Today, every broker tries to make their service as simple and understandable as possible. Therefore, registering a new account with the binary options broker Pocket Option is very simple. Needless to say, opening an account is one of the important steps before a trader starts trading binary options .

It is important to note! When registering a new account on the PocketOption broker platform using links from our website, you guarantee yourself not only the safety of opening an account, but also receive from us a whole package of free bonus promo codes, including a promo code for canceling a losing trade of $10. Just open an account from our website and write us your ID.


    How to register for Pocket Option

    Registering and opening a new account in Pocket Option is quite quick and easy, since all you need to do is enter your email address and come up with a strong password, which you will need to enter twice for confirmation:

    Registering a new account

    You should definitely use a valid email and also remember the chosen password, since a registration confirmation letter will be sent to your email, and the password will be used for further login to the binary options trading platform . It is also worth reading the “Service Agreement” (user agreement), which describes all the details of working with the broker.

    After all the data has been entered, all you have to do is check the box that you have read the agreement and click on the “Register” button. After clicking on the link from the received letter from the broker, the trader will receive full access to the platform.

    Pocket Option: registration via social networks

    Registration in Pocket Option is possible using an account of one of two social networks:

    1. Google+;
    2. Facebook.

    To open a new account with a binary options broker through social media. network, just click on the corresponding icon on the official PocketOption website:

    Registration using social networks

    If necessary, you need to confirm the request to provide access to the personal information provided on your Facebook page:

    opening an account via Facebook

    At the end of these steps, the broker’s terminal opens and access to the demo account is opened.

    If you register with a broker using Google+, you need to perform the same steps:

    open an account via Google+

    After selecting an account, the trader is also taken to the trading platform of the PocketOption broker.

    Confirmation of the created account

    Binary options broker Pocket Option operates under two programs: KYC and AML (Anti Money Laundering), each of which obliges binary options brokers to verify client data. This is done both to protect traders and to combat illegal money circulation. Therefore, the broker is required to identify each client and track their financial activity. To do this, all users must provide documents confirming their identity and residential address. If you do not do this, you will not be able to withdraw money from your account.

    Email confirmation

    After registering with Pocket Option, a letter with a link is sent to the specified address; by clicking on it, the trader will confirm the email. If this does not happen, you need to force this procedure:

    1. Open the “Profile” tab.
    2. Go to the “Personal Information” section.
    3. Click on the “Resend” button.

    If after this you still do not receive an email with a link, you should contact the support service with a corresponding request. Confirmation of e-mail is an important stage in registering a new account, without which it will not be possible to undergo further verification.

    Client identity verification

    At the end, you should verify the account . This process also takes a little time, but after completion it opens up the opportunity to withdraw profits from binary options at any time. Due to the fact that as part of verification, the user provides scans of documents, their verification takes up to 24 hours. To identify a person you must:

    1. In your profile, fill in the fields with personal information (full name, address, age).
    2. Upload documents, the list of which is indicated on the website.

    After this, you can go to the “Identification Status” section to track the identity verification process.

    Identification is carried out based on the provided scans/photos of the passport or driver’s license. To avoid problems, images must meet the following requirements:

    • be colored;
    • not to be circumcised;
    • be of high resolution (all information must be distinguishable).

    After verification has been completed, the “Verified” icon will appear next to the name of the “Personal Status” block:

    verification icon

    Demo account

    After registering with Pocket Option, each client of the broker is automatically credited with virtual money for training trading. The demo account size is $1,000 and allows you to make trades on any trading assets at any time:

    Demo account

    If you have drained your training account , you can top it up again. To top up your balance, you need to click on the “Top up” button located at the top and indicate the required amount:

    demo account replenishment

    Beginners should not neglect such an account, as it provides an opportunity to study the trading platform of a binary options broker and understand the principle of operation of binary options. You can also use it to improve your trading skills and try out trading strategies , since despite virtual money, transactions will be made on the real market under real conditions.

    On a demo account you can also check out free signals , social trading , tournaments (which are also available for demo accounts), trading assets and many other opportunities.

    How to switch from demo account to real account

    To switch from a demo account to trading with real money, you need to click on the demo account (the button at the top of the screen) and select “Live account” from the drop-down menu:

    switching from demo account to real account

    After this, if you have no funds in your account, a message will appear informing you that you need to replenish your trading balance. The minimum investment amount at the binary options broker Pocket Option is $5. You cannot trade on a real account without replenishing your balance. To transfer money to your trading account, you need to click on the “Top up balance” button and follow the recommended steps. After this, you can start real trading.

