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Broker Quotex reviews

Quotex – a brief overview of the binary options broker

Despite the fact that the binary options broker Quotex is a new and young broker, it already has a lot of reviews. Many traders have already paid attention to it thanks to its convenient and functional trading platform, instant transactions and timely withdrawal of profits.


*To go to the site from Russia, you need to enable VPN

Quotex reviews


The options market in 2024 is no longer new, but very dynamic, many brokers cease their activities in Russia, but new promising brokers are emerging trading binary options , digital options or fix contracts. The Quotex broker platform is a new modern platform for trading all types of options, aimed at traders from different countries, including Russia.

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The Quotex platform is focused on working with options, so for a novice trader, the website quotex.io contains a lot of preparatory theory about what derivatives are, the meaning of digital options is revealed, and in general a short course for a young trader is given. This allows you to reach the widest target audience possible.


Official website of the broker Quotex

Technical information about the broker

Date of foundation 2020
Official website and mirror quotex.com, qxbroker.com, quotex.io, quotex-broker.com, quotex.market
Legal location of headquarters Seychelles
Main field of activity digital options and all intermediary functions associated with them.
Training demo account yes, up to 10,000 conventional units
Expiration period (automatic expiration) of the transaction by agreement with the broker, ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours
Type of software trading platform browser and stock exchange terminal of our own design
Adaptive design the platform is adapted for mobile devices, tablets and computers
Withdrawal deadline 1-5 working days
Subject of the auction currency pairs , commodities, various cryptocurrencies and stocks
Replenishment limit not available, can be topped up from 10 US dollars
Platform localizations English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, French



10 reasons to start trading with Quotex

When choosing a new broker for trading binary options, it is very important not to make a mistake with your choice right away and choose a reliable broker already with the first deposit, while the decisive factor when choosing a broker is not always how quickly he withdraws money, if, of course, he withdraws it at all, After all, we are talking about how to choose a reliable broker , and not about how to avoid falling for a fraudulent broker .

In our case, we chose the Quotex broker platform and here's why:

  1. No registration required. If you are a beginner or are looking for a new broker for trading binary options, then you certainly should not leave your data on all sites in a row, because some sites may be fraudulent and your registration data may be disclosed. You need to register and provide your real data only when you already know for sure that the broker is not a scammer! For this reason, on the Quotex broker platform you can get acquainted with all the functionality without registering and only then, if the broker interests you with its functionality, register by indicating your real data. To start trading without registration, just click on the “Open demo account” button on the main page of the site:

demo account without registration

  1. User-friendly interface. A very important point, especially for novice traders, is the convenience of the broker’s platform, where it is important that all the elements and necessary buttons are at hand and you do not have to spend a lot of time searching for the necessary buttons. On the Quotex broker platform, the interface is implemented as conveniently as possible, and for experienced traders it may even resemble the interface of other brokers, only slightly more improved for even more convenient trading:

Quotex platform interface

  1. The deposit bonus does not limit withdrawal. If you are just a beginner trader and have not understood all the strategies and indicators for binary options, then you certainly should not make large deposits right away. But what to do if a profit of 10-20 $ for 1 successful transaction does not suit you? You will be offered to take a deposit bonus so that you can place bets for a larger amount, but the problem is that, often by taking such a deposit bonus, you limit your withdrawal of funds until you have worked out the bonus 20-30 times the amount, which is for beginners traders will be almost impossible. On the Quotex platform everything is different, and if you took a deposit bonus, then you can withdraw your money at any time, since the bonus does not limit the withdrawal of funds, and you can withdraw all the money at any time. The deposit bonus will also be useful for more experienced traders who have large sums and often resort to martingale . Such a bonus can help accelerate your deposit and can be received upon your first deposit in your personal account, or you can use special promotional codes for Quotex for each deposit, and each such promotional code will increase your deposit by 40%:

