Looking for the best broker for Forex or CFD trading? Choose one of the reliable brokers in our broker rating 2023 and trade without fear for your deposit. Only the best Forex and CFD brokers, with real reviews from traders:

Мин. депозит
Мин. лот
Комиссия за лот
Макс. кредитное плечо
Год основания
Brokers website
1 $5 0.01 0.1 1:1000 1998 CySEC,IFSC, ЦБ 159
2 $10 0.01 $5 от 0.1 1:2000 2006 КРОУФР, ЦРФИН, FinaCom 5
3 1$ 0.01 0.2 1:500 2007 VFSC 47
4 $10 0.01 от 0.3 до 170 1:1000 2008 VFSC, CySEC, SEBI 0
5 $100 0.01 $5 1.3 1:3000 2007 Financial Commission 0
6 $5 0.01 1.2 1:1000 1999 IFSC, MGA, KLFB 128
7 1$ 10$ 1:200 2014 FinaCom 0
8 $250 0.01 0.05 0.3 1:100 2019 FCA 3
9 $10 0.01 0.1 1:2000 2009 FSPR, FSCL, ЦРФИН, CySEC 0
10 $10 0.01 от 0.3 1:1000 2014 ICO 0
11 50$ 0.01 0,0027% 0,118 1:100 2000 ЦБРФ 0
12 $10 0.01 $1.5 0.1 1:500 2005 ASIC, FCA 0
13 $1 0.01 $8 1.5 1:1000 2007 FSC 0
14 $1 0.01 0.01 лота 0.5 пункта 1:500 1997 CYSEC 0
15 $100 0.01 $6.25 0.8 1:400 2010 CySEC 85
16 $500 0.01 0.1 лота 1:400 2007 АРБ 0
17 $100 0.01 от 0 пунктов 1:500 2006 FCA, CySec, DFSA, SCB 0

Rating of Forex and CFD brokers, reviews from real traders

The popularity of the foreign exchange market is constantly growing. In this regard, the number of companies providing intermediary services is constantly increasing. Attracting customers is carried out through various promotions. New traders are offered bonuses for replenishing their deposit. To facilitate the procedure for choosing a broker, a rating of reliable brokers has been compiled. It allows you to analyze existing companies and select the best of them. The rating includes not only Russian ForexCFD brokers, but also companies from the USA, Great Britain, Asia, etc. Visitors to our site leave their reviews, on the basis of which the activities of a particular DC or broker are analyzed.

No deposit bonus

WinOptionSignals rating is one of the most popular. Only current data is used to evaluate companies. Site visitors can vote for their favorite broker. This approach allows us to objectively form the TOP brokerage companies. The rating of companies allows you to obtain information about each broker (methods of depositing/withdrawing funds, trading conditions, platform, etc.). Every site visitor has the opportunity to vote. In addition, here you can find reviews from experts about the work of a particular broker.

For beginners, the optimal solution would be to start cooperation with one of the companies represented in the first positions. The TOP includes brokers with a good reputation who have been providing their services for quite some time. They value each of their clients. There are no “kitchens” in the first position. The presence of a filter allows you to sort companies by platform, minimum deposit and position volume, spread size, etc.

Broker Sorting in 2024

Each trader chooses a broker differently. For some, the size of the spread is important, for others, the absence of slippage is important. For beginners, such a parameter as the minimum deposit is very important. Professional traders prefer ECN brokers that offer favorable working conditions and a wide range of trading instruments. For the convenience of users, the rating provides a sorting function by category. For each individual category, its own TOP is formed from brokers recommended for cooperation in 2024.

Broker Review

forex brokers A brief description is given for each broker presented in the rating. Visitors can obtain information about existing branches of the company, date of foundation, regulators, trading platforms used, account currencies, methods of depositing/withdrawing funds, etc. The site contains information about all brokers, so visitors no longer need to go to the site of each of them . After comparing brokers, you can follow the link to the website of the company you like and learn more about its activities and services provided. The service allows you to significantly save time when choosing a broker that will meet all your needs. The “black list” contains companies that raise suspicions about their “cleanliness”, honesty and had negative reviews in 2022 or 2023.

Who are Forex Brokers?

Forex brokers are companies that act as intermediaries in the foreign exchange market. The peculiarities of currency exchanges do not allow individuals to take part in trading. For this reason, they have to carry out all their transactions through licensed brokers or DCs (dealing centers). The activities of these companies are regulated by a number of organizations.

