The actively developing field of binary options keeps up with the development of technology and offers its trading clients modern and convenient conditions for trading. Brokers create special applications for binary options trading, allowing them to be installed on tablets and smartphones running Android and iOS. And so you can be aware of price changes in the markets anytime and anywhere.

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One such application is the Pocket Option mobile trading platform on Android. This application has almost all the functionality of the basic platform.

Functionality of the Pocket Option mobile trading platform

The binary options broker Pocket Option is quite young and has been providing online trading services only since 2017.

In 2018, this broker began providing its services on the Russian market.

The multifunctional trading platform Pocket Option was created by specialists in the field of trading and differs significantly from its competitors in its innovation and at the same time simplicity.

Main advantages of the terminal:

  • Does not require third party software.
  • The trading terminal is available for both PCs running Windows OS and mobile devices running Android and iOS.
  • Large selection of tools for market analysis (trend lines, Fibonacci lines, indicators).
  • Many trading instruments, more than 100 (currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices).
  • Expiration of contracts from 1 minute to 4 hours.
  • Availability of pending and express orders .
  • Trading signals both from the broker himself and from other traders.
  • Educational materials.

Mobile terminal

Installing and working with the Pocket Option mobile terminal on Android

The terminal for mobile devices Pocket Option, as already mentioned, retains almost all the functions of the basic terminal. You can register an account through the application and start full-fledged trading.

The Android application for Pocket Option is downloaded and installed as standard via the Play Market. It is advisable to have a device with 2 GB or more RAM.

By clicking on this link, you will immediately be taken to the application page in the Play Market - Pocket Option Mobile Trading Terminal .

Next, click “install” and wait for the application to download and install, after which you can run:

    Installation Launch Interface

    Installing the application

    Launching the application

    Application interface

    Using the mobile application, you can:

    • Scale the graph.
    • View quote history.
    • Select the desired trading instrument.
    • See information about trading using social trading.
    • Trade.

    At the bottom of the screen there are buttons such as:

    • Changing the chart type (lines, candles, bars).
    • Time frame.
    • Graphical tools (indicators, trend lines).
    • The history of all our transactions.

    The menu in the upper left corner of the screen allows you to fund your account and also download applications for trading signals, analytics and strategies.

    Applications can be accessed without registration.

    In the Pocket Option Analytics app, you can find different information depending on your trading style or interest. In the application you can see:

    • Technical analysis.
    • Fundamental analysis.
    • Video analytics.
    • Indicator signals.
    • Market Review.
    • Economic calendar.
    • Current interest rates.

    And this is not the entire list of available materials.

    In the Signals application you will find signals for each currency pair at the moment.

    The Trading Strategies app contains about 70 strategies that can be used on different time frames and for different types of trading.

    Pocket Option Analytics Pocket Option Signals Pocket Option Strategies

    Pocket Option Analytics

    Pocket Option Signals

    Pocket Option Strategies

    Functionality missing in the mobile application of the Pocket Option terminal

    Unfortunately, not all functionality is available in the mobile application. The application does not include:

    • Robo-advisors.
    • Tournaments.
    • Social trading.
    • Full settings for some indicators.

    Mobile trading terminal Pocket Option for iOS

    iOS app The application also exists for iOS devices. Apart from different operating systems, there are no differences between them and therefore everything that was described for the Android application will be relevant for iOS.


    The Pocket Option application for mobile devices is a convenient tool for remote trading, but, unfortunately, it cannot replace the basic terminal on a PC, which has more functionality. It is also unlikely that you can conduct a serious analysis on a smartphone. But to support transactions and monitor prices, a mobile application comes in handy, and this is its main advantage.

    Open an account with PocketOption

    Download the PocketOption app

    When opening an account on the Pocket Option broker platform, it will be useful for you to apply one of the promotional codes to replenish your account .

      Pocket Option

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