bonuses from quotex

  1. High odds on transactions. As you know, in binary options the mathematical expectation is not on your side and you need to make much more profitable trades than in Forex. For example, if you open transactions with a broker, the payout percentage for which is 60%, then the mathematical expectation on binary options is not in your favor, because if the forecast is correct, you will receive only 60% of the profit, and if you are wrong, you will lose the entire amount of the transaction. In this case, the mathematical expectation will be such that a bet of $1 will allow you to earn $0.6. The probability of winning is 50% (if you rely only on luck). The mathematical expectation is: E[X] = x1p1 + x2p2 + … + xkpk = 0.5 * 0.6 + (-0.5)* 1 = -0.2, plus the law of large numbers, which says that some times luck can be on your side , but in the long run you will lose. Hence we conclude that there is no point in relying on luck in binary options and that in addition to a strategy that will give us no less than 70% of profitable trades, we will also need higher odds on trades, such as in Quotex, where they can reach 95 % on the deal:

percentage of profitability in quotation

  1. MetaTrader 4 is not needed. As you know, all traders usually analyze currency pairs on third-party platforms such as TradingView or more often MetaTrader 4 . With the Quotex broker, if you use standard indicators and chart analysis methods, all these tools are built into the platform, and you can analyze charts directly on the broker’s website:

indicators, drawing tools at the quotax broker

  1. There are cryptocurrencies. In recent years, the topic of cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular and you certainly shouldn’t miss the opportunity to trade Bj4Ee1N3Ul cryptocurrencies on binary options, and the Quotex broker offers trading in the main cryptocurrencies on its platform:

cryptocurrencies in quotax

  1. Analytics and built-in analysis of each trading pair. In 2024, the Quotex platform already has a convenient “pair information” tool, which shows all the necessary information about the asset being traded and even shows such a parameter as “market sentiment”. This parameter indicates in which direction traders are currently opening more trades:

trading assets analytics quotex

  1. Early closing of the deal. Did you open a deal by accident or realized that you made a mistake with your forecast? It doesn’t matter, on the Quotex broker platform you can cancel this deal yourself before it expires, losing only part of the amount:

early closing of a deal

  1. Market with bonuses. The market on the Quotex broker platform is a kind of additional bonuses that will help you increase the profitability of your trading. You will be able to receive cashback, cancel unprofitable trades and even receive money to your balance:

market with quotax bonuses

  1. Fast withdrawal of funds. Perhaps the most important point when choosing a reliable broker is how quickly it pays out and whether it pays out at all. The Quotex broker pays out even large amounts in the shortest possible time, and if you have not resorted to fraud, you can receive a payment in just a few minutes:
withdrawal of profit from quotex broker letter about withdrawal of funds


And now about all the key points of the QUOTEX broker in more detail:

Broker licenses

Quotex approached the licensing issue very responsibly. The trading platform has existed recently, since 2020, but in 2024 it has a license from the Center for Financial Markets (TSRF RU 0395 AA V0161), for a full legal basis for activities in Russia. Such a license is extremely important within the Russian legal framework, and the absence of a license may indicate that the broker is a scammer and most likely will not withdraw your money. The broker has a license from the Center for Financial Markets, evidence that Quotex wants to work exclusively legally on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Quotex license from TsROFR

Official website of the broker Quotex.com and clone sites

Please note that the name of the official website of the binary options broker Quotex is quotex.com , but in 2024 you can find other companies on the Internet with very similar site names, such as:

  • quotex.eu;
  • quotexltd.com;
  • qxbroker.com;
  • quotex.io;
  • quotex-broker.com;
  • quotex.market;
  • market-qtx.com.

