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Deriv – a brief overview of the broker

Broker Deriv is one of the very first binary options brokers, which appeared more than 20 years ago. Thanks to this, the broker has a large base of regular trading clients and multifunctional trading platforms with many trading assets and types of binary options.


Reviews about Deriv

The Deriv broker has a very rich history and is better known as the binary options broker . The broker appeared more than 20 years ago and it appeared when few people were interested in trading in financial markets, and binary options themselves did not yet exist in Russia.

Over the years, the company has undergone many changes and at the moment the Deriv broker has very wide functionality and opportunities for traders with any experience and knowledge. And in this article we will take a closer look at why the Deriv com broker is the most suitable for trading both binary options and the Forex market.


Visit the DERIV website

Year of foundation – 1999, Deriv – 2020
Broker's official website
Financial instruments Forex, binary options, multipliers
Trading assets Currency pairs, metals, commodities, synthetic and stock indices
Trading platforms DMT5 (MetaTrader 5), DTrader, SmartTrader, DBot (for creating trading robots)
Mobile app MetaTrader 5 only (iOS, Android)
Available expiration time From 15 seconds to 365 days, from 1 to 10 ticks
Weekend trading (OTC) Synthetic indexes only
Return on options Up to 95%
Demo account Yes
Minimum deposit $5 (5 dollars)
Minimum withdrawal amount $5 (5 dollars)
Application processing time 1 working day
Deposit and withdrawal methods Bank cards, bank transfer, electronic payment systems
Verification Not required
Minimum transaction amount $0.5 (50 cents)
affiliate program Yes
Bonuses No
Country of registration Malta (license IS/70156)
Legal address W Business Centre, Level 3, Triq Dun Karm, Birkirkara, BKR 9033, Malta

Brief history of the Deriv broker

Many people may know the Deriv trading platform under the name, and it appeared in October 1999, when binary options did not yet exist. Throughout its history, the company has rebranded several times and managed to change several names.

Deriv official website

The beginning was made in Hong Kong, when the company Regent Markets Group was founded, which offered traders to make transactions with fixed payments, which eventually became known as binary options.

In 2000, the first office of the company was opened and in the same year the first binary option was purchased. In 2001, the BetOnMarkets website and trading platform was created, which began providing traders with the opportunity to trade binary options.

In 2007 and 2008, they received the award: “Best Fixed Odds Brokerage Provider” from the British Shares Magazine, after which Deriv com continued to develop and improve its service until 2013.

In 2013, it was decided to change the name of the broker and website to, after which an active advertising campaign began in Russia and that is why many people know this broker by that name. Also contributing to its high popularity was the frequent discussion of the Deriv (Binary) broker online on various forums and websites, which made it even more famous and discussed.

The Deriv broker appeared in 2020, and its distinctive feature is that every trader of the company can trade not only binary options, but also the Forex market.

It is worth noting that the Deriv broker is not exactly a rebranding, but a separate site and a new branch of the company, since both the Deriv com site and the site are currently operating. And every trader who has a Binary account can use their login credentials to the Deriv trading platform.

The founder and CEO of the company is Jean-Yves Sirot, and he is actively involved in the development of new products for customers:

founder of broker Deriv

In addition to him, the core team includes thirteen more specialists, each of whom is responsible for certain functions of the company, and the total number of employees is 400+ people.

Deriv broker regulation

Broker Deriv has as many as five licenses from different regulators, as it provides services not only for binary options trading, but also in the Forex market, and all the broker’s activities are distributed across different countries. The divisions of the main company are:

  1. Deriv Investments (Europe) Limited;
  2. Deriv (V) Ltd;
  3. Deriv (BVI) Ltd;
  4. Deriv (FX) Ltd;
  5. Deriv Limited.

