It would seem that this is a very simple question and every broker does everything to make account replenishment as simple and convenient as possible. But this article will not talk about step-by-step instructions for replenishing an account with a particular broker, since we have a separate article on this topic on our website for each reliable broker . This article will discuss methods for replenishing an account with a broker. After all, each broker on its website gives a lot of options for replenishing your account, from replenishing with Visa/MasterCard cards to cryptocurrencies . The broker has a lot of options for replenishing your account, but we will look at the TOP 10 methods for replenishing your account, since the option of replenishing your account with a card may be the most profitable.



  1. 10th place. Visa/MasterCard/MIR
  2. 9th place. Perfectmoney
  3. 8th place. WebMoney (Webmoney)
  4. 7th place. NETELLER (Neteller)
  5. 6th place. Skrill
  6. 5th place. ePayments
  7. 4th place. Payeer
  8. 3rd place. Yandex.Money
  9. 2nd place. Bitcoin
  10. 1 place. ADVcash (Advcash)

10th place. Visa/MasterCard/MIR

Visa/MasterCard/MIR systems When replenishing your account with a broker by card, you will be required to provide your card details to verify your trading account . Most often, of course, you will not be told about this at the stage of replenishing your account, and in the best case, you will learn that you need to verify your account after making several transactions (usually three), otherwise your account will be frozen. But as practice shows, most likely you will be told about the need for verification only when you try to withdraw your funds from the broker , and this is where all the fun begins...

You will be asked to send a photo of your card from both sides, and of course they will not tell you about the need to close the CVV code on the back side (be sure to close it when sending the card for verification!). If the card turns out not to be personal, or, even worse, issued to another person, you may be denied verification and you will have to prove for a very long time that this is your card and not a stolen one. If verification takes place at the time of the attempt to withdraw funds, then of course the broker will not be interested in this and will in every possible way delay the verification process, asking for more and more data about someone else’s card with which you topped up. Even if it's your grandmother's card and you can easily prove its legitimacy, the verification process and withdrawal of funds can take months.

If the card is yours, but not personal, then the situation will be a little simpler, but you will still have to go to the bank and take a statement in which the card owner will be indicated (do not forget to immediately put the bank’s stamp, since the broker will probably reject the account statement without stamping).

Another problem when replenishing a brokerage account with a Visa/MasterCard/MIR card may be the end of its validity period. If by the time you withdraw funds, your card has already expired, this will also add problems to your withdrawal. But let’s say that you had a personalized Visa/MasterCard/MIR card, you successfully sent its data by closing the CVV code or verified your non-registered or someone else’s card, and here, too, additional problems may begin. The most “black” brokers can connect the auto payment service to your first transfer, and most likely the checkbox about this will be hidden in the most invisible place for you. And if you do not have confirmation of transactions via SMS, then the broker will easily transfer another deposit from you to his account.

Of course, you can try to get your money back from the broker by contacting the bank, but here, unfortunately, not everything is so simple either. Firstly, this process is not quick, and secondly, the bank will require from you the information of the broker to whom you transferred the money and if your broker does not have a license for brokerage activities in your country (for example, in Russia there are very few brokers with a license in 2023 ), then the process will become significantly more complicated!

Let's assume that all of the above does not apply to you, and you opened an account with a reliable broker, verified it, received a good profit from trading and can withdraw it. Here, too, everything will not be so simple in the case of withdrawing money to a Visa/MasterCard/MIR card... Any, even the most reliable broker, will make the first withdrawal of funds only to the card with which you topped up the account, and here you may have problems already in the bank itself. For example, Sberbank does not accept currency transfers from brokerage companies from abroad without a license from the Central Bank of Russia, and if the amount of your payment is over 600,000 rubles, a financial institution may be interested in you. monitoring. And in case of non-payment of income taxes, the most serious problems can begin.

All these factors clearly speak against replenishing your account with a broker via Visa/MasterCard/MIR, and we suggest you consider other options for replenishing your account using electronic wallets, for verification of which you only need a screenshot of the transfer.

9th place. Perfect Money

Perfectmoney system (Perfect Money) Founded in 2007, the Perfectmoney payment system became popular in the CIS countries three years after its launch, and since then has established itself as one of the fastest and most convenient.

In 2013, the management team of the company changed, which was followed by a number of improvements regarding the security of operations and the speed of the service. As a result, users were able to easily and quickly interact with each other, and business owners were able to take advantage of favorable conditions for cooperation.

