The TradingView trading platform began its work back in 2011 and the main goal of the company was to unite the trading community in one place. This approach made it possible to exchange information, share your vision of the market, communicate with other traders and thereby improve your trading skills. You can conduct analysis on the platform and use its functionality both for the Forex market and for binary options , the stock market and the derivatives market.

The Trading View service team has several offices around the world. The company's main office is in New York, with others located in Russia and England. The platform itself is available to users in 18 different languages, including Russian, but the English version is still the most popular.



Features and benefits of the Trading View trading platform

It’s not for nothing that the Trading Viv platform is recognized as one of the best platforms for market analysis. Using this service you can:

  • Conduct advanced technical analysis, as many graphical tools, indicators and strategies are available for this.
  • Select and filter trading assets using a screener.
  • Track a variety of financial news and economic indicators, including statistics and company financial reports.
  • Conduct full trading after connecting a brokerage account.
  • Communicate and share your ideas or forecasts with other traders.
  • Change colors and visual settings of charts.
  • Create custom indicators using a special Pine editor, which is built into the platform.

It is not difficult to notice how recently more and more traders are choosing the TradingView platform for analysis and even trading, since the standard MetaTrader 4 terminal cannot boast of such rich functionality. Some well-known financial Internet resources also use Trading View charts and add them to their portals and websites.

Overview of the TradingView trading platform

Although the TradingView platform is browser-based, this does not make it similar to web-based brokerage platforms, which are clunky and have little functionality. Its functionality is rich and varied.

You can use the platform both on our website in the section - Live Chart , and on the official website .

The main advantages of Tradeview include:

  • A convenient and intuitive interface, which even in the free version is many times better than some terminals.
  • Work with the Trading Viv service in any place where there is Internet.
  • Saving all settings and graphic elements on a free server.
  • Additional functionality for advanced users.

The platform itself is divided into several convenient blocks, which contain the main tools for work:

TradingView platform interface

As you can see, on the left are graphical instruments, on the right are trading assets, news and information about the instrument, at the top are additional functionality in the form of indicators, strategies, switching time frames and other visual options, and at the bottom is a time panel, screener, code editor, tester and trading panel .

If you need to change any graphic settings or add/remove certain elements, you can do this in the settings menu:

TradingView platform settings

Trading assets on the TradingView platform

On the TradingView platform you can view and analyze charts of almost any trading instrument that exists in the world. To do this, you can add the required tool to your list or simply find it in the search:

TradingView platform quotes

As you can see, on the platform you can see a chart of the EUR/USD currency pair with quotes from different brokers. The same applies to any other assets, be it stocks, futures or cryptocurrencies.

Time frames on the Tradingview platform

Moving on to the charts themselves, the Trading Views service allows you to analyze various time frames:

Timeframes of the TradingView platform

And for VIP users, in addition to choosing any absolute time interval, second and range charts are also available.

Types of charts on the TradingView platform

The type of charts on the TradingView platform is quite wide and you can choose from standard bars and candles, as well as other exotic types for display, for example, a “Tic-Tac-Toe” chart:

TradingView platform chart types

Indicators and strategies on the TradingView platform

You can add different indicators to any chart, of which there are much more on the TradingView platform than in any other terminal:

TradingView Platform Indicators

In addition to standard indicators such as RSI , Stochastic Oscillator , MACD , CCI and many others, you can also use candlestick pattern indicators, as well as a market profile (available only with a paid subscription):

Chart with indicators on the TradingView platform

In addition to creating trading strategies yourself, you can use ready-made options, and also proprietary indicators and strategies created by other traders and programmers are available to all users. Authored products can be found on the indicator panel in the “Public” tab.

Chart overlay on the TradingView platform

To overlay charts on top of each other on the TradingView platform, you will not need to use any indicators, as this is a standard feature of the service:

Chart overlay on the TradingView platform

Thus, you can add absolutely any trading assets to the chart for comparison:

Asset correlation on the TradingView platform

This can be used not only to track the correlation of currency pairs, but also to compile a portfolio of assets, which, for example, will consist of stocks and bonds.

Graphical tools on the Tradeview platform

The Tradeview platform, as mentioned earlier, has in its “arsenal” many graphical tools that will satisfy even the most sophisticated analyst. Available on the platform:

  • Any types of lines and channels (rays, regressions, guides).
  • Gann and Fibonacci tools (arcs, circles, spirals, fans, extensions).
  • Geometric shapes (squares, triangles, broken shapes).
  • Elliott tools (waves, cycles, patterns).
  • Forecasting tools (ranges, projections).
  • Test marks and icons.

For example, for those traders who trade using technical analysis figures, you can use the “Triangle” template, which makes it easier to draw this figure:

Graphical tools of the TradingView platform

Fundamental and technical information on the TradingView platform

On the right side of the TradingView platform chart you can find a panel that contains a list of quotes, an economic calendar , a market leaderboard, chat, notifications and much more.

In the list of quotes you can see information about the selected asset:

Information about the instrument on the TradingView platform

In this case, it is the same EUR/USD and on the panel you can see the current price, daily changes, trading session , daily price range and yearly range (52 weeks). The panel also contains other technical information, which can be found out by clicking on the “More” button.