There are two models according to which all brokers work:

  1. "Boiler room". This is a DC whose profits are generated by customer deposits, but not by spreads. When trading through “boiler rooms”, the trader’s finances are not transferred to the interbank market. All operations take place exclusively within the company itself. Responsible and reputable brokers do not conduct their business this way. “Boiler rooms” do not like successful traders. If a person begins to demonstrate profitable trading, then they immediately try to survive him, coming up with all sorts of excuses for this. The methods can be absolutely anything, from substituting quotes to refusing to withdraw earned money.
  2. Banks and brokers. These companies, unlike DCs, transfer all their clients’ transactions to the interbank market. For this purpose, liquidity providers are used, which are large investment funds or banks. By collaborating with a broker, a trader receives the following benefits:
    1. High speed of order execution.
    2. No requotes.
    3. Slippage can bring not only losses, but also profits.
    4. Small spread.
    5. Anonymity of the trader's identity.
    6. The presence of an order book, with the help of which anyone can monitor their own and other people’s orders.

The more successfully the client trades, the better for the broker. When a trader earns money, the company does not lose its own funds, so withdrawal of money is carried out without problems. A broker's earnings are influenced by the number of transactions completed, not their success. The presence of a banking license indicates the high reliability of the broker. Such companies usually have higher requirements for the withdrawal procedure and minimum deposit.

Functions of Brokerage Companies

A broker's job is to help their clients increase their deposits.

These companies also perform other functions:

  • They act in the Forex market as an authorized client.
  • Provide clients with complete information regarding financial transactions. This allows you to significantly reduce risks. Brokers are aware of everything that is currently happening in the market. This allows them to identify hidden risks that a novice investor might not notice.
  • Maintain financial documentation of traders in accordance with the requirements of current international legislation.
  • Provide clients with information regarding transactions with securities in accordance with the law.
  • At the client's request, the prospects of transactions are assessed.

The above features allow brokers to attract more and more traders to cooperate.

Word Forex

Who are CFD Brokers?

Forex CFD brokers are expanding the range of opportunities for traders. They offer a non-standard tool for making money: trading contracts for difference (CFD contracts). This type of contract provides for the transfer by the parties to the transaction to each other of the difference between the current and future price of an asset, the value of which is determined at the end of this contract.

CFD trading opens up new avenues for profit. Traders’ earnings are made up of the rise or fall in prices for a certain asset (commodities, shares, etc.). In this case, operations are performed only with contracts. Traders do not need to purchase assets.

The CFD exchange offers tools for long-term trading. Trading contracts for difference is based on the same principles that participants in other financial platforms adhere to. That is, you can use the same strategies both on the CFD exchange and on Forex. In addition, both exchanges offer traders to use leverage to increase profits.

The difference is that after closing a transaction in the traditional financial market, the trader receives the acquired asset. In the case of a CFD exchange, the trading instrument is a contract for difference.

The above list of brokers that allow CFD trading contains companies that offer trading primarily through MetaTrader 4. However, some of them provide access to other trading platforms.

Advantages of Contract for difference (CFD) trading

Compared to traditional trading assets, contracts for difference have a number of features. Cooperation with CFD brokers from the rating is more attractive, since within the framework of such trading, transactions are completed instantly. In addition, the advantages of CFDs include minimal commission fees and the presence of leverage.

An important feature of working with CFD brokers is that they allow you to trade with a small deposit. At the same time, companies do not impose restrictions on the number of transactions carried out.

CFD Trading Opportunities

The CFD exchange allows traders to diversify their working capital. Trading on this platform is carried out mainly through the MetaTrader 4 terminal. Thanks to the above features, cooperation with CFD brokers can bring good profits. At the same time, the influence of negative factors (delays, malfunctions of the terminal) is minimized.

The presented rating of Forex brokers that offer trading in CFD contracts includes companies that provide access to this market to a wide range of traders. Both beginners and experienced users can enter the exchange today.

Choosing a Reliable Broker in 2024

In order to avoid getting into a situation where the DC refuses to pay out the money earned, you need to approach the issue of choosing a broker very carefully. To do this, you can use our rating of companies providing brokerage services. choosing a forex broker

When choosing a broker, you should take into account the following nuances:

  • Date of foundation.
  • How long has the company been successful?
  • Addresses of offices and branches.
  • Place of registration.
  • Licenses.
  • Regulatory organizations.
  • Possibility to contact the administration.
  • Trading conditions.

Each individual broker offers clients its own trading conditions, but the most important of them are the speed of execution of trading orders and the size of the spread. You need to focus on these parameters first. Fast execution of orders and a small spread can only be offered by those companies that provide their services using advanced technologies.

Based on the trading “philosophy” of a particular broker, a trader can always choose a suitable intermediary for himself. For example, when trading positionally, it is better to give preference to a broker that has many active traders and an impressive turnover.

Beginners often strive to open at least one trade during the day. Such traders are better off working with brokers who offer low commissions. If the commission is too high, then cooperation with such a broker may not be profitable. With a fixed spread, the broker can add additional interest to the quotes.

Choosing an ECN broker

choose a forex broker The peculiarity of these companies is that they provide only real quotes for trading instruments without any markups. Often the commission when working with such a broker is 20-25 dollars for every million of trading turnover. The commission size decreases as turnover increases. These brokers are interested in their clients making a profit, which makes them obviously preferable to DCs. But along with the advantages of ECN brokers, traders also experience their disadvantages, expressed in widened spreads, the presence of slippage, etc. This is due to the fact that the market conditions of these companies are as close as possible to real ones. This is especially true in the following situations:

  • Release of important economic news.
  • Monday night at the opening of a new trading week.
  • Friday evening before trading closes.

ECN brokers are ideal for traders trading large volumes. Such companies quickly execute orders and allow trading with minimal costs. Beginners are still recommended to begin their training in this difficult profession in DCs, since they offer less stringent trading conditions.

Criteria for Choosing a Suitable Broker

When choosing a Forex broker in 2024, you need to take into account a number of criteria:

  1. Date of foundation. A long presence in the brokerage services market speaks of the sustainability and stability of the company. You can trust these brokers. Most often they have a good reputation and have a huge number of regular customers.
  2. Number of branches. When choosing a broker, you need to pay attention to the presence of company branches in different parts of the world. If a broker has only one office, for example in Cyprus, this is a bad sign.
  3. Number of clients. This is a clear indicator of the level of trust in the company.
  4. Trade turnover. Reliable brokers always feel confident in the market and receive consistently high income.
  5. Regulatory authorities. Regulation of the activities of brokers is usually carried out by organizations such as CySEC, FSA, NFA, etc. It is very important for a trader to know that if a conflict situation arises, he can defend his rights in an independent authority.
  6. Reputation. This parameter is quite difficult to estimate. Most often this is done based on reviews from existing customers. The more reviews, the better. Moreover, this applies not only to positive ones, but also to negative ones. If a broker has only positive reviews, then this is alarming. Lack of reviews is evidence of disinterest.
  7. Client Agreement. Before you start bidding, it’s a good idea to read the contract. It specifies all the terms of cooperation, including the procedure for executing orders. You also need to familiarize yourself with the regulations for transactions in the foreign exchange market. Often the contract specifies the reasons why the results of orders may be canceled. Before you start trading, you will know for what reasons you may not be credited with funds for a completed transaction.
  8. Trading conditions. The following points deserve special attention:
    1. Number of trading instruments and technical means for analysis.
    2. Method of calculating commissions (spread or percentage of turnover). If the spread is much smaller than that of competitors, then you should be wary.
    3. The source of information used by the broker to obtain quotes. It is necessary to understand who the liquidity provider is. Some brokers take quotes on the interbank market, others form them themselves.
    4. Probability of slippage during position closure. You need to know how to solve this problem.
    5. Accounting for adjustments to open orders when creating a PAMM account.
    6. Guaranteed fast execution of orders.
    7. The presence of a terminal and the convenience of its interface.
    8. Availability of technical support.
    9. Availability of a demo account.
    10. Stable connection with the server.

Responsibility and Risks

The resource administration is not responsible for the content of reviews and inaccuracies in the data provided. All risks during the trading process fall entirely on the shoulders of traders. We are not responsible for losses or profits resulting from transactions. The information is provided for informational purposes only. Every trader should understand that trading on the Forex market involves certain risks. Even the best broker cannot guarantee the absence of force majeure situations during the trading process.

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