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Useful articles about cryptocurrencies
Useful articles about cryptocurrencies

Answers to the most pressing questions about cryptocurrency. Detailed analysis of topics about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency dynamics
Cryptocurrency dynamics

Changes in the price of cryptocurrencies per day, week, month, year. Cryptocurrency volatility

Cryptocurrency rating
Cryptocurrency rating

Cryptocurrency rating. Leaders of growth and decline of the cryptocurrency market. Price change as a percentage per day, week, month and even year. Cryptocurrency volatility.

Cryptocurrency rates
Cryptocurrency rates

Online rate of all cryptocurrencies for today in real time

Bitcoin rate
Bitcoin rate

Current Bitcoin price rate. Online Bitcoin exchange rate chart.

Cryptocurrency analysis
Cryptocurrency analysis

Technical analysis of cryptocurrencies using the main oscillators and trend indicators.

Live cryptocurrency chart
Live cryptocurrency chart

Online chart of current prices for major cryptocurrencies with the ability to analyze with additional tools

Cryptocurrency news
Cryptocurrency news

Current news about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Always only fresh and relevant news

Cryptocurrency exchanges
Cryptocurrency exchanges

List of the most popular and reliable exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Customer reviews, commissions and withdrawal methods


What is cryptocurrency

CryptocurrencyCryptocurrency (from English CryptoCurrency) is a type of electronic money in the form of a mathematical code. When carrying out transactions, special cryptographic elements (electronic signature) are used. The unit of cryptocurrency is coin (from English Coin - “Coin”).

The name of cryptocurrency first appeared in 2011 in Forbes magazine and has since become widely used. At that time , the forecast for cryptocurrencies did not give any reason to believe that they would become so popular any time soon.

Cryptocurrency does not have a physical embodiment in the form of paper notes or coins. It operates only in electronic form.

The main difference between cryptocurrency and ordinary money is its formation in the digital space. Crypto money is initially generated electronically, and real money must be deposited into an electronic wallet or account.

There are several options for creating electronic money:

  • ICO (initial release of tokens, investment);
  • mining (using PC power to solve mathematical problems and generate new coins);
  • forging (formation of new blocks in existing cryptocurrencies).

Thus, the Internet is the source of the formation of cryptocurrency.

Another fundamental difference between cryptocurrency and standard money is its decentralization. Anyone can issue coins, but only the Central Bank has the right to issue standard money.

Issuing a cryptocurrency is the creation of a mathematical code and an electronic signature. To conduct transactions with cryptocurrency, you do not need to cooperate with banks and other financial institutions.

Transactions using cryptocurrency occur in the same way as electronic wire transfers. A distinctive feature is the presence of exchanges where electronic money can be converted into standard means of payment by monetizing it.

Cryptocurrency operates on the basis of blockchain. This technology is a database that is distributed on a huge number of personal PCs of users from all over the world. Information is stored and recorded on all PCs simultaneously. This achieves openness of transactions and transparency of transfers.


Reasons for the high popularity of crypto money

There are several reasons why cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity. The main one is that such money is universal, not tied to a financial institution or even a country. In our information age, this trait is in great demand.

To carry out transactions, only a wallet number is required, as a result of which cryptocurrency does not need a physical expression. To protect virtual money, a cryptographic code is used, as a result of which its reliability is significantly increased. Decentralizing the issuance of cryptocurrencies prevents them from being banned or counterfeited.

Transactions with cryptocurrency are completely anonymous. When they are carried out, there is no information about the recipient and sender of the money - only information about the electronic wallet number is available.

You can get cryptocurrency yourself. They make money on it by investing in electronic money, buying and selling it when the exchange rate increases.

If you exchange virtual money for real money, it will begin to generate income.

Cryptocurrency rating

The first digital money emerged in 2008 and was introduced by Bitcoin . Now, several thousand different types of cryptocurrencies have been created, each of which has its own distinctive features. Almost half of them are not provided with maintenance - such money is “soap bubbles” and will not be considered in the article.

In total, there are 6 most popular electronic money today. Let's look at the best cryptocurrencies . Ethereum

  1. Bitcoin (bitcoin, BTC). This is the world’s first cryptocurrency; subsequent currencies were developed and appeared on its basis. The developer is a certain person named Satoshi Nakamato. There is a theory that several developers worked under this name. The Bitcoin limit is 21 million coins, which has not yet been reached today.
  2. Ethereum (etherum, ETH). A cryptocurrency that appeared under the leadership of Vitaly Buterin, a domestic programmer. It was released in 2015 and quickly became the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world.
  3. Litecoin (LTC). The developer was programmer Charlie Lee. Cryptocurrency was born in 2011. If Bitcoin is considered an analogue of gold, then Litecoin is an analogue of silver. Litecoin limit is 84 million coins.
  4. Zikesh (Z-cash, ZEC). An open-source cryptocurrency, the developer was Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, whose activities are associated with selective transparency of transfers and confidentiality. The cryptocurrency limit is 21 million coins, just like Bitcoin.
  5. Dash is an open, decentralized cryptocurrency. Miners receive 90% of the reward, which is distributed among them, and the rest goes to financial support for various projects. Dash uses several mathematical algorithms. How the subsequent development of the system will be carried out is decided by all members of a given cryptographic network through decentralized control.
  6. Ripple (XRP) is a payment system with a currency exchange function. There is support for “tokens” that represent cryptocurrency, fiat money, commodities, or even cellular minutes or airline miles.

