Looking for the best binary options broker? Choose one of the reliable binary options brokers in our 2024 broker rating and trade binary options without fear for your deposit. Only the best brokers, with real reviews from traders:

Мин. депозит
Мин. ставка
Кол-во активов
Выплата по сделке
Работает в РФ без VPN
Тех. поддержка
Brokers website
1 10$ 1$ до 100% 60 79% ЦРОФР 4/5 741
2 10$ 1$ 150% 120 90% ЦРОФР 3/5 652
3 5$ 1$ до 150% 83+ 92% ЦРОФР 4/5 185
4 1$ 1$ до 120% 80 73% CySEC 5/5 159
5 5$ 1$ до 100% 180+ 84% MiFiD 4/5 95
6 5$ 1$ 200 84% MiFiD 3/5 128
7 1$ 1$ 20$ 60 78% VFSC 4/5 47
8 10$ 1$ 180 78% CySec 5/5 32
9 10$ 1$ 100% 52 78% ЦРФИН 3/5 114
10 10$ 1$ до 100% 70+ 72% ЦРОФР 4/5 66
11 50$ 1$ 100% 80 74% VFSC 4/5 13


Important! When you open an account with any broker from our rating of TOP binary options brokers, using links from our website, you guarantee yourself the highest reliability of trading and the safety of your funds. In case of disputes, we will directly contact the management of these companies and try to help resolve your issues!

As for trading using signals for binary options from our site, we recommend opening accounts with several reliable brokers. Since we provide signals for different assets, some of them may not be available at one of the brokers at the right time, or the expiration time of a given asset may not be suitable. A similar problem can be easily solved by making a small deposit with another binary broker using a different trading platform.

For all questions regarding opening an account and resolving controversial issues, please contact our support at: support@winoptionsignals.com or leave a message in your personal dashboard on our website.

The best binary options brokers in 2024

Binary options are a very profitable type of earnings. Choosing the best broker is an extremely important task already at the start of trading, no matter if you are a novice trader from all over the world.

Many people close their accounts with Forex brokers in order to devote more time to binary options trading. This is understandable: the income here is much higher - up to 170% of the bet, with new express options and trading is much more dynamic, since more than 100 successful transactions can be made in one day. However, to access the trading terminal you need a reliable broker. Each of them has its own characteristics, pros and cons, which should be dealt with immediately. For example, you may not like the lack of technical analysis tools or the too short list of available assets. The best binary options brokers in 2024 strive to satisfy the maximum requests of a potential client and provide him with the best service in comparison with competitors.

For a novice trader who is interested in binary options for the first time, it is difficult to decide on the choice of a good broker for trading, because to do this you need to independently find and compare the conditions of numerous companies on the market, and in 2024 there are already a lot of them and new binary options brokers appear almost every month . This is why the question “Where is the best place to trade binary options” is very relevant for novice traders. Scattered information in ratings on websites makes it impossible to see the whole picture. Each investor has his own needs, and accordingly, some trading conditions of individual brokers may be unacceptable. All important aspects are reflected in our rating of binary options brokers 2024.

There are a lot of companies, but how to quickly find one that would suit you? For this purpose, our analysts, thanks to your real reviews, compile a rating of binary brokers. Strict selection is carried out according to a number of criteria that clients pay attention to before opening an account.

If you are interested in binary options brokers and their ratings, you can find the relevant information in our list of TOP binary options brokers in 2024.

Brokerage companies offering their services use various tactics to attract new traders. Beginners are lured by promotions and other “highlights”, the best binary options brokers with a good reputation are so confident in themselves, their client base of traders is usually stable. But you shouldn’t just chase the “highlights” when choosing the best broker; the main criterion for choosing the best broker should not be a bonus or coefficient, but its reliability and good reputation.

Some of the TOP brokers from the rating have been providing services for a long time, since the advent of binary options. Some appeared much later, but thanks to the recruitment of leading programmers and professional analysts, they quickly became popular among traders. The rating of binary options brokers 2024 will help you choose the most comfortable one.

