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The best books for effective trading

Trader is a modern profession that is becoming increasingly popular. To help beginners, video tutorials have been created, a lot of articles and textbooks have been written, webinars and other types of information delivery are held. Books on trading, whether regular or electronic, are gradually fading into the background, as other, more interesting teaching methods have been developed.
Take some time to read free trading books, analyze the recommendations of professionals, and make sure that they are all very effective.

Should you read books about trading?

Many novice investors do not want to waste time on long texts, preferring videos, Skype conversations and other forms of studying the material. But it is books on trading, written by recognized authorities in the financial markets, that contain the foundation on which all subsequent training will be based.
To understand how financial markets function, it is necessary to read and analyze at least one textbook, considered a classic. The best books on trading should always be at hand; in them you will find answers to many questions that interest beginners. More popular ways of presenting material should act only as a supplement. The main thing is that many books on trading are very easy to download for free.

Experts recommend

There are a number of books on trading written by experienced stockbrokers, after reading which you will get a holistic picture of the processes taking place in the financial markets and learn how to trade competently.
Free trading books are published in the public domain and can be found by anyone. The best trading books for beginners are a storehouse of important and valuable information.

  1. "Smart Investor"
    This book by Benjamin Graham, written back in 1949, has literally become a reference book for many people who have achieved great success in life. For example, it is recommended by American billionaire Warren Buffett. One of the world's best economists gives a lot of useful advice on investing, protecting against inflation, etc.

  2. “Trading is your path to financial freedom”
    Among books on trading for beginners, this is the one most in demand among those taking their first steps in the world of investment. The author of the manual is Van Tharp, a professional trader himself. He talks about the peculiarities of trading in financial markets in an accessible and very interesting way.

  3. “Think big and don’t slow down”
    Popular in the business community, Donald Trump's book will be useful to anyone who wants to reach the heights of success in business. It has everything you need to learn to think globally while developing your own business.

  4. The book “Trading with Dr. Elder. Encyclopedia of stock trading"
    In the list of useful books about trading, this one ranks high. Its author, A. Elder, as an experienced stock exchange player, gives valuable advice on controlling money, reveals the psychology of traders, and points out typical mistakes.

  5. "Rich dad, poor dad"
    One of the books about trading that teaches the right thinking that will help you achieve financial success. R. Kiyosaki suggests starting the path to your dream with yourself, changing your own perception of life.

  6. "Multiple sources of income"
    R. Allen shares his wealth of experience on how to manage finances, what is the best thing to invest in, how to make a business profitable, and also gives advice on time management. This is undoubtedly one of the best trading books for beginners.

  7. "Intermarket technical analysis"
    Among the best books on trading, this one stands out for its truly innovative approach. D. Murphy is one of the first authors to study in detail the mutual influence of stock, commodity, currency and stock markets on each other. He gives advice on how best to use this relationship to generate income.

  8. "Games that business sharks play"
    Neuropsychologist M. Hall explains how to effectively manage yourself and others to achieve business success.

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The listed books on trading are not all of the manuals that are popular among investors, but they are the most useful in mastering the basics of trading. They are based on the practical experience of the authors; their thoughts and observations are presented. You can always download these and other books on trading for free for better self-education.

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