There are other quite popular cryptocurrencies - EOS, Stellar, Neo, TRON, IOTA, Cardano, etc. They are among the TOP 20,50, 100 cryptocurrencies .

However, Bitcoin has been and remains the most popular cryptocurrency. A bit is the smallest unit of information, and coin literally translates as “coin” in English (coin). Bitcoin has a separate program and digital wallet designed to store this currency.


Cryptocurrencies have become so popular that special ATMs have now begun to operate, allowing you to transfer Bitcoin to fiat money. Some stores and retail chains accept payments in Bitcoin, along with standard coins and paper bills. There are even freelance exchanges where customers pay performers for their work with cryptocurrency. The rating of cryptocurrencies will allow you to track the most popular ones.

The online cryptocurrency exchange rate changes every minute in real time .

Pros and cons of crypto money

Cryptocurrency differs in many ways from the money that people are used to. The differences are both positive and negative.

Let's list the advantages of electronic money:

  1. There is no separate emission center and bodies that control the circulation of cryptocurrency. As a result of this, anyone can engage in mining (coin extraction) if they have sufficient capacity. Decentralization also makes control over this money impossible. Not a single financial institution or even a state is able to restrict or ban the issuance of cryptocurrency.
  2. Transactions are carried out anonymously. No one will ever know information about the owner of the wallet and the people to whom he made transfers. The only information that is open to everyone is the number of the cryptocurrency wallet.
  3. Most cryptocurrencies have their own release limit. This eliminates the possibility of excess emissions, as a result of which there will be no inflation.
  4. Cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited or copied because it is protected by an electronic signature.
  5. Transactions with cryptocurrency are cheaper than with regular money. Since there is no intermediary in the form of banking organizations, no commission is charged.

Let's look at the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies:

  1. You can easily lose the coins in your wallet if you lose the password to your e-wallet. Yes, there is no control over the implementation of transactions, but no one gives a guarantee of the safety and security of money.
  2. Volatility is a frequent change in the value of a currency (either upward or downward). This is a characteristic feature of any cryptocurrency.
  3. Despite the fact that the state cannot control cryptocurrencies, it does have mechanisms to influence people who engage in illegal mining or commit fraudulent activities when buying or selling currencies.
  4. Mining eventually ceases to be profitable, because the longer it takes to mine cryptocurrency, the more difficult it is for personal computers to solve mathematical problems.

cash The listed pros and cons are typical for each cryptocurrency with minor differences and exceptions. However, cryptocurrencies have many features that are also characteristic of ordinary money:

  • versatility;
  • means of exchange and accumulation;
  • means of performing monetary payments.

The price of a cryptocurrency depends on the current demand for it. Some types of crypto money cost pennies and literally after a couple of months became tens of thousands of times more expensive, enriching those of their owners who managed to purchase them at an early stage of their existence.

Earnings on cryptocurrency

Today there are several ways to get good income from cryptocurrency.

  1. Cryptocurrency Investments in electronic money. The user transfers a certain amount of money in trust to another person. Most often, brokers deal with trust management issues. To choose what to invest in, you need to track the cryptocurrency rate online .
  2. Buying cryptocurrency and its subsequent sale. The user purchases the currency while it is cheap and sells it if the cryptocurrency rate has increased significantly. This method is most often used by Bitcoin owners, since the cost of this cryptocurrency is several times higher than other coins. To buy and sell crypto money, there are special exchangers and exchanges.
  3. Cryptocurrency mining. In order to earn coins, you need to use the power of your PC. Mining on ordinary user computers has long ceased to be profitable. Now you will need to purchase special equipment. They are used to obtain cryptocurrency and mining farms - however, their cost is high, and they also require a separate room with a cooling system and an uninterrupted supply of cheap electricity.
  4. Recently, cloud mining has become popular: the user simply purchases part of the capacity from a company that has the most powerful and advanced equipment, and receives his profit. Another problem is to distinguish an honest company from a fraudulent one that operates on the principle of a financial pyramid. However, if you use only reliable and proven services, this problem will not arise, and you will not have to purchase additional equipment.
  5. Receiving coins from taps. These are special services that give users coins for simple actions (for example, entering a captcha, visiting partner sites). You can also get cryptocurrency by attracting referrals. Some Bitcoin games offer a chance to win a certain amount of electronic money. Of course, you won’t be able to earn a lot – it will take at least a month to reach the minimum amount for withdrawal. You will have to work on several similar services.

So, online cryptocurrency today is a popular means of earning money, making payments, investing, making transfers, and paying for goods and services. Such electronic money corresponds to the realities of our time. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that, despite not having a physical expression, they have still become as popular as standard fiat money.

Today there are many ways to get cryptocurrency without even investing your own money. Methods that involve large sums and require investments are very risky, however, under favorable circumstances, you can get a solid income. Some people have been able to build a fortune in cryptocurrencies. The main thing is to keep your finger on the pulse and regularly study the chart of cryptocurrencies that have potential.

Cryptocurrency has similar features to regular money, but it does not have the disadvantages of real currency. For example, there is no single bank of issue and no control by government agencies. As a result, cryptocurrency quickly became popular in the information space. Time will tell what her future will be like. Today you can study the cryptocurrency forecast , which gives approximate data.


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