Pocket Option

Formation of ratings

If you don’t yet know where is the best place to trade binary options, then you should turn to the ratings. The best binary options brokers have earned high scores and the trust of traders thanks to many years of successful activity, excellent service and impeccable financial history.

So, in order to get into the TOP rating of the best binary options brokers, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Stable work for at least 2 years;
  • Fast technical support;
  • Reliability and ease of financial transactions (deposit/withdrawal of money);
  • No complaints against the broker with regulatory authorities;
  • Affordability - the size of the minimum deposit and commissions;
  • Broker's bonuses without withdrawal restrictions;
  • Availability of a demo account;
  • Variety of trading assets.

Our Binary Options Broker Rating 2024 is a great guide to answering the question “Where is the best place to trade binary options?” and subsequent selection of a suitable company in which you will open an account. After all, a reliable broker is your partner; a lot depends on him in terms of ensuring comfortable trading.
Brokers’ conditions often change, so check the important points for you directly on the official website before registering and starting binary options trading and, of course, leave your real reviews about them. The rating of binary brokers is your guide to the world of options.

What is important to consider when choosing brokers from the rating

Before you simply click on the broker from the first place in our rating, read this article to the end and make the right choice of broker based on your financial capabilities, degree of risk exposure and, of course, your experience in trading. Even the best binary options broker may not be suitable for all traders if it does not suit them according to one of the main criteria for the reliability of a broker.


Minimum deposit and bet size

Requirements for starting capital are important primarily for novice traders. Few of them will decide to immediately deposit several hundred dollars into their account, because they are not confident in the reliability of a particular broker, and they do not have enough knowledge and skills to not quickly lose all the money. The best binary options brokers take this fact into account. Our rating of the best binary options brokers offers excellent broker options for both beginners (Quotex, PocketOption, Deriv, Binarium) and more experienced traders (Evotrade, Alpari, Binary.com).

The low minimum rate allows any investor who has shown an interest in financial markets to start a career. Professionals are accustomed to a large volume of trading operations and, accordingly, work without problems with high minimum bets, so the rating of binary options brokers contains a list of reliable companies with different trading conditions, because client requirements are also different and you need to choose the best broker for trading.

Whichever company you choose in the 2024 binary broker ratings, you can be sure of its impeccable reputation and transparency.


To encourage new customers, many companies award pleasant bonuses on deposits. The best binary options brokers also practice similar “gifts”. In our rating of binary options brokers, almost all brokers in 2024 provide good bonuses for starting trading. When replenishing your account for the first time, you can count on a good increase in your deposit, but you need to know the mechanism for using these funds so that there are no disappointments and problems with withdrawing profits in the future.

Of course, you cannot withdraw bonus money right away. To do this, you must fulfill a number of requirements, usually making a certain number of trades in order to achieve the required trading volume. Often this “threshold” is 10 or more times the size of the “gift” itself. Sometimes a bonus is given for a clearly defined period of time, even with the best brokers, so the trader must have time to work with the additional money before it is written off.

Binary options brokers 2024 from our rating provide not only deposit bonuses, but also other types of bonuses, and these can be:

  • no deposit (welcome) bonuses;
  • bonuses in the form of risk-free transactions;
  • free tickets to tournaments where you can win cash prizes;
  • cashback.

No deposit bonuses allow you to start trading for real money without depositing your own funds, which is very convenient for beginners.

Risk-free trades will be convenient not only for beginners, as they allow you to return the entire loss after a losing trade.

Tickets to tournaments can help beginners gain experience and professionals win real money.

Cashback allows you to receive money into your trading account for completed transactions.

You can refuse bonus funds if you do not like the conditions for their provision. Before you take money from a broker as a bonus, be sure to study all the requirements so that you don’t later regret the inability to withdraw your money from your account. Our rating of binary brokers provides information on the size of bonuses in the table; the choice to take a bonus from a broker or not is yours.



Government authorities issue licenses to brokers to protect traders from fraud. To obtain such a license, companies must meet a number of criteria, conduct business honestly and pay taxes. The best binary options brokers strive to obtain several certificates from different reputable organizations at once. Our Rating of Binary Options Brokers informs you about the presence of a license, you do not need to look for the website of the companies that issued these licenses, all the information is already provided in our list table.