In the economic calendar you can see past, present and future macroeconomic indicators:

Economic calendar of the TradingView platform

The Tradingview platform chat is convenient because it has divisions into specific markets or instruments:

TradingView platform chat

And therefore, currency traders can use Forex chat, and cryptocurrency lovers can use, for example, Bitcoin chat.

You can also use a screener on the Tradingview platform to select and filter assets. The screener can be used for both stocks and the Forex or cryptocurrency markets:

TradingView Platform Screener

If a trader has the opportunity to connect his trading account to the Trading View platform, then he will need to go to the “Trading Panel” tab, which is located at the bottom, and then connect the trading account. Trading can be done through the panel for making transactions or through the trading order book, which can be launched from the panel on the right:

Trading on the TradingView platform

Trading ideas and forecasts of traders on the TradingView platform

Communication is exactly what TradingView was created for, and that's why you can find a lot of ideas, analyzes and forecasts from other traders on the platform's main page.

The Ideas tab is divided into different sections:

  • Asset class.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Harmonic patterns.
  • Graphic patterns.
  • Indicators.
  • Wave analysis.
  • Gunn.
  • In addition to technical analysis ( trading psychology , etc.).

After selecting a section, you can start studying the forecasts:

Trading ideas on the TradingView platform

After studying the forecast, you can “run” it to see if it was ultimately fulfilled. To do this, click on the “Play” button:

TradingView platform trader forecast

And if enough time has passed, the data will be updated and you can see the development of the situation:

Forecast summary on the TradingView platform

If desired, each trader can publish his ideas or forecasts. The big advantage of the platform in terms of forecasts is that after publication, the data can no longer be changed, and therefore, by studying the forecasts of other traders, you can immediately understand who understands trading and knows how to trade profitably, and who does not, so you can edit your results or delete the post in no further.

Paid features of the TradingView platform

The TradingView service also has additional functionality that is provided for a fee. Having received the “Pro” status, the user will be able to:

  • Open several charts at the same time.
  • Use any number of indicators on one chart (the number is limited in the free version).
  • Use Volume Profile.
  • Use real-time volumes.
  • Receive quotes from world exchanges in real time (futures, ETFs ).
  • Remove advertising.


Having studied all the capabilities of the platform, you can understand that at the moment, among the free and widely used analogues, it is impossible to find a terminal or platform more convenient than Trading View. Therefore, anyone who plans to trade on the Forex market or binary options will find it useful to use this service for analysis, communication and improving their trading skills.


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Разумеется в бесплатной версии есть ограничения.
tirant, за все хорошее нужно платить и трейдинг не исключение. Лично я уже устал от допотопного интерфейса mt4. Хочется чего-то нового и свежего, я уже молчу про удобство, функционал и эстетический момент. Платформа очень интересная и славится тем, что в ней используются надежные источники котировок, поэтому почему бы не попробовать!?
18 March 2024
Хороший обзор, как всегда, ёмкий, точный, конкретный и ничего лишнего. Ну огромный респект команде Win Option crypto за такие хорошие, интересные и популярные публикации. Вечером буду смотреть видео - там всё-таки визуал хорошо видно и последовательность! Всем хорошего профита!
18 March 2024
Разумеется в бесплатной версии есть ограничения.
18 March 2024
А я и не знал что сюда можно индикаторы вставлять.
Артур, ага, ордера открывать пока невозможно. )))))
18 March 2024
А я и не знал что сюда можно индикаторы вставлять.
18 March 2024
Option Bull
Option Bull
trading view это очень удобно не знаю никого кто бы ей не пользовался
Вася, а надо чтобы пользовались)
14 December 2022
Неплохая альтернатива пресловотому MT4)
14 December 2022
trading view это очень удобно не знаю никого кто бы ей не пользовался
14 April 2022
пользуюсь платформой года 2, слежу за обычными инструментами типа евро, и еще удобно криптовалюты наблюдать, короче сделал список наблюдения и бесплатного функционала достаточно вполне.
24 March 2022
тр вью суперская платформа для анализа,не важно что торгуете, там есть все
13 February 2022
Какого брокера посоветуете? В amp global есть на базе cqg. Но я хочу на ритмиксе попробовать, мне кажется это лучший датафид, оттуда же можно опционные уровни брать. Никто не знает еще брокеров на этой платформе?
это ты куда-то далеко полез. те брокеры что ты назвал бинарными опционами не торгуют. то биржевые брокеры уже. а мы тут о бинарных опционах говорим))
30 March 2021
саша богатков
Какого брокера посоветуете? В amp global есть на базе cqg. Но я хочу на ритмиксе попробовать, мне кажется это лучший датафид, оттуда же можно опционные уровни брать. Никто не знает еще брокеров на этой платформе?
25 March 2021
Тут и добавить нечего, trading view - это тема супер вообще. с такой богатый функционал, и бесплатно. платные штуки там не настолько нужные, если ты не торгуешь через платформу только
30 June 2020
использую любимый трейдинг вью для крипты, анализ и обзор, можно в одной плфтформе следить за всеми биржами сразу)
30 June 2020
Алекс Смит
Суперский сервис, тут на сайте у вас юзаю, и на оф. сайте тоже часто, мт4 вообще ни о чем после тред вью!!
30 June 2020
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