Therefore, always check the site name in the address bar and the presence of an https connection:

address bar of the official quotax website

Also, the website www.quotex.com in search queries is often confused with a domain name such as quotes, with different domain zones. These sites have nothing to do with binary options trading and contain only a set of quotes, as follows from the Russian translation (quotes = quotes). Therefore, you are unlikely to confuse the broker platform with such sites, which cannot be said about replacement sites or clones that take a similar name in the domain zone they need and make a similar interface, after which they can receive your personal data and access to real account.

quotex-io.ru scam

How to register and start trading on the broker's platform

Registration on the Quotex platform is very simple. You need to enter your login and password on the official website, after which you are immediately taken to the trading platform, without additional confirmations and verifications. It is also possible to open a demo account and test the Quotex broker without registration at all. You can confirm your email and go through verification later if everything goes well on the platform. To open a demo account without registering with Quotex for 10,000 virtual dollars, you must click on the “Open demo account” button on the main page of the official Quotex io website:

demo without registration

In addition to registering via email, there are three other ways to register:

  • Through Google profile;
  • Via Facebook;
  • Via VKontakte.

Register with Quotex

Such integration is much simpler than multi-stage verification. At the same time, practice shows that Quotex is very responsible about protecting traders’ profiles and we have not found any negative reviews about Quotex regarding hacking of accounts on the platform.

Quotex io binary options broker trading platform

On the platform, the trader has access to the main chart and can begin taking trades by trading options. The design of the Quotex platform chart is our own, although in many ways it is similar to the already well-known trading platforms of binary options brokers .

Quotex chart

The broker's platform uses the following indicators:

Indicators can be turned on either one at a time or in groups. A basic color palette is available for each indicator so that the trader can customize the display of positions to suit himself.

There are also over a dozen oscillators and advanced painting tools. Thus, on the Quotex chart you can get both a minimalistic and the most detailed position of the quotes of the asset you are using for trading.

Quotex broker indicators

In addition, the Quotex io broker platform in 2024 allows the use of expirations for trading binary options from 60 seconds to 4 hours, which are suitable for both fans of turbo options and short-term traders who simply buy options during the day:

expiration quota

A nice addition to trading is the presence of pending orders. You can use orders by time or by price. Pending orders allow you to expand your trading opportunities and make transactions when you cannot be near the terminal.

To use them, you need to click on the “Delayed transaction” switch:

deferred transaction

On the panel that opens you need:

  1. select the type of order (by price or by time);
  2. enter the transaction amount;
  3. Click on Above or Below.
Pending order by price Pending order by time
deferred transaction at price deferred transaction


Also impressive is the list of trading assets on the Quotex.io platform, and for trading you can use currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, metals and indices of various countries and states:

trading assets in quotation

Statistics on all transactions can be seen immediately on the platform in the right panel. There appears information about all completed transactions, both in abbreviated and expanded form:

trading history quotex io

Free signals for binary options from broker Quotex

Traders who are just starting their journey in binary options trading can take advantage of free signals from the Quotex io broker:

free signals online quotex io

The Quotex broker's signals are completely free, and unlike many brokers, the results of previous signals are saved, and therefore you can study the statistics on history without spending your money on trading on a real account and without wasting time on trading signals on a demo account. to check them 9q8xD8neA4.

The downside of these signals is that they are published for different trading assets and if you plan to trade, for example, only the EUR/USD currency pair, then you will have to wait a long time for a new signal. But if you don’t care what assets to trade, then signals will appear quite often, and when you click on a signal, you will be immediately redirected to the chart of the desired asset.

Also, to trade on the Quotex broker platform, you can use our free online signals .

Quotex Binary Options Broker Tournaments

Broker Quotex provides all its traders with the opportunity to make additional profits from binary options by taking part in trading tournaments. The broker’s platform currently hosts three types of tournaments – daily and two weekly:

Tournaments in Quotex

The daily tournament lasts exactly 24 hours and has a prize pool of $1,500. To participate, you must make a $1 entry fee, after which you will receive $100 in tournament funds. All traders start trading in a tournament with the same conditions. During the day it will be possible to make an unlimited number of transactions, and the winners will be the 5 traders with the largest tournament balance. If you lose your entire deposit, then for $1 you will have the opportunity to rebuy, that is, buy more tournament funds and continue to participate in the tournament.