The advantages of the system include the possibility of receiving accruals on the free balance in the amount of 4% per annum, low commissions (0.5% for verified users) and increased account security. It is these favorable conditions that attract more and more new users who are ready to store and transfer funds using Perfect Money.

How to withdraw funds from Perfectmoney?

The same methods are used to withdraw and replenish funds:

  • bank transfer;
  • cash withdrawal;
  • e-Voucher;
  • electronic money;
  • partner exchange offices;
  • Bitcoin ;
  • credit exchange;
  • third party exchangers.

On the payment system website you can find all the conditions and fees for using one or another method, except for the most recent option, since this method is independent. You can find many exchangers online that are ready to withdraw funds in any way convenient for the client, charging additional commissions for this.

SITE Perfect Money

8th place. WebMoney (Webmoney)

WebMoney system (Webmoney) The WebMoney payment system began operating back in 1998. The main direction of the company is to provide services for transferring funds within the system, after which they can be withdrawn in any convenient way.

Instead of standard currencies, the WebMoney wallet uses electronic money with the abbreviation “WM”. The system provides for the use of various currencies, including rubles, dollars, euros, hryvnia and others. This allows you to bypass banks and other financial institutions, but the system itself is still subject to laws and is centralized.

In 2015, the company received a license from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and can now provide its services in Europe.

To use all the capabilities of this payment system, you will need to open an account in one of the possible ways:

  • using a mobile phone;
  • through the official website of the system;
  • using a special wallet that is installed on your computer.

It is worth noting that the last option is the most convenient, since it is easy to enter, and with the help of it you can exchange, transfer and withdraw funds. In addition, the WebMoney wallet can be used to top up a mobile phone, pay for various services or make online purchases.

How to withdraw funds from WebMoney?

You can withdraw funds from the system in various ways, including withdrawal to a bank card or through exchange offices. Moreover, you don’t need to use third-party services for this; all this can be done from your wallet or personal account. In addition, you can receive a plastic card from a partner bank, which will be linked to your WebMoney wallet, which will allow you to receive funds immediately to the card.


7th place. NETELLER (Neteller)

NETELLER Card NETELLER is one of the most experienced service companies in the financial sector. The company was founded in 1999 and is currently managed by OPL (Optimal Payments Limited).

For over twenty years, NETELLER has enabled everyday users and business owners to make fast and secure money transfers. This company is one of the largest payment companies in the world and the annual transaction turnover is about one billion dollars.

The company uses only high-quality methods of providing services that ensure maximum security of transfers thanks to 128-bit encryption, account verification and real-time transaction verification. This approach has been helping to avoid fraud and theft of user funds for many years.

The Neteller payment system wallet can be used for all types of transactions, including deposits and withdrawals. You can top up your account using cards, bank transfers and other methods with a limit of $50,000.

How to withdraw funds from NETELLER?

You can get a special bank card from NETELLER, which will be linked to your account with the company, which will allow you to use your funds at any time and almost anywhere in the world. Withdrawal and use of funds is available in 200 countries, including ATMs and payment via terminal. Available currencies:

  • British pound;
  • Euro;
  • U.S. dollar;
  • Canadian dollar;
  • Swedish krona;
  • Danish krone;
  • Australian dollar;
  • Japanese yen;

In addition, you can withdraw funds via bank transfer to a ruble account or transfer money to your Skrill wallet. Unfortunately, there is no withdrawal to the card in this payment system.

WEBSITE Neteller

6th place. Skrill

Skrill Card This payment system was created in England in 2001 and was originally called Moneybookers. In 2008, the company was bought by another company called ITP (Investcorp Technology Partners) and only in 2012 the name was finally changed to Skrill.

The main advantage of the company is that it is regulated by the FSA (Financial Service Authority) and thanks to this it is as safe as possible to use for all types of clients.

How to withdraw funds from Skrill?

Skrill allows you to withdraw money to:

  • VISA or MasterCard;
  • Skrill Prepaid Mastercard;
  • Payoneer.

You can also always use third-party exchange services, of which there are a huge variety.

It is worth noting that this payment system is far from the most popular, but it allows you to receive funds directly to the card without any workarounds.

SITE Skrill

5th place. ePayments

ePayments The ePayments payment system began operating in 2011 in England and is an electronic wallet in which you can make internal transfers without commission, top up your account with plastic cards or WebMoney. There is also an application for a smartphone in which you can perform any type of transaction.

The advantage of the ePayments wallet is that it has support in many languages, including Russian. But this is not the only advantage of the company. In addition to the Russian language, all translations can be received without paying taxes, since Payments is not under the control of the Russian Federation. Therefore, this system is quite in demand in the CIS countries and especially in Russia.