To operate in Europe, the Deriv broker has a license from Malta (MFSA), and outside the European Union, licenses from Labuan (LFSA), British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Vanuatu (VFSC) are used:

Malta license Labuan License Virgin Islands License Vanuatu License No. 1 Vanuatu License No. 2
Malta Deriv License Labuan Deriv License Virgin Islands Deriv License Vanuatu Deriv License Vanuatu Deriv License

Opening a new account with a Deriv broker

Opening a new account with the Deriv broker is very easy and takes just minutes. To open a new account on the main page of the official Deriv com website, you can click on the “Open demo account” or “Login” button:

open a deriv account

If “Login” was selected, then at the bottom of the login panel you will need to click on “Open an account”. Regardless of the button selection, the registration panel will appear:

open a demo account deriv

When registering, you only need to enter your email and click “Create a demo account.” You can also use social networks (Google or Facebook) to register.

Note: Also as stated earlier if you already have a Binary account. com, then it can be used on Deriv.

After registration is completed, you need to check your email and confirm your email address by clicking on the button in the letter. After clicking the button, you will be asked to create a password and select your country of residence.

Opening a real account

As you may have noticed, initially you can only create a demo account, and to open a real account with the Deriv broker, you need to click on the “Deposit” button, and then click on the “Create my real account” button:

open a real account in deriv

After this, you need to select the account currency. Please note that the Deriv broker does not have ruble accounts, so the best option would be a USD account. You can also choose one of the cryptocurrencies:

deriv account currency

After this, all you have to do is add your personal information and agree to the user agreement, after which the account will be opened.

Account verification with Deriv broker

Verification is not mandatory with the Deriv broker, but the broker may request documents to confirm identity and will notify the client about this via email, indicating what documents are required and how to undergo verification.

If you plan to undergo verification immediately after opening an account or have received a request from the Deriv com broker, then the documents will be reviewed within 1-3 business days.

In order for verification to be completed quickly and without problems, you will need to provide high-quality scanned copies of documents, where all the data about you will be visible. A passport or driver's license will be suitable for verification; you will also need a receipt for payment of utility bills or a bank statement to confirm your residential address.

If you want to use a bank card to deposit and withdraw funds, it will also need to be verified.

Please note that although verification with the Deriv broker is not mandatory, it allows you to remove withdrawal limits. You can find out your limits in your personal account, as they are individual for each client.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from the Deriv broker

To top up your account, you can use the most popular payment systems, which include electronic wallets, bank cards and cryptocurrencies:

Deriv replenishment methods

But please note that cryptocurrencies can only be used if you have created a cryptocurrency account. If you have chosen any other account currency, then you can top it up using any methods other than cryptocurrencies.

It is also important to understand that if you want to use a bank card to top up your account, you can only top it up with a VISA card, since Master Card and Maestro cards can only be used by UK citizens. Therefore, it is worth considering other alternative methods and before replenishing your account, we recommend that you read our article - TOP 10 ways “How to replenish your account with a broker” .

The minimum deposit with the Deriv broker is $5, but this depends on the payment system, and for example, all electronic wallets allow you to top up your account with $5 except Skrill (through this system the minimum deposit is $10). The minimum deposit via VISA card is $10, and the minimum deposit via bank transfer can be up to $500. If you use cryptocurrencies, then they have no restrictions on the minimum deposit amount.

Receipt of funds occurs instantly (except for bank transfers), while the Deriv com broker does not charge any commissions.

Withdrawals usually take one business day. The exception is cryptocurrencies, which may or may not be credited to the account very quickly, as they are additionally checked within the Deriv broker’s system.

If you have several trading accounts open (for example, DTrader and DMT5), then transfers between accounts can be carried out instantly through your personal account.