Day tournament in Quotex

There are two types of weekly tournaments, but they differ from each other only in the prize pools - $5,000 and $10,000.

The main differences between weekly tournaments and daily ones:

  1. The prize pool is $5,000 and $10,000.
  2. The duration of the tournament is 1 working week.
  3. Entry fee – $10.
  4. Rebuy price is $10.

Otherwise, the weekly tournament runs exactly the same as the daily one.

Weekly tournament in Quotex

Winnings for prize places are divided as follows:

Top places Day Weekly ($5000) Weekly ($10,000)
1 $1500 $1500 $3000
2 $1200 $1200 $2400
3 $1000 $1000 $2000
4 $800 $800 $1600
5 $500 $500 $1000

Quotex Binary Options Broker Bonuses

The Quotex broker has various bonuses available in 2024, which can be received by both new clients of the company and those who already have a trading account. For new traders, the Quotex broker provides the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus of up to 30% of the deposit; you can also use the promotional code ueOO8gHedo (if it doesn’t work, you can request a new one on our website) to cancel the first losing trade of $10. To receive a 30% welcome bonus, you need to click on the banner located at the top of the trading platform:

welcome bonus quotex

Traders who have already used such a bonus can use promotional codes for the Quotex broker , which give both a regular deposit bonus of up to 100% and the cancellation of unprofitable transactions at Quotex.

Market for purchases from the broker Quotex io

Introduced at the beginning of 2021, the MARKET of the Quotex io broker can be found in your personal account or go to it from the trading platform:

Binary options broker market Quotex

At the moment there are six positions in the market:

  1. Cancel a losing trade. Using this promotional code, you can cancel any unprofitable transaction in Quotex for an amount not exceeding the promotional code limit (promotional codes can be for different amounts);
  2. Cashback. This promotional code allows you to receive cashback for each unprofitable transaction (the return percentage also depends on the promotional code);
  3. Deposit bonus. Standard promotional code for receiving a bonus for replenishing your account at Quotex;
  4. Percentage of turnover. Such a promotional code will also allow you to receive cashback, but not for unprofitable transactions, but for all transactions;
  5. Balance bonus. A very valuable promotional code, as it allows you to turn bonus funds (which must be worked out) immediately into real money, after which they can be withdrawn;
  6. Cancel in “X” points. Allows you to cancel a losing trade with a difference in the number of points (“X”) that the promotional code gives.

shopping in the market

You can find out where you can get some of the promotional codes for the market from our video:

Types and levels of accounts at the binary options broker Quotex io

Each trader can open an account with the Quotex io broker in the following currencies:

  1. Euro;
  2. British pound;
  3. Bitcoin ;
  4. Brazilian real;
  5. Indonesian Rupiah;
  6. Indian Rupee;
  7. Kazakhstani tenge;
  8. Russian ruble;
  9. Ukrainian hryvnia.

A distinctive feature of the broker is that there is no need to select an account currency right away. This can be done directly on the platform at any time, and if you had, for example, dollars in your account, then you can change them instantly at the broker’s rate without any additional commission. To do this, you need to open the menu, which is located in the upper right corner, and then click on the blue button - “Change”:

change quotex io account

After this, you can select a currency in the exchange menu and confirm the exchange:

currency exchange

Quotex io broker also has account levels that provide different benefits. There are currently three levels:

  1. Standard;
  2. PRO;
  3. VIP.

Quotex account levels

The first level is received by all new clients of the company, but the second and third levels can be obtained by replenishing the account with a certain amount, and for the PRO level this is a top-up of $1,000, for the VIP level this is a top-up of $5,000. Among the advantages:

  1. The PRO account increases the base percentage of profitability by 2% and allows you to receive promotional codes for the market in mailings;
  2. The VIP account increases profitability by 4% and also gives you the opportunity to receive promotional codes from the broker in the future.

