The Luna FX strategy can be used for both binary options and Forex trading. Three different patterns provide signals of different frequencies and allow you to apply the strategy on time frames from M1 to H4. A convenient panel with thoughtful visualization of various indicators is the highlight of Luna FX and can be extremely useful for binary options trading.

Please note that the Luna FX strategy is paid, but you can download it for free from our website for review.


Luna FX strategy in action

Characteristics of the strategy for binary options Luna FX

Setting up a strategy for binary options Luna FX

Luna FX strategy indicators are installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. To do this, you need to add them to the root folder of the terminal by selecting “File” in MT4 and then “Open data directory”. In the directory that opens, you need to go to the “MQL4” folder and then to “Indicators”, and then drag the indicator files there. Templates are installed in the same way, but are placed in the “Templates” folder. More detailed instructions for installing indicators can be viewed in our video:

Review and settings of Luna FX strategy indicators for binary options

The Luna FX trading strategy package includes three templates, three indicator files and an indicator panel. Each of the templates calls up a signal indicator with the corresponding settings: Luna-M1 for aggressive trading on M1-M5 with the most frequent signals, Luna-M2 for medium-term trading on H1 and the most conservative Luna-M3, which is not very suitable for trading binary options and is intended for receiving signals on H4-D1.

The Luna FX strategy visualizes the chart by dividing it into periods with red and green bars, thus indicating the direction of the trend. The most successful points for buying binary options are marked on the chart with marks of the corresponding color. Red ones are for buying Put options, green ones are for Call options. Luna FX signals are not redrawn when the chart is updated or the time frame is changed.

Luna FX Signal Types

Luna FX does not provide settings that would allow you to change the parameters for receiving trading signals. You can only change the colors of bars and signal marks, as well as alerts.

Luna FX trading signal settings

However, from the explanations of the author of the strategy, we know that the Luna FX trading system is based on such basic indicators as:

To obtain trading signals, the volatility parameter is also used, which measures the price movement on the last bar as a percentage of the weighted average movement over the previous four bars.

Particularly interesting in terms of practical benefits for adapting a trading system and receiving confirmations for signals is the Luna FX Dash indicator panel. It compactly displays as many as nine basic indicators on the right side of the trading terminal, useful for determining the direction and strength of a trend. Each of the panel elements can be customized to suit your wishes regarding indicator parameters.

Luna FX Info Panel Settings

Let's take a closer look at this panel and figure out how to interpret the information contained in it.

The panel consists of the following elements:

  • visualization of Stochastic oscillator values ​​for timeframes from M1 to D1.
  • visualization of trend direction using moving averages for time frames from M1 to D1.
  • trend-o-graph visualizing short-term and long-term trend waves for seven different moving averages.
  • Parabolic SAR signal.
  • spread value.
  • Williams indicator percentage.
  • MACD signal.
  • signal based on the intersection of the linear-weighted and simple moving average MA-X.
  • bar-%-meter.
  • general signal.

In general, the entire panel is configured to provide quick interpretation of indicators through the color scheme. The greener and brighter the panel elements, the stronger the signal to buy a Call option. Red indicates the probability of a downward trend according to the values ​​of a separate indicator and, therefore, signals the desirability of purchasing a Put option.

Luna FX Dashboard Indicators

Each indicator for the panel can be customized using, for example, different periods for moving averages and MACD, ranges for stochastics and Williams percentages. By the way, an indicator panel very similar in functionality is available in the DJ Market Pro strategy , an overview of which can be found on our website.

The signals themselves on the chart are determined by the author’s settings of the Luna FX strategy and cannot be changed. You can choose the appropriate settings for them from three ready-made templates, two of which are well suited for binary options trading.

Use the Luna-M1 template to trade fast expiring contracts on the smaller M1 and M5 time frames. Luna-M2 is suitable for trading options with an expiration time exceeding 15 minutes on timeframes from M15 and older. The Luna-M3 template is intended by the author for long-term daily trading, but in binary options it can be used on the H4 timeframe.

The correct template allows you to receive the optimal number of signals for the corresponding timeframe. This is, for example, how the signals of the Luna FX trading system from the Luna-M2 template for the H1 timeframe look.

Luna-M2 template for H1 timeframe of Luna FX strategy

Trading rules using the LUNA FX strategy for binary options

The Luna FX strategy for binary options is trending. Therefore, when trading it, it is important to understand how it works. We talked about why the direction and strength of a trend are so important for trading binary options in a series of articles:

The trading rules for this trading system are simple, but include many different conditions that must be met.

To purchase a Call option you should:

  1. Select the desired template. Luna-M1 for one-minute and five-minute charts, Luna-M2 for M15-H1 and Luna-M3 for H4.
  2. Wait for the green mark to appear on the chart (accompanied by an alert).
  3. Wait until the current bar closes.
  4. Make sure the main signal on the Luna panel is green.
  5. Make sure that the B1 bar-% meter is green.
  6. Make sure the MA-X signal is green.

To buy a Put option you should:

  1. Select the desired template. Luna-M1 for one-minute and five-minute charts, Luna-M2 for M15-H1 and Luna-M3 for H4.
  2. Wait for the red mark to appear on the chart (accompanied by an alert).
  3. Wait until the current bar closes.
  4. Make sure the main signal on the Luna panel is red.
  5. Make sure that the B1 bar% meter is red.
  6. Make sure the MA-X signal is red.

Expiration in both cases is used in three candles.

Now let's look at the rules described above in more detail. The appearance of a green mark on the chart is a signal to buy a Call option. The red mark is for buying a Put option. To obtain more accurate signals, you should monitor the indicator panel and especially monitor changes in the Bar% meter and in the indicator of the intersection of simple and linear weighted moving averages. It is these two indicators that are important in applying the Luna FX trading strategy.

Bar-%-meter and crossover signal on the Luna FX info panel

The Bar% meter at the top of the panel identifies acceleration or deceleration in price movement, which can serve as a signal of a possible price reversal. It measures the price movement on the last bar and the weighted average of the movement over the previous four bars. The bar-%-meter displays the difference, expressed as a percentage, on the screen.

The intersection of a simple moving average with a linear-weighted average - MA-X - serves as another sensitive indicator of a trend change. If there is a reversal signal, it will change first, just like the bar-%-meter.

The purchase should be postponed if a signal is received, but the indicators on the LunaDash panel indicate a possible trend change soon. For example, in the figure below, despite the signal received on the chart to buy a Put option, the transaction should be postponed, since the values ​​of the Bar% meter, MA-X and the general signal have changed.

Luna FX shows a possible trend change soon

Opening a Call Option

As soon as we see that a green mark has appeared on the chart, which is a signal for price growth, we wait until the bar closes and buy a Call option with an expiration of 3 bars, if all other panel indicators do not contradict the signal.

Buying a Call Option in Luna FX

Opening a Put option

As soon as we see that a red mark has appeared on the chart, which is a signal for the price to fall, we wait until the bar closes and buy a Put option with an expiration of 3 bars, if all the conditions of the trading system are met.

Buying a Put Option in Luna FX


The Luna FX strategy is a trend signal system with strict filter settings, so it, together with additional indicators on the LunaDash panel, provides strong signals for binary options trading.

We recommend testing each strategy on a demo account before trading on a real one, and following the rules of risk management and money management will allow you to minimize risks and use your capital as efficiently as possible. Also, do not forget to trade only through a trusted broker, which can be found in our rating of binary options brokers .

Download the Luna FX strategy for free


Try it on a demo account

Can't figure out how this strategy or indicator works? Write about it in the comments to this article, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel WinOptionSignals , where we will definitely answer all your questions in the video.

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