Deriv broker trading platforms

The Deriv broker is a more modern and innovative platform in contrast to, and therefore each client of the company is given a choice of trading platforms, of which there are four:

  1. DTrader is a new trading terminal that appeared along with the introduction of the Deriv broker;
  2. SmartTrader is a trading terminal that is used on the website and will also be supported on the official Deriv website, so those traders who are used to this platform but decide to switch to Deriv com will most likely not notice any changes;
  3. DMT5 is a standard MetaTrader 5 terminal that allows you to trade currency pairs on the Forex market and CFD contacts;
  4. DBot is a trading platform for creating trading robots and automated trading, which does not require coding skills.

deriv broker platforms

Next, we will consider each of the trading platforms of the Deriv broker in more detail.

DTrader terminal

DTrader is a web terminal and does not require installation on a PC:

DTrader by deriv

For all fans of binary options, such a terminal will most likely be most convenient, since almost all binary options brokers provide web versions of terminals for trading.

The DTrader terminal has wide functionality, but is easy to use. In the left panel you can find and use:

  • Types of charts. There are four chart types in the DTrader terminal (zone, candles, hollow candles and bars);
  • Timeframes . Timeframes in the terminal are provided as standard (starting from 1 minute and ending with 1 day), but in addition to this, you can also use a tick chart (which is quite rare among binary options brokers);
  • Indicators for binary options . At the moment, there are more than 20 indicators available in the terminal, which are divided by type. You can use both standard indicators, such as Stochastic Oscillator , Moving Averages , RSI , MACD , and proprietary ones (Aroon, Donchian Channel, etc.);
  • Templates. Templates allow you to save chart settings, indicators and used instruments, as is done in the MetaTrader 4 terminal;
  • Graphical tools. You can use rays, trend lines, channels and Fibonacci tools for analysis;
  • Screenshot tool. Allows you to save the graph image in PNG or CSV format.

You can also select trading assets on the left side.

On the right side of the chart you can see a trading panel that allows you to purchase binary options, and there you can also specify the expiration time and transaction amount.

At the top of the chart you can see your deposit, go to your personal account, and also view your history.

SmartTrader terminal

The SmartTrader terminal differs from DTrader both visually and in functionality (although not significantly), and is a more professional version of the terminal, created for experienced traders:

SmartTrader by deriv

This terminal is more suitable for experienced traders, since it contains more types of expirations and indicators, as well as some new types of charts.

The trading panel of the SmartTrader terminal from the Deriv broker is equipped with panels for selecting trading assets, types of expirations, selecting a trading amount, and Call and Put buttons. In addition, each trader can click on the “Excursion” button in the upper right corner to see what each panel is responsible for.

There is also a chart in the SmartTrader terminal:

SmartTrader chart

The timeframes you can use are the same as in DTrader, but the chart types are different and you have a choice:

  • Linear;
  • Spot;
  • Curve;
  • Table.

I would especially like to note the table, which is somewhat reminiscent of a ribbon of prints from professional trading platforms:

SmartTrader trade list

But it makes sense to use this type of chart only for general information about the price and its change as a percentage.

If we talk about indicators, there are a lot of them in this terminal, many times more than in DTrader, and these are both standard indicators and:

  • Volatility indicators;
  • Tempo indicators;
  • Indicators of statistical functions;
  • Price Action indicators and figures from graphical analysis for binary options;
  • Bill Williams indicators.

That is why this terminal is not entirely suitable for beginners, since many of them most likely have not even heard of some indicators, not to mention how to use them.

The chart also contains an asset comparison function, which is suitable for tracking correlations between any assets:

SmartTrader correlation

But what this terminal almost doesn’t have are graphical tools, and you can only use vertical and horizontal lines.

DMT5 terminal

The DMT5 terminal or, more simply, MetaTrader 5 from Deriv is designed for trading on the Forex market, and anyone can start trading by choosing one of the three available account types:

deriv broker account types

A synthetic account allows you to trade CFD contracts on synthetic indices that are created by the broker himself, and it is worth understanding that they have nothing to do with exchange-traded assets, but as the Deriv broker states, all assets correspond to the logic of the movement of real assets thanks to a special algorithm.

The financial account allows you to trade cryptocurrencies , currency pairs and commodities (oil, metals) with a leverage of 1:1000, and you can use standard and micro lots.