Replenishment of account, demo account, withdrawal of money

Depositing and withdrawing funds in Quotex

The broker is interested in having as many traders as possible on his platform, and these traders trade as much as possible, and of course make a profit by making as many transactions on the platform as possible. This is how the broker plans to make a profit. After all, the broker’s odds do not exceed 90%, which means he will earn at least 10% on the difference in transactions of different clients.

You can top up your account in 2024 directly on the website, with one click on the corresponding button. A form with details will appear, you will need to select your wallet, and also select the currency. Before replenishing your account, we recommend that you read our article “TOP 10 ways “How to replenish your account with a broker”” .

Also, when you replenish your account for the first time, you can receive a Welcome bonus from the Quotex broker, which will amount to up to 100% of the deposit. By activating the promotional code, you do not limit the withdrawal of fixed funds; the limitation and processing will only be for the bonus amount.

A demo account works without registration and, according to numerous reviews about the broker, it is very convenient, since you can check everything yourself without providing your personal data. For trading, a real current chart with real-time indicators is used. A trader can try to make trades in real time and evaluate his trading capabilities. Ten thousand conventional units are given per account, which is enough to practice before real trading.

The main features of trading on a demo account can be tested on currency pairs. There are several dozen of them here. When selecting each currency pair for a demo account, its current trend is also written in the selector on the right, which is very convenient.

Withdrawing money is also extremely simple and despite some reviews about delays in payments from the platform, the process does not take much time at all and is available in various options: bank cards, many options for electronic wallets for both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, as well as other payment systems.

When withdrawing funds, for the purpose of security and protection of funds in the account, Quotex may request verification of the owner, which is done as part of the fight against fraud and protection of the clients themselves from it. Quotex participates in a common program for brokerage platforms to combat exchange fraud.

Verification on the Quotex platform is quite standard for all binary options brokers and consists of providing your passport data, confirmation of your place of residence (usually in the form of a utility bill, less often just a photo of your registration) and verification of the payment method (if you topped up your account with the broker using a bank account). card, you will need to send a photo of it, and if through an electronic wallet, then take a screenshot of the transfer).

Please note that the first withdrawal of money from the Quotex.io website is only possible to the same payment system with which the first deposit was made. That is, if you top up your Quotex account, for example, from an ADVcash wallet, you will only be able to withdraw your first profit to the same ADVcash wallet; you will not be able to withdraw your first money from the broker’s platform to a card. But this restriction applies only to the first withdrawal of money from the platform; subsequent ones are possible to any payment system.

Support for various financial platforms

There are enough types of wallets here; for a resident of the CIS countries, there are plenty of ways to withdraw their earned funds:

  • Visa and Mastercard bank cards;
  • Skrill;
  • Qiwi;
  • Neteller;
  • Webmoney;
  • BTC;
  • Ethereum and others

As well as other payment systems.

Methods for replenishing your Quotex account

In addition to verification from Quotex, each of the presented systems also has internal verification systems. Quotex withdrawals are made using all the same methods that you could use to top up your wallet.

Technical support

A Russian trader need not worry—technical support responds in Russian. Moreover, it works exactly in the Moscow time zone. This is convenient for work and for traders from Europe. You can find out the answer to your question, leave feedback about the broker’s activities, or get quick informational assistance in an online chat or by mail. You can also contact a consultant through the internal ticket system on the website; a detailed and detailed FAQ is available, with answers to common questions.

Technical support is prompt and fully consistent with the general level of management. Quotex employs many people with ten years of experience, who apparently previously worked for other binary options brokers, which is a lot by the standards of the brokerage market. Therefore, even a beginner can expect a quick and professional resolution of the most pressing problems.

Some may find it more convenient to receive support on social media. networks, for example, you can request a promotional code or simply ask a question about the work of the Quotex platform in their VKontakte group .

