bring losses, since those who do not know how to trade will not be able to give quality advice.
  3. Owners of Internet sites about trading. Such platforms earn money from the number and activity of visitors. Therefore, they are interested in constantly providing relevant and interesting information to a wide audience. Moreover, in this case, their effectiveness of trading signals is usually quite high and such sites try to monitor their profitability, because the involvement of their audience on the site directly depends on this.
  4. Fraudsters . This is a group of people who, under the guise of attractive advertising, strive to increase the audience of users who are willing to pay money for a non-existent (ineffective) product.

How good are the trading signals?

The quality of trading signals is difficult to verify. Some developers of such “tips” themselves are not always sure of their effectiveness. So, several years ago, a foreign company launched a free distribution of trading signals. Moreover, they recommended that some users open long positions, and others - short ones. After verification, the company eliminated those clients for whom the trading signals brought losses. She then re-performed the original surgery. That is, the company again divided customers into 2 groups, sending directly opposite signals. As a result, she came to the point where she had a small audience that was making a profit. The company began selling trading signals to these clients because the clients were convinced of their effectiveness, although in fact these signals had a chance of profit of no more than 50%.

This example confirms what market professionals say: all such “tips” must be checked before opening a trade. You can obtain this information using the following tips:

  1. Check with the company (provider) that sends trading signals on the basis of what historical data they were developed. It is also worth requesting the history of transactions so that you can check them yourself against history.
  2. Availability of a free period. You can check the effectiveness of trading signals by concluding at least 100 transactions.

Sending trading signals According to reviews, most trading signal providers refuse to provide this information. As for the signals on our site, the signals from WinOptionSignals are completely transparent and have open statistics over a long period of time. Moreover, we always encourage everyone to first test any signals (even the most reliable and accurate) on a demo account or with a minimum deposit and only then start trading with real money.

What does the subscriber buy?

Trading signals are generated based on the results of market analysis. That is, any trader has access to the information on which they are based. Therefore, with sufficient experience and knowledge, each person is able to independently develop trading signals, determining the optimal moments to enter the market, the size of the investment in the transaction, the contract execution period, and so on.

At the same time, the quality of many trading signals, as noted above, is often very low, and such mailings are usually expensive. As a result, it turns out that it is cheaper and more profitable to undergo training in binary options trading and learn to analyze the market on your own than to buy dubious trading signals.

How legal is this?

Sending trading signals is a service provided by providers or traders. According to current Russian legislation, it can only be provided by individual entrepreneurs or legal entities that have received the appropriate license from the Central Bank and joined the SRO. If these conditions are met, you can expect that the trading signals sent will be effective.

Distribution of signals through instant messengers and other channels by private individuals is illegal. That is, the sale of signals without an appropriate license from the Central Bank may be classified as a fraudulent act. However, as practice shows, private individuals do not bear any responsibility for such mailings. At the same time, buyers of trading signals often lose money.

Which trading signals to choose?

As mentioned above, beginners should start with free binary options signals. Such signals can be found on our website in the section – signals . You can choose both classic free signals online and signals based on candlestick patterns .

Free online signals are based on nine different strategies and have an average profitability of 71%. Such profitability is achieved through the use of the Martingale system . They can be used on major currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and others), also on precious metals and Bitcoin :


In addition to the signals themselves, you can see the statistics panel, which shows all the recommendations for the day and you can check everything yourself using history:


The section with free signals based on graphical analysis can be used in addition to the previous ones, combining or combining them. Such signals are based on more than 50 graphic patterns and use pin bars, engulfings, dojis and other effective patterns. Also in this section you can find the same statistics as in the previous section.

Once you have mastered the free signals, you can move on to a paid subscription and receive more accurate and profitable signals for binary options. You can choose one of the packages and a certain number of days. And also note that you can take a demo period of 14 days to test them:

prices for signals

Results: is it worth buying paid signals?

Based on our article, we can conclude that you can buy paid signals for binary options, but there are a number of conditions that must be met:

  • It is imperative to check their profitability on history.
  • If possible, take demo access and trade on a non -demo account using paid signals.
  • read reviews in which other traders share their experiences.

Even if you are convinced that the signals you want to buy are profitable and have purchased a paid subscription, do not forget to use the rules of money management and risk management and trade only for the amount that you are not sorry to lose, since the Grail does not exist and there is always the opportunity to lose the deposit.


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Option Bull
Option Bull
А вообще, я не вижу особого смысла в покупке сигналов. Лучше уж скачать бесплатные с сайта, зато можно быть увереным, что тебя никто не обманет)
Руслан, я бы не был так уверен в надежности бесплатных сигналов. Да, за них ничего не нужно платить, поэтому в случае обнаружения обмана не будет обидно за потраченные деньги, но если сами по себе эти сигналы не точные или появляются с опозданием, то вы просто потеряете ваши средства на депозите. Скупой платит дважды.
05 December 2023
Сигналы в биржевой торговле - это как прогноз погоды на день. Это очень удобно и важно, чтобы 100-процентно не облажаться... Главный вопрос - каким сигналам можно доверять больше, а каким меньше? И найти такие точные и надёжные сигналы большая удача.
17 February 2023
Option Bull
Option Bull
А вообще, я не вижу особого смысла в покупке сигналов. Лучше уж скачать бесплатные с сайта, зато можно быть уверенным, что тебя никто не обманет)
Руслан, очень зря, бесплатный сыр бывает только в мышеловке. На мой взгляд лучше потратиться и получить хороший сигнал, чем получить непонятно что, но зато за просто так. Любит же народ у нас халяву.
15 February 2023
А вообще, я не вижу особого смысла в покупке сигналов. Лучше уж скачать бесплатные с сайта, зато можно быть увереным, что тебя никто не обманет)
15 February 2023
Рискованно покупать сигналы, тем более от кого попало. Хорошо что в статье подробно расписано о том, на что стоит обращать внимание перед покупкой)
15 February 2023
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