The financial STP account allows you to trade currency pairs (including exotic ones, which is not available on other accounts) and cryptocurrencies with special order execution, in which the Deriv broker does not participate (that is, transactions are brought to the real market through a liquidity aggregator). The maximum leverage is 1:100.

As mentioned earlier, trading with the Deriv broker on the Forex market is carried out through the MT5 terminal, which has two types:

  1. For PC;
  2. Web version.

The only difference between the web version of the MT5 terminal and the desktop version is that indicators, advisors and scripts cannot be added to the web version. All other functionality remains unchanged, as well as the visual appearance:

metatrader 5 by deriv

DBot terminal

Broker Deriv com allows you not only to trade binary options and on the Forex market, but also gives the opportunity to create trading robots for everyone absolutely free of charge. And the most important thing is that to create a robot in the DBot terminal it is not necessary to have programming skills, since creation occurs by moving blocks with the necessary functions one by one:

DBot by deriv

To create a robot in the DBot terminal, you must:

  • Select a market (synthetic indices, Forex, stocks, commodities), and then indicate the group of assets that will be used in trading;
  • Select the conditions for making transactions (Up/Down, With touch/Without touch, etc.);
  • Specify the type of contract (fall or rise);
  • Select timeframe;
  • Select expiration and minimum transaction amount.

These are just the basic features, but there are other advanced features that need to be added when creating a robot.

You can also use ready-made robots, but they are worth considering only to understand their work, and not for trading on a real account.

Comparison of Deriv broker terminals

Each of the Deriv broker terminals has its own pros and cons, but it is worth understanding that each of them is designed for certain actions and therefore has its own functionality. Trading can only be done on three terminals, but if you don’t know which one to choose, this table contains information about trading platforms collected in one place:

Trading conditions DTrader SmartTrader DMT5 DBot
Trading assets Currency pairs, synthetic indices, CFD contracts for commodities (oil, metals)
Shoulder + + +
Trading robots + +
Installing additional indicators +
Binary options trading + + +
PC version +
Web version of the terminal + + + +
Demo account + + + +

Deriv broker trading conditions

Broker Deriv provides favorable trading conditions for all types of accounts and all clients. In addition to an affordable minimum deposit and a variety of account replenishment methods, traders can use different types of binary options, exotic expirations and multipliers.

Let's take a closer look at:

  1. Multipliers:
  2. Available trading assets;
  3. Binary options (17 types);
  4. Expirations and timeframes;
  5. Trading with leverage.


Multipliers from the Deriv broker are a kind of innovation that works on the principle of binary options and trading with leverage “in one bottle.” To put it simply, these are binary options, but with leverage, stop loss and take profit.

The essence of trading multiples on Deriv com is as follows:

  1. Leverage is selected;
  2. Take profit or stop loss are set (if necessary);
  3. A trade is made (Higher/Lower or similar).

Further, if the asset moves in your direction, then you make a profit, which will increase depending on how far the price moves. If the asset goes against you, then the loss will be limited by a stop loss.

For example, if a transaction was opened to buy gold with a leverage of 1:100 and a transaction amount of $100, and after that the gold increased by 1%, then the profit received will be equal to $100 (100%, since the leverage is 1:100). But if gold falls by 1%, then the loss will also be $100, unless the stop loss was placed earlier.

The commission when trading multipliers is floating and depends on the transaction amount, but is most often calculated in hundredths of a percent, and if, for example, it is equal to 0.02%, then in our case we would pay $2 as a commission (0.02% of $100).

Trading assets

The Deriv broker has a huge variety of trading assets to choose from, which are divided into:

  1. Forex (currency pairs);
  2. Synthetic indices;
  3. Stock indices;
  4. Commodities.

Forex (currency pairs)

Currency pairs at broker Deriv com are divided into three types, and these are main pairs, secondary pairs and exotic pairs:

deriv broker currency pairs

You can trade all currency pairs only through the MetaTrader 5 (DMT5) terminal. For binary options, primary and secondary currencies are available, but for multipliers, only primary currencies are available.