Some brokers do not have a license at all or are registered through dubious offshore companies, but their credibility is appropriate.
CySEC is the Securities Commission (Cyprus), a branch of the larger European regulator European MiFID. Their licenses are international and valid in all European countries. The regulator checks the activities of brokers for compliance with standards and, if necessary, imposes penalties. Our rating of binary brokers has 3 companies with licenses from CySEC and MiFID: Alpari, Binary.com and Deriv.

TsROFR is a regulator. Its task is to maximally protect traders trading in financial markets. It is very difficult to obtain a certificate; the requirements are quite high, but those who receive it are truly safe brokers. Let us note that licensing the activities of a broker is voluntary; the corresponding law has not yet been adopted. The rating of the best binary options brokers demonstrates that the majority of nominees have CROFR certificates. Which binary options brokers  have a rating that allows them to work successfully - the information is publicly available in our table. The most popular broker with a valid CROFR license, in our opinion, is PocketOption.

The rating of binary options brokers 2024 reflects all current information about the availability of licenses, and if such a license is taken away from one of the brokers, we will definitely display this in our list.

Broker's assets

Assets are what is traded on the broker’s platform. Binary options are associated with a specific asset, the value of which constantly fluctuates, and we receive a profit for correctly predicting the future price.

A wide range of trading assets at brokers allows you to diversify the trading process and expand your financial capabilities. The rating of binary brokers takes into account the range of assets for ease of selection.
One of the mistakes beginners make is trying to trade everything at once. You should not open an account based on only one criterion - the more assets, the better. It is quite enough to gain skills in working with several standard tools. Our rating includes the best binary options brokers, offering their clients a wide range of trading assets for every taste. Regardless of whether you want to trade currencies, oil, US stocks or cryptocurrencies, in our rating you can find the best binary options brokers that allow you to trade all these types of trading instruments.

Binary options brokers have a high rating, which reflects the ability of traders working in financial markets to trade an extensive list of assets. When choosing the best broker for trading binary options, always look at how many and what assets the broker offers, our list has all the information about each broker.

Pocket Option

Training, demo account

Providing comprehensive training by the broker is an important selection criterion. The rating of binary brokers brings to your attention only companies with high quality training materials. Articles with useful information, electronic textbooks, video tutorials, group webinars - all this will help a beginner gain practical experience and start earning money consistently and regularly.

Binary options brokers  improve their ratings by offering traders to receive initial education, including all the main sections of knowledge on binary options. During the learning process, the beginner determines for himself whether he is interested in this direction, whether he wants to continue to be associated with binary options.

Either way, the tutorials are completely free, so you have nothing to lose. The rating of binary options brokers shows that companies understand the importance of quality training; each of them has corresponding sections.

A demo account allows an investor to practice a new strategy or simply evaluate the functionality of the platform. Some brokers provide clients with a demo only after they have deposited real money into their account, others do not impose such conditions. Feedback from traders suggests that the presence of a demo without any preliminary restrictions is often a huge plus for the broker and an important reason for registration. The rating of binary options brokers suggests choosing a company that provides a demo account for use; there are most of them on the list.

Technical support

Prompt technical support for customers is one of the ways to provide them with quality service. Those who are just starting to work on an unfamiliar site often need help, otherwise, without understanding the problem, they will start looking for another one.

Our rating of binary brokers represents only companies with responsive and high-quality technical support, because we know how important it is to quickly find answers to questions that arise during the work process.

Average profitability ratio

In the corresponding column, the rating of binary brokers contains the average profitability per transaction for each broker. This indicator informs how much income a trader will receive from the size of his investment if his forecast turns out to be correct. The percentages fluctuate depending on the selected trading asset and the degree of risk: if the behavior of quotes is too predictable, the percentage is lower; if the pair or commodity is very volatile, the percentage is higher. The table shows their average value, taking into account all the assets available to the broker. The rating of binary options brokers will allow you to easily choose suitable conditions.

TOP brokers from the rating, who are they?