Quotex broker mobile app

Thanks to the mobile application of the binary options broker Quotex for Android, you can trade anywhere. Its main advantage is its complete similarity with the web terminal, which is why any trader who trades with the Quotex broker can easily figure out how to make transactions through the Quotex mobile application.

quotex android mobile application

In the mobile application you can find all the same tools and trading assets, so even from a phone or tablet you can conduct sufficient analysis to make profitable trades. Also in the application there is:

  • Graphical tools;
  • Indicators;
  • Trading panel;
  • Any timeframes and chart types;
  • Signals for binary options;
  • Personal account with statistics;
  • Market.

In addition, in the application you can register a new account if necessary, undergo verification, deposit and withdraw funds and ask questions to technical support.


Client reviews about the broker

Traders in reviews mostly praise Quotex as a reliable platform where you can quickly and easily make money from the start with minimal effort. A user-friendly interface, good support and the ability to quickly withdraw earned money - all this is noted in the comments and reviews of traders who have already tried trading on Quotex.

Of course, there are no negative reviews on the platform yet; the broker is gaining a reputation for itself, which gives reason not to worry about payments, at least in the short term. According to reviews, many traders are very pleased with the quick registration without additional confirmations. We strongly advise you to follow new reviews about the broker and do not be lazy to leave yours directly in the comments to this article.

Quotex affiliate program

PartnershipBroker Quotex also has its own affiliate program, which allows you to earn money by inviting new clients to the company, without investing personal funds in trading.

You can earn money using the Quotex affiliate program in three ways:

  1. Rev Share System;
  2. Trade turnover of clients.
  3. Earnings from invited partners

The first option allows you to receive from 50% to 80% of the broker’s earnings, and the second option allows you to make a profit from the transactions of the invited client in the amount of 2% to 5% of the transaction amount, regardless of the outcome of the transaction. The third option allows you to receive passive income, which will depend only on partners who find new clients for the broker.

To improve customer attraction, they provide a lot of promotional materials, and profits are accrued once a week and can be withdrawn to a card, e-wallets or cryptocurrencies. By registering in the Quotex affiliate program using our link, you will receive a higher level of partnership from the start, depending on your affiliate experience. More information about the broker's affiliate program can be found here .

Bottom line. Should you trust Quotex broker?

Broker Quotex is no longer very young, which means it is actively gaining real reviews and clients for active trading in 2024. Based on this, we can say that in the near future the broker is definitely worth adding to your list of reliable brokers for trading binary options. The platform is no worse than the platforms of already well-known binary options brokers, and the quotes are quite accurate.

Also, you can ask your questions about the broker directly in this article, as well as leave your real review or wish about the broker.

Quotex promotional code for the maximum deposit bonus and cancellation of a losing trade can be obtained here .