How to withdraw funds from ePayments?

The most convenient way to withdraw cash is to receive a card from ePayments, which is sent by mail after verification and a request for its receipt. You can also withdraw money to systems such as Webmoney and Yandex.Money, as well as to cards of Russian banks. Bank transfer is also available in the system.

ePayments WEBSITE

4th place. Payeer

Payeer cards Payeer began its operations in 2012 and has been providing services all over the world since then. This system is multifunctional and allows you to both receive and send money.

The advantage of Payeer is that the system allows you to make transfers within the company without commission. In addition, you can withdraw funds via the API to any number of wallets and without limits. Also, the system does not require verification and there are no limits on the maximum transfer amount in any available currency. Thanks to this, wallets in the system are not blocked, as this makes no sense. Also, all users remain anonymous.

How to withdraw funds from Payeer?

A special bank card from Payeer allows you to make purchases and withdraw cash around the world without commission.

You can withdraw funds to various electronic wallets (Yandex.Money, QIWI, ADVcash), mobile account or plastic card. There is also an exchange for cryptocurrencies.

To withdraw funds from a Payeer wallet, a commission of around 3-5% is charged. To reduce it, you can use third-party exchangers that can offer more favorable conditions.


3rd place. Yandex.Money (Yoomoney)

Yandex.Money Yandex.Money (Yoomoney) is one of the most popular payment systems in the Russian Federation. With this e-wallet you can send and receive payments quickly and securely.

Based on the name, you might think that this payment system is completely owned by Yandex, but this is not so. Yandex owns only 25% of the company, and the rest belongs to Sberbank. That is why Yandex.Money is so popular in the Russian Federation, and since everyone knows the companies mentioned above, the level of trust in Yoomoney is very high.

The advantage of this system is that you can top up your account using a Sberbank card without commission, as well as using top-up terminals.

How to withdraw funds from Yoomoney?

You can withdraw funds from the system to a card, but this will require verification. After verification, you can link any card in your personal account and then make transfers. Bank transfer is also available.


2nd place. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used as a means of payment. The cryptocurrency market is still quite young and not everyone knows about Bitcoin, but despite this, more and more brokers are starting to accept it.

The price of the BTC cryptocurrency is based on supply and demand. This asset is not backed by physical goods, and to start using Bitcoin, you will need to purchase it on an exchange or through exchangers that can be found on the Internet.

Since the price of Bitcoin is quite high, it is not necessary to have a whole number of coins. They can be divided into smaller parts called Satoshi. This allows you to purchase any fractional amount of coins, and therefore your account with the broker can be replenished with any amount using this cryptocurrency.

Besides Bitcoin, there are other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin. Some brokers may accept these coins as well. However, BTC remains the most popular.

The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that this means of payment is completely anonymous and has no restrictions on limits. Also, this tool is as safe as possible in terms of transactions, since no one controls such transfers, and they do not fall under any jurisdiction.

How to exchange Bitcoin for real money?

You can use cryptocurrency exchanges to exchange Bitcoin for real money. But the fastest and most convenient option is third-party exchangers . The commission will be a little higher, but you can immediately receive your money to your card or any e-wallet.

1 place. ADVcash (Advcash)

ADVcash card (Advcash) ADVcash is a payment system that allows users many options for making financial transactions. In addition to standard deposits and withdrawals of funds in ADVcash, you can make payments to multiple wallets at once using the API, change currencies within the wallet and make transactions for users from other countries.

Thanks to hardware encryption, maximum security is achieved during transfers and client funds receive a high level of protection.

If necessary, you can get answers to any questions by communicating with the support service, which is available in Russian.

After registering with Advcash, you can use two types of accounts:

  • Private.
  • Business.

For personal use, the first option is ideal, but business owners should consider option number 2.

ADVcash and the Forex market

As mentioned above, this payment system is also available for other countries, so you can replenish deposits with many brokers through it. The advantage is that the commission for replenishing via ADVcash is much lower than the commission for a bank transfer. It is precisely because of its versatility that both brokers and traders love to use this payment service.

Advcash and the binary options market

ADVcash is actively used not only by Forex market brokers , but also by honest binary options brokers . Traders are attracted to this payment system by the fact that sometimes they need to top up their account very quickly, since the market is not waiting for anyone. Thanks to ADVcash, money is credited to your account almost instantly, so you don't miss out on a great deal. At the same time, if a profit has been made, the funds can also be quickly withdrawn to your account in the payment system, and then received on the card.