Synthetic indices

Synthetic indices of the Deriv broker are over-the-counter assets that are generated randomly and do not depend in any way on any economic or technical factors:

Deriv broker synthetic indices

The advantage of such assets is that they can work 24/7 on any day, including holidays and weekends.

Synthetic indices in Deriv are divided into:

  1. Volatility indices. They work on the principle of ordinary exchange assets;
  2. Crash/Boom indexes. They work on the principle of growth or fall through a certain number of ticks. The only thing is that it is not known how much such an asset will fall/grow, since the movement can be either very weak or very strong;
  3. Step indexes. They work on the principle of a fixed price step equal to 0.1;
  4. Range Break Indices. They work on the principle of movement in a specific range.

It is worth noting the main disadvantage of synthetic assets, which is that it is simply impossible to predict the future movement, since there are no factors that influence the construction of the movement of such assets. The only exception may be volatility indices, which can be analyzed using technical analysis , since if you look at such a chart, you will see that the asset can move along the trend, in the channel and from the levels:

synthetic index chart from deriv

Stock indices

Broker Deriv com allows you to trade stock indices of different countries that belong to America, Asia and Europe:

Deriv broker stock indices

But the entire list of these indices is available only when trading binary options. There is only one index available for trading with leverage – the DAX (German Index).


Commodities at the Deriv broker can be traded with binary options using leverage, while commodities are not available for multipliers. But there are not so many of these assets, and these are precious metals and oil:

Commodities broker deriv

Binary options

The Deriv broker allows you to trade seventeen types of binary options:

  1. Rise/Fall;
  2. Higher lower;
  3. Will end in/out;
  4. Will stay inside/Go outside;
  5. Match/Difference;
  6. Even Odd;
  7. More less;
  8. Reset call/Reset put;
  9. High/Low tick;
  10. Touch/No touch;
  11. Asian;
  12. Up/down only;
  13. Maximum-Closing;
  14. Closing-Minimum;
  15. Maximum-Minimum;
  16. Call spread;
  17. Put spread.

Note: a detailed description of each type of binary options can be found on the official website of Deriv com .

It is worth noting that none of the existing brokers offer such a variety of binary options.

It is also important to know that it is not possible to use all types of options on any one platform and they are all distributed among terminals.

The return on options can vary and reach 95%, while at the same time, on the same asset, the Call option can bring 80%, and the Put option – 93%:

call put buttons in deriv

Expirations and timeframes

Expirations for binary options can be set in minutes, hours or days, as well as in ticks. While the usual expiration time has long been known to everyone, not everyone knows about ticks. And the Deriv broker allows you to buy options with expiration from 5 to 10 ticks:

deriv expiration

A tick is the minimum change in the price of an asset, and this step will be different for each asset. For the EUR/USD currency pair, 1 tick equals 0.000001 (five decimal places).

If we talk about the standard expiration time, then periods from 1 minute to 365 days are allowed.

Timeframes can also be used in 1 tick size, or in another standard time range:

deriv timeframes

Trading with leverage

Trading with leverage and types of accounts for the Forex market have already been said earlier, and you can open synthetic, financial and financial STP accounts, but nothing has been said about the commissions that can be charged for margin trading.

The Deriv broker has two types of commissions, and they apply only to open positions that are transferred overnight. The first commission is fixed and amounts to 2% of the value of the open transaction. The second commission is standard for all brokers and is swap, which averages about 10% per annum.

Based on such commissions, it is preferable to trade through the Deriv broker on the Forex market intraday without transferring positions overnight.