In order not to waste time reading all the reviews and characteristics of each broker from the rating, you can study a brief overview of the top 5 brokerage companies that meet all the above-described requirements and characteristics and understand which of them is the most honest binary options broker. This will save your time and allow you to immediately get acquainted with trusted brokerage companies that provide binary options trading services.

7th place in the rating: broker Alpari

The Alpari broker began its activities back in 1998, but as a Forex market broker. And only then it began to provide traders with the opportunity to trade binary options.

The company has received many awards throughout its existence and even sponsors some football teams.

As mentioned earlier, the Alpari broker provides the opportunity to trade both in the Forex market and binary options. For binary options, a special trading platform is used, which has everything you need for trading. The trader can customize the appearance of the chart by selecting candles, bars or lines. You can also select a timeframe and change other settings.

The broker provides a large selection of types of binary options for trading, and on the platform you can learn in detail about how each of them works.

The advantages of the Alpari broker include:

  • A simple and understandable trading platform for binary options;
  • Large selection of binary options types (more than 6);
  • No minimum deposit;
  • Different types of trading assets (currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities);
  • High-quality training base, including webinars conducted by the broker;
  • Fast payment processing.

Despite the fact that the Alpari broker takes 7th place in our rating, it provides high-quality service, a functional trading platform and no minimum deposit, which allows any beginner to start trading with any amount convenient for him.

6th place in the rating: broker WordForex

The Word Forex broker has been on the market for more than 12 years and, like the previous broker, provides the opportunity to trade binary options on the Forex market.

This broker serves about 30,000 of its clients every day around the world, and the broker’s trading turnover is about one hundred million dollars.

Broker Evotrade provides its traders with a good training base, and on the site you can learn the basics of trading in order to start buying binary options. From the training base you can learn how trading assets work, how to correctly and quickly replenish your account and withdraw money. There is also other information on the broker’s website that will allow beginners to gain the necessary knowledge to get started.

The main advantages of the Word Forex broker include:

  • six types of accounts;
  • more than 700 trading assets;
  • minimum profit withdrawal from $10;
  • providing free trading signals;
  • its own Evolution trading platform and mobile application created specifically for binary options trading;
  • availability of a demo account;
  • returns on options up to 85%.

Broker Word Forex takes 6th place in our rating of the best binary options brokers due to the fact that it appeared in our rating not so long ago and has not yet earned the necessary trust from us and from traders. But despite this, the company does not stop developing and it will soon be possible to move closer to the first places in our rating.

5th place in the rating: broker Binarium

Binarium is a broker that has been operating for a very long time (since 2012) and still continues to gain popularity and increase the number of new clients who are interested in making a profit.

The broker is chosen mainly by clients, since Binarium has a simple and understandable trading platform, Russian-language support, constantly holds tournaments and promotions, and its trading conditions can be called very favorable.

About the broker:

  • Sufficient amount of assets (currency and cryptocurrency) for beginners;
  • Profitability around 85%;
  • Two types of options (turbo and classic), which are divided by expiration;
  • Indicators and analysis tools are available directly on the platform;
  • Welcome bonus for new clients in the amount of 100%;
  • Tournaments, including a free tournament with real prizes;
  • Different types of accounts.

Binarium takes fifth place in our ranking due to its long service life, for which many traders choose it. The broker also gives great advantages to traders with certain types of accounts, and these are risk-free transactions and cashback, plus very fast withdrawals of profits without restrictions.

4th place in the rating: broker Binary com

Binary com is a modern and functional options trading platform that will be easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

Over the entire period of its existence (operating since 1999), the Binari broker has introduced many new and useful services that simplify binary options trading and allow you to start earning income from trading.

About the broker:

  • 5 different trading platforms that are simple and straightforward;
  • The ability to create your own robots and automatic trading systems;
  • Trading is carried out on currencies, cryptocurrencies and stocks, indices, commodities and synthetic trading assets of the broker;
  • You can use many popular standard and proprietary indicators on the platform;
  • Free training and demo account for all new clients;
  • Has 5 different licenses (MFSA, LFSA, BVI, VFSA (two licenses)).