ADVcash and cryptocurrencies

ADVcash card ADVcash is a universal payment system and you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies within it. For a small amount of cryptocurrency, this service is very suitable, but for large amounts it is better to consider other options, since commissions, as well as the rate of cryptocurrency, may differ unfavorably. For large amounts, the best option for purchasing coins would be cryptocurrency exchanges. It is on exchanges that you can receive the lowest commissions and the most favorable rates

Verification in ADVcash

In ADVcash, the verification procedure is not required, unless the client intends to use a bank transfer. In any case, after passing verification, you will be able to receive additional benefits, such as:

  • increasing limits;
  • use of maps;
  • increased level of security;
  • insurance.

To undergo verification, you will need to provide scanned copies of documents, which include:

  • passport (different pages) or driver's license;
  • utility bill.

At the very end, you will need to confirm your phone number by receiving a code via SMS.

The process itself takes about one business day, which is quite fast. And if you plan to use the ADVcash payment system very often, then a verified account will provide many more advantages and conveniences in contrast to a standard account.

How to withdraw funds from ADVcash?

In addition to standard withdrawal methods, it is possible to top up your mobile account with a Russian operator.

If you plan to use a bank transfer, then the full name of the same person for whom the ADVcash account is opened must be used. If you use a different name, the money will not be transferred. The speed of the transfer will depend on the bank, but most often the period is about 5 business days. It is worth considering that a bank transfer is not possible without verification.

You can also withdraw funds to plastic cards or payment systems such as Yandex.Money or QIWI.

SITE AdvCash

Which broker is best to fund your account?

Choosing a broker for trading depends entirely on your preferences. You can choose a reliable broker from our rating , based on such important points as the minimum deposit, minimum bet, average trade ratio, availability of a demo account and more. The main thing when choosing a broker is to once again analyze all the risks, choose the right payment system and not risk more than you can afford to lose.


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Игорь Зиньчук, могу только поделиться опытом, ведь как пополнять счет брокера бинарных опционов каждый человек решает сам. Мне удобнее всего - с элетронного кошелька Вэбмани, так как это быстро.
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Иногда попополняю счет брокера из Вэб Мани иногда из AdvCash, так как там можно получить дополнительные преимущества в виде повышения лимитов или дополнительной безопасности, а вообще, пусть каждый выбирает для себя способ пополнения счета у брокера.
У меня несколько дней назад проблемы возникли, так как не заметил, что акончился срок действия банковской карты. Вот и пришлось решать вопрос как пополнить счет брокера бинарных опционов, хорошо, что есть 10 разных способов пополнения.
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Иногда попополняю счет брокера из Вэб Мани иногда из AdvCash, так как там можно получить дополнительные преимущества в виде повышения лимитов или дополнительной безопасности, а вообще, пусть каждый выбирает для себя способ пополнения счета у брокера.
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Ольга, :) вот это вы точно сказали, но я чаще всего с кошелька Яндекс деньги пополняю счет брокера, другие способы использую лишь изредка, если нет доступа к Яндекс Деньги.
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:) если у вас есть чем пополнить счет брокера бинарных опционов, то способ как это сделать быстро и качественно всегда можно найти. Даже в этой статье есть из чего выбрать.
09 July 2021
Как оптимально подобрать способ пополнения счета у брокера и валюту? то есть, может ли произойти ситуация, что какой то способ пополнения счета невозможен для какой то валюты?
08 July 2021
Не уверен лучше ли пополнять счет брокера бинарных опционов электронными деньгами, но в разы быстрее, это уж точно. и на вопрос как лучше пополнить счет брокера?, я бы советовал кошелек Вэб мани.
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Игорь Зиньчук, Вибирайте любой из 10 способов пополнения счета, о которых написано в этой статье. Я лично только опасаюсь пополнять счет брокера с банковской карты, так как не хотел бы чтобы данные банковской карты оставались у брокера.
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Степан, Трудно не согласиться с Вами, если есть деньги, то куда их вложить - всегда можно найти:) да и брокеры предлагают все больше способов того, как лучше и быстрее пополнить счет брокера.
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Как работает кредитная биржа и как через нее можно пополнить счет брокера?
01 July 2021
А ври если, например в Украине, Яндекс Деньги заблокированы?, то как можно быстро пополнить счет брокера? и какой способ лучше выбрать?.
Sergey, Попробуйте Епейментс, компания начала свою работу в Англии 10 лет назад. С тех пор завоевала доверие многих клиентов. Возможно, там будет проще пополнять счет брокера.
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