Looking for the most honest binary options broker? Choose an honest broker for binary options trading from our list of TOP brokers. All these brokers have been tested by traders worldwide, and have a lot of both positive and negative reviews. Carefully read the rating and choose the most honest broker of 2024

Уровень доверия трейдеров
Точность котировок
Вывод средств
Открыть счет из России
Мин. деп
Brokers website
1 10/10 94% 1 день 10$ 746
2 10/10 99% 1 день 1$ 159
3 9/10 94% 1-2 дня 10$ 669
4 9/10 96% 1 день 5$ 128
5 8/10 95% 1 день 5$ 95
6 8/10 90% От 1 дня 5$ 185
7 8/10 95% 3 дня 10$ 32
8 8/10 98% 1 день 1$ 47
9 8/10 92% От 1 дня 10$ 119
10 8/10 89% 1-3 дня 10$ 66
11 7/10 95% До 3 дней 10$ 5
12 6/10 92% 2 дня 50$ 13




Binary options are considered by many to be a simple tool for making money. To make a profit, it is enough to guess the correct direction of price movement. Therefore, binary options trading attracts both novice traders and scammers. However, it is not always possible to recognize the latter immediately. Therefore, most traders want to find the most honest binary options broker.

The good news is that reliable companies have been operating on the market for many years and regularly pay clients their earnings, and it is possible to find an honest broker.


Honest Binary Options Brokers 2024

It is difficult to recognize scammers right away. These individuals disguise themselves as reliable companies, purchasing positive reviews on various sites. Moreover, it is more difficult to find a fraudster when he is just entering the market. In such situations, there are few negative reviews on the Internet. Moreover, scammers often do payouts to their clients at the initial stage, thereby demonstrating their own “reliability.”

Despite the above, it is possible to avoid meeting with such an “company”, since an honest binary options broker will always be spotted by the following criteria:

  1. Availability and type of license. Reliable companies in 2024 must undergo a certification procedure with a certain (or several) regulator. This procedure is not able to completely protect traders from illegal actions of brokers. But the scammers do not issue a license to conduct financial activities or show a certificate drawn in a graphic editor. Therefore, before starting cooperation with the company, it is recommended to check the document presented on the website using the number on the official resource of the regulator.
  2. Nature of reviews . This criterion is considered mandatory. However, when viewing reviews, you need to take into account that some of the comments were ordered by scammers. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to pay attention to thematic forums that real traders visit. It is recommended to take into account comments from users who have been registered on the site for a long time.
  3. Age. The longer a company is on the market, the more reliable it is. Fraudsters are quickly curtailing their activities. Honest binary options brokers are considered to be those companies that have been on the market for at least two years.

It is also recommended to pay attention to thematic ratings when choosing a brokerage service provider. However, in this case, you should check the reliability of the site on which such lists are presented. It is recommended to look for ratings on thematic resources visited by experienced traders.

Top Honest Binary Options Brokers

The 2024 rating does not include all brokers who pay clients the money they earn. Some companies not included in this list are also honest. When selecting brokers included in the rating, other parameters were taken into account, not just honesty.


binarium logo Binarium has been offering brokerage services for a long time. Not long ago, the company updated the trading platform, taking into account the wishes of its clients.

Broker Binarium made it to the top of honest binary options not only because it has been on the market for more than 8 years. This brokerage service provider was regulated by the Cyprus CySEC. This license allows financial companies to operate in Europe. Negotiations are currently underway to renew the certificate.

Since its registration in 2012, Binarium has opened its representative offices in several countries. The company's customer base includes tens of thousands of unique users.

Binarium fulfills its obligations to traders. The broker regularly pays out the money that clients earned from trading binary options. In this regard, the company received a lot of positive feedback.


binary com logo Binary began providing brokerage services in 1999. Over the years, the company has proven its reliability by regularly paying out money to several million customers.

Binary received licenses allowing access to the European and Asian markets. Currently the broker has 5 different licenses. In terms of the size of its client base, this broker is considered one of the best in the world. Also, the reliability of Binary is confirmed by numerous reviews.



deriv logo Broker Deriv focuses on both experienced traders who are ready to invest large sums in binary options, and beginners with small deposits. To start trading, you only need to top up your account with $5, and to open a trade you need 35 cents. This feature, as well as positive reviews, prove that Deriv is an honest binary options broker in Russia.

Deriv appeared in 2020, but since Binary and Deriv are considered one company, its appearance can be considered a rebranding. Derivation is aimed at traders from Europe, Asia and the CIS. This is confirmed by the fact that the company has received 5 types of licenses that provide access to these markets. These regulators place certain restrictions on the activities of brokers and impose sanctions in case of non-compliance.

Pocket Option

pocket option logo Pocket Option is highly popular among experienced and novice traders. The company has long specialized in binary options trading, but now clients can trade on the Forex market.

Pocket Option appeared on the market later than the companies represented in the rating, in 2017. However, this broker has proven its reliability not only with regular payments, but also with active work to promote its own brand. In particular, Pocket Option is actively investing in the development of its trading platform and brand. This behavior is not typical for scammers.

The activities of PocketOption are regulated on the basis of a license from the Center for Financial Markets.

The most honest binary options broker Quotex

quotex logo Quotex actively promotes its own brand among traders from Russia and the CIS. The company’s specialists take part in thematic discussions on relevant forums and other sites dedicated to binary options.

The activities of the Quotex broker are regulated by the Center for Financial Markets. The broker entered the market in 2020 and has received many positive reviews since then.

Indicators that Quotex is the top honest binary options are:

  • convenient and functional trading platform;
  • the minimum deposit is only 10 dollars;
  • a large number of indicators and graphical elements for analysis;
  • market with bonuses and promotional codes;
  • free signals;
  • instant transactions.


As you can see from our article, there are quite a lot of honest binary options brokers in Russia. But do not forget to check each of the companies personally, since today this is the best way to understand whether the broker is worth your attention.

Of course, checking will not always show whether the selected company can be called the most honest binary options broker, but it is still worth starting trading with a demo account. Then you need to make a minimum deposit and try to withdraw your profit. If you don’t see any obvious problems, then such a company may be included in your top list of honest binary options.

Pocket Option

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