The indicator for binary options Forex Triple Hit is signals and a histogram on one chart. The main points for trading