    How to make extra profit on a demo account

    A demo account is used to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the platform, test in practice the acquired knowledge in the field of binary options trading, or test the selected trading strategy on a real chart. However, when working with this tool, virtual money is issued. That is, these funds are not real. Even if successful trading on a demo account, the trader cannot withdraw the money he earned. This can only be done when working on a real account.

    But as mentioned above, on demo accounts it is possible to participate in free tournaments, by winning which you can receive prizes in the form of bonuses, gifts or money, which can then be used in trading:

    free tournament

    How to top up your account

    To make a deposit with the Pocket Ocean broker, you will need:

    1. Go to the “Finance” section (the button is in the upper right corner).
    2. Select the appropriate enrollment method.

    This procedure is simplified as much as possible. To replenish, select a method, enter the amount and click “Continue”, after which you confirm the payment. The minimum deposit size starts from $5. Some transfer options may require a deposit of $10 or more.

    Depending on the amount sent to the brokerage account, the profile level and, as a result, the types of privileges available are determined. You can find out about additional options by clicking on the “Compare” button:

    account levels

    Broker Pocket Option, due to the requirements that all reliable brokers must follow, has introduced a limit on the withdrawal of earnings. To withdraw profits, you can only use the same payment system through which you topped up your balance.

    Transfers from cryptocurrency wallets

    To top up your account using cryptocurrencies , you need to select the required cryptocurrency in the same section and enter the required amount:

    replenishment via cryptocurrencies

    To complete the procedure, you need to copy the address and transfer coins:

    copying bitcoin address

    Most often, replenishment in this way goes quickly. But due to the way the blockchain works, in some cases digital coins are credited to the balance within a few hours. It is also important to take into account that when performing such transactions, a commission is charged (by an external system, not by the broker). In addition, it is possible that the payment will be credited in several installments.

    If crediting to the account has not occurred over time, you need to contact support by specifying the hash identifier or attaching a link to the transfer reflected in the block explorer.

    Transfers from bank cards

    Topping up the balance from bank cards (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro are supported) is carried out in the same section:

    replenishment via bank cards

    You can top up your account with any cards, but accounts with the broker are opened only in US dollars. That is, upon enrollment, automatic conversion occurs at the current rate.

    Before choosing this transfer method, it is recommended to check the conditions for crediting funds. The minimum deposit using cards is $10, and the maximum deposit is determined by your region of residence. After making a payment, the balance changes within a few minutes.

    Also, before replenishing your account, you should read our article - “TOP 10 ways to replenish your account with a broker” .

    Transfers from electronic wallets

    The conditions and procedure for making such payments are similar to the previous ones, that is, the request is processed almost instantly. If delays occur, you must make a corresponding request to the support service, indicating the operation ID.

    The minimum amount that can be credited to the account depends on the wallet and can range from $5 to $15:

    replenishment using Yumani

    Training with a broker

    For beginners, the Pocket Option broker has a section dedicated to training, since many may not know where to start trading.

    To get comprehensive information about trading on the broker’s trading platform, you will need to go to the “Help” section, which is located on the left side panel:

    Help section

    The training system in Pocket Option is convenient because it contains not only a text manual, but also video tutorials. Also in the section you can:

    • Contact support.
    • Find out answers to frequently asked questions.
    • Read this simple guide for beginner traders.
    • Read the Forex trading guide.
    • Learn trading strategies for Pocket Option .
    • Get advice from a broker.
    • Familiarize yourself with the trader's dictionary .

    Advantages of the trading platform

    The PocketOption broker platform is considered one of the most convenient and innovative, as it includes not only an options trading terminal, but also many other useful features. Here are some of them:

    • A large number of trading assets.
    • Favorable conditions for partners participating in the broker's affiliate program .
    • Multi-faceted training that is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.
    • Availability of indicators and graphical tools.
    • Various bonuses and gifts that make trading less risky and provide the opportunity to earn more.
    • Quick deposit and withdrawal of funds to various payment systems.


    As you can see, registering with Pocket Option is very simple and the process does not take much time. And the main thing is that you can start trading almost immediately after opening an account.

    The broker's trading platform itself has everything necessary for successful trading in the financial markets and allows even those who do not have much experience in this area to start earning money.

    Open an account with PocketOption

    Pocket Option

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