*To go to the site from Russia, you need to enable VPN

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Всем привет. Quatex брокер очень удобный и дизайн меню хороший.Быстро выводить деньги.Высокий процент выплаты.Всем порекомендую эту платформу!
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Платформа quotex - это самая лучшая платформа из всех тех,на которых я торговал. Быстрые выплаты,быстрый ответ от службы поддержки, удобный интерфейс, бодьшие % за сделки
20 March 2024
Давно хотел попробовать свои силы в торговле бинарными опционами, но не мог найти толкового финансового партнера для этого. QUOTEX подсказал знакомый, который сам зарабатывает с ним и на личном опыте удостоверился в надежности и честности компании. Брокер позволяет получать доход от сделок до 90%, при этом стартовый депозит очень низкий - 10 долларов. Как по мне, лучше этого варианта мне не найти. Пока остаюсь на платформе QUOTEX и планирую наращивать торговый оборот. Выбор активов впечатляющий - базовые и криптовалюты, нефть, металлы, индексы и пр
20 March 2024
Я начинающий игрок в этом разделе зарабатывания средств и с бинарным брокером Quotex мне повезло. Положил на свой счет после верификации некоторую сумму и в тот же день (вечером) вывел средства с 200% прибылью. Пока день работал пообщался с поддержкой пару раз, они отвечают практически сразу. Понравилась их ориентированность на работников. Конечно я останусь здесь, буду набираться опыта и пополнять свой кошелек.
06 March 2024
Quotex самая хорошая платформа. Деньги выводятся очень быстро и без проблем. Давно уже работаю и кто хочет зарабатывать тоже рекомендую заходите и работаете.
06 March 2024
Всім привіт, працювати з платформою Quotex почав нещодавно за порадою друга, але сама платформа дуже проста у використанні , що є дуже добре для новачків. Містить дуже багато інструментів, які допоможуть в торгівлі Рекомендую цю платформу
29 February 2024
На Quotex торгую два месяца. Проблемы с выводом и пополнения с USD Tether (TRC-20) деньг не обнаружено. Сайт удобный и минималистичный что позволяет не отвлекаться от главного. Я пользовался многими брокерами но Quotex остается моим главным брокером.
26 February 2024
На Quotex торгую два месяца. Проблемы с выводом и пополнения с USD Tether (TRC-20) деньг не обнаружено. Сайт удобный и минималистичный что позволяет не отвлекаться от главного. Я поливался многими брокерами но Quotex остается моим главным брокером.
26 February 2024
Quotex Одина из самых лучших брокеров которые вы можете таргаватся на любой точку мира . У меня было 6 месяц опыт на этот платформе .Я рекомендую вам что это очень хороший брокер для таргаватся.В нём очень быстрый пополнение и вывода примерно 5-10 минт .
20 February 2024
Привет Я использую этот брокера и советую всем вам .Это очень хороший и удобный платформа для заработат на трейдинге Я ставлю 5
19 February 2024
Я использую этот брокера и советую всем вам .Это очень хороший и удобный платформа для заработат на трейдинге Я ставлю 5 .
19 February 2024
Tokhir Sohibovich Khudayberdiev
Я пользуюсь данной платформой по 2 месяц. Как и все сначала тестировала демо версию. Получал небольшую прибыль, хотелось бы больше, но я понимаю что не все сразу. Риск большой нужно все анализировать и подходит с умом, а для этого нужно время и опыт. Меня все устраивает много удобных индикаторов, вывод средств быстрый на любые платежные системы. Все зависит от вас и вашего желания.
18 February 2024
На Quotex торгую около года, проблем не наблюдал ещё, даже с выводом денег. Что имеем: BTC/USD, бонусы, промокоды, норм интерфейс, даже сам сайт красивого дизайна, хотя и это не самый важный момент. Важно, что есть минимальные ставки в наших деревянных (50 р), не нужен VPN, ввод денег безпроблемный, можно обменивать валюты из торгового режима, сделки совершаются по фиксированному времени (4 часа). Хотелось бы опции совершения сделок почасовые, но это не критично, и маловато вариантов предложений по индексам и металлам. А так Квотекс устраивает меня во всем.
17 February 2024
Брокер бинарных опционов QUOTEX — один из лучших. Платформа радует быстродействием, приятным интерфейсом, оперативными и развёрнутыми ответами службы поддержки. В нашем доступе всегда огромное количество встроенных инструментов для анализирования рынка, возможность менять настройки под себя, использовать самое разное время экспирации от 1 минуты до нескольких часов. Выплаты производят быстро, большой выбор платёжных систем не может не радовать.
17 February 2024
Quotex Отличная платформа особенно OTC всегда предсказуемо анализи́руется Всем рекомендую
16 February 2024
Пробовал исключительно из интереса, опыт в торговле у меня большой, плюс ранее по бинарным опционам проходил курсы. Но как-то не пошло, и я почему-то склоняюсь к тому, что проблема в брокере. Quotex как-то туго работает и не дает реализовывать все свои навыки, мне кажется, что они больше сделали какую-то рулетку для новичков, где каждый может попытать шанс выиграть, но это не торговля для знающих людей
15 February 2024
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