Mobile app

As a mobile application, you can only use the MetaTrader 5 terminal, which can be downloaded from Google Play. This terminal is not tied to any broker, so you need to download one single version from MetaQuotes:

metatrader 5 for android

Also, if you wish, you can trade or conduct analysis from your smartphone, but using a browser. Deriv broker terminals adapt to display sizes and allow you to use the full functionality of the platforms even without an application.

Deriv broker technical support

If you did not find answers to your questions in the “Useful” section, you can contact support using:

  • Online chat;
  • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter);

To ask a question via online chat, you need to click on the chat icon in the lower right corner on any page of the official website of the Deriv broker:

chat icon on the deriv website

Also, if you are in the terminal, you can find the chat icon in the bottom right panel:

chat from graphics in deriv

Pros and cons of the Deriv broker

Since the Deriv broker works in the field of providing services in financial markets, it has both many advantages, but also many disadvantages that are worth knowing.

The advantages of a broker include:

  • The broker's age is more than 20 years;
  • Many clients-traders;
  • Wide range of trading assets;
  • Flexible expiration (ticks, year);
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • There are accounts in cryptocurrency;
  • The minimum deposit is only $5;
  • Possibility of creating trading robots without programming skills;
  • Wide selection of trading platforms.

The disadvantages of the broker include:

  • Floating remuneration for options without specific restrictions;
  • No accounts in rubles;
  • Lack of Russian language for some terminals;
  • Large commissions when transferring transactions overnight (Forex);
  • Inability to replenish your account and withdraw profits to Master Card and Maestro bank cards;
  • Depositing and withdrawing funds may be delayed and take longer than specified in the regulations (especially cryptocurrencies);

Conclusion: Is it worth trading through a Deriv broker?

The Deriv broker is an improved version of and if you traded on previous broker platforms, then you will definitely like the updates.

Beginners should definitely start trading on Deriv. com through a demo account, since the broker has several terminals (including complex ones), and traders with little experience will not be able to quickly understand all of them.

Deriv broker also provides many types of binary options, assets, timeframes and features. You can trade using scalping on binary options , or by trading medium or long term.

The main thing is not to forget that trading is an area with increased risks and therefore you should always adhere to the rules of money management and risk management , as well as keep your emotions under control.

Open a DERIV account

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23 April 2021
Юра Чиненов
Друзья, кто торгует с Дерив, подскажите, как Вам терминал DTrader?
Artur, мне терминал подходит так как все понятно и просто, есть несколько видов. Правда торгуюу три недели
На это как по мне и есть расчет, в простоте, люди должны заходить и не пугаться множества непонятных кнопок в терминале. DTrader в соотношении простоты и качества меня удивил. Но все равно я по привычке продолжаю пользоваться МТ4.
22 April 2021
Друзья, кто торгует с Дерив, подскажите, как Вам терминал DTrader?
Artur, мне терминал подходит так как все понятно и просто, есть несколько видов. Правда торгуюу три недели
22 April 2021
7036 Друзья, кто торгует с Дерив, подскажите, как Вам терминал DTrader?
22 April 2021
7028 Кто пробовал торговать с Deriv. подскажите какой торговый актив выбрать?
22 April 2021
Сергей Лобанов
Сергей Лобанов
Что такое Мультипликаторы от брокера Derive?
Юрий, Deriv предлагает трейдеру новый инструмент, который, по сути, работает по принципу бинарных опционов.
21 April 2021
7012 Что такое Мультипликаторы от брокера Derive?
21 April 2021
Немного торговал на демо счете у брокера Derive, теперь хочу открыть реальный счет. Как долго проходит процес верификации? , подскажите, пожалуйста, если не сложно.
Alexey, Лучше открывать реальный счет в начале рабочей недели, так как брокер Derive рассматривает документы в срок 1 -3 дня. Если конечно, с документами все хорошо и нет замечаний со стороны брокера.
21 April 2021
7001 Немного торговал на демо счете у брокера Derive, теперь хочу открыть реальный счет. Как долго проходит процес верификации? , подскажите, пожалуйста, если не сложно.
21 April 2021
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