There are many trading systems, but not every one is worthy of the attention of a binary options trader. The units can indeed provide stable monthly capital gains. And Le Confort's strategy is one of them. The main thing in it is to follow the recommendations of the authors and the signals given by the indicators used in it for binary options .

what does Le Confort look like?

Characteristics of Le Confort

Installing the Le Confort strategy in MT4

Indicators are installed as standard in the MT4 terminal.

MetaTrader 4 instructions for installing indicators:

General information about Le Confort

The main advantage of Le Confort is that trading with it is very simple. Even beginners can figure out how to make deals correctly. This technique is based on two indicators of technical analysis :

  1. CCI . This is an oscillator. It is immediately recommended to change its level values ​​to “300” and “-300”. For the moving average, you need to set the period to “40”.
  2. Bollinger envelope . The parameters for it are set to standard.
trading channel index settingsbolinger line settings

BB is based on moving averages and is a popular way to trade on any exchange. The Commodity Channel Index has a large number of modifications and is in demand among experienced speculators. By the way, you can trade with these auxiliary instruments separately, since they are completely self-sufficient.

So, before you start trading, you need to choose an asset. It is recommended to use the following financial instruments for trading:

  1. Stock indices.
  2. Currencies (euro, pound, Australian dollar, yen are suitable).
  3. American blue chip stocks.

But when working with goods and raw materials, such as oil, precious metals, gas, using the strategy is ineffective.

The price display type is set to “Japanese candlesticks”, and the time period is set to 5 minutes. Experienced traders recommend an expiration time of 15 minutes.

Note: It is not necessary to change the strategy settings yourself. At least until you test it with new parameters on a demo account and on history.

The technique is based on regular changes in the local trend . It is well known that the price chart of a financial instrument changes in waves. First there is a trend, then it reverses, a corrective movement begins, and then again the quote returns in the direction of the main movement. The indicators that are used allow us to detect turning points in time in order to purchase contracts in the right direction.

Buy Call

If you want to purchase a bullish contract, you need to wait until the following signals appear:

  1. The CCI line crosses the oversold level “-300”.
  2. The price on the chart breaks through the lower level of the Bollinger Bands, and the bar consolidates below its limit.
  3. The next candle closes according to the current trend. In this case, the confirmation bar should be growing.

A call option is purchased at the moment when the next candle opens after confirmation. This screenshot shows an example of buying an upside contract, where everything was done correctly:

deal call

After a breakout bar is formed, a counter-trend price element will be formed, which will be opposite to the current trend.

The candle where we buy the option is located at the bottom of the Bollinger envelope. In the above screenshot, you can see that within 15 minutes the chart is almost reaching the moving average.

In our case, we worked with the EUR/USD currency pair, since brokers offer higher returns on investments in classic types of contracts for this instrument.

Buy Put

If we talk about down trades, then everything happens exactly the same as in the previous case. Only all actions are performed exactly the opposite. Namely:

  1. Crossing the overbought level (“300”) by the CCI line.
  2. Breaking through the upper level of Bollinger Bands and consolidating above their limit.
  3. The subsequent candle is formed in the direction of the trend. In this case, downwards. You must enter a position at the opening point of the next bar after confirmation.

And here is a screenshot with an example of how you could successfully enter a market that is going to fall in the near future, using these signals:

put deal

Please note that it is better to carry out speculation exclusively at the beginning of the formation of the bar that comes after the signal one.

In general, you can also look at bars instead of a candlestick chart. They are formed according to a similar principle. However, this is not recommended, since this type of graph is not informative enough.


During testing, it turned out that 70% of transactions are successful. This is a good result. Often, binary options buyers use the Martingale approach in parallel to significantly increase profits and minimize drawdowns. However, they are possible. There is no need to treat them with anxiety or fear.

Also do not forget that any method requires a rational approach. And quotes sometimes behave unpredictably, so in addition to checking the readings of technical indicators, you should also pay attention to fundamental analysis. For example, during the release of important news, the price shows strong volatility. Therefore, the trading technique may behave differently.

We recommend using this trading system at a time of pronounced trend movement, where there are no sharp jumps in different directions. To put it simply, if there is a flat or excessive volatility, there is no need to enter a position. You can easily lose your deposit .

Overall, this trading approach is an interesting way to make money from binary options. Thanks to it, everyone can get a stable profit. However, you need to be careful not to invest all your money in binary options. A cool head helps a speculator, but a hot head hinders.

Download the Le Confort strategy for free


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Как всё точно работает, когда в стратегии простые и надёжные индикаторы. Тем более в паре ССI и Боллинджер бэнд - это то классика такого тандема... Отсюда и такой высокий винрейт при тестировании Клёвая стратегия
23 October 2023
Судя по названию французы шоле делали?)))
28 April 2023
Трейдер БО
Трейдер БО
Ну разумеется рациональный подход первичен!))) Не рациональный разрушит всё.)))
25 April 2023
я такие стратегии лепил по 10 штук на день. вон берешь машки они есть в разных видах, не только как в мт4, и у тебя уже с одним и тем же индикаторов 5 разных стратегий)))
15 December 2021
я такие стратегии лепил по 10 штук на день. вон берешь машки они есть в разных видах, не только как в мт4, и у тебя уже с одним и тем же индикаторов 5 разных стратегий)))
ты может и лепил их, но ты врядли прописывал правила и все условия, просто слепить может любой в мт4
15 December 2021
стратегия будет работать, потому что что болингер что сси это рабочие индикаторы. по сси вообще есть стратегии отдельные он полностью самостоятельный индюк
15 December 2021
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