The broker takes fourth place in our rating due to the fact that it has licenses from various regulators, allows you to create robots and trading systems on its platform, and also provides the ability to use any of 5 trading platforms.

3rd place in the rating: broker Deriv

The company initially began its existence in 1999, but at that time binary options themselves did not yet exist. The broker continued development under the name Binary, and in 2020 the company changed its name to Deriv, although many still call the broker Binary.

The company is licensed and has a license from the MFSA (Malta) and 4 other licenses, and its operating time has already exceeded 20 years!

About the broker:

  • Several licenses that are used depending on the country of registration of the client;
  • You can trade not only binary options, but also Forex;
  • For trading, it provides several trading terminals, including MetaTrader 5;
  • You can use four types of options in trading, including classic ones;
  • Many indicators can be used for analysis;
  • You can start trading with 35 cents (about 25 rubles);
  • Accounts are opened in cryptocurrency in addition to standard currency;
  • You can top up your account with cryptocurrencies.

Broker Deriv takes an honorable third place for a reason. In addition to the wide functionality, all traders are given the opportunity to create their own trading robots and use the risk manager service, which, when configured, will limit trading after receiving losses. And also the brokerage company has a very high level of protection, which is confirmed by the API settings.

2nd place in the rating: broker Quotex

Quotex is the youngest brokerage company in the rating, as it appeared in 2020, but this has not stopped the broker from already gaining some popularity and earning the trust of traders who now constantly trade through the broker.

Quotex is often compared in design to OlympTrade, as their trading platforms are very similar. In addition, the functionality of the platform is wide, and it is very simple and clear to use, so even inexperienced users will not have difficulty understanding it.

About the broker:

  • Has a license from the regulator CROFR;
  • Allows you to trade currencies and shares of American and other companies;
  • It has a large set of indicators, as well as graphical analysis tools;
  • Account replenishment is possible using standard methods, as well as with cryptocurrencies or through a mobile operator;
  • It is possible to monitor traders’ ratings;
  • The profitability of options reaches 95%;
  • All transactions are opened instantly, regardless of the transaction amount and expiration.

Quotex takes second place not only due to its advantages and honesty, but also because transactions on its platform are opened instantly, regardless of the amount or expiration, which makes trading convenient especially for turbo options.

1st place in the rating: broker Pocket Option

PocketOption is perhaps the most innovative and honest broker at the moment, since in just the first three years the company has shown a huge increase in new traders from all over the world, taking almost all the clients from the leader of previous years, the broker IQoption, and the broker has also significantly surpassed its platform functionality.

The broker started working in 2017, has a license from the Center for Financial Markets, very wide functionality that will satisfy any user, and most importantly - excellent trading conditions.

About the Pocket Option broker:

  • For trading it provides a huge number of currency pairs, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies;
  • You can top up your account in any convenient way, including not only cards and wallets, but also cryptocurrencies and mobile operators;
  • You can use the transaction copying service and passively receive profit;
  • There are free signals;
  • A large number of tournaments, both paid and free;
  • The most informative trading statistics;
  • For the pros, you can use pending transactions, as well as express orders;
  • All traders can earn rewards and exchange them in the market, receiving risk-free trades, bonuses, discounts, cashback, tournament tickets and much more;
  • Trading is also carried out on weekends (quotes are over-the-counter at this time);

The Pocket Option company earned the first place as the best broker due to its innovation and very wide functionality, which allows you to both receive additional profit and earn money even passively. In addition, you can start trading with a demo account, winning one of the tournaments and winning real money, which can ultimately be used to buy options.


The rating of binary brokers is a list of the most reliable companies, time-tested and real feedback from traders. They earned the status of the best brokers 2024 with excellent service, absolute transparency of activities, quick resolution of emerging issues, provision of quality training and high profitability of transactions, and the absence of negative feedback from real traders.

Knowing which binary options brokers have a high rating and are trusted by traders, it will be easier for you to start a successful career as a trader and start making money on the Internet. Rating of binary options brokers 2024 - only the most important information about trading conditions of the best brokerage companies. This is why it is better to trade binary options with reliable brokers with reviews from our rating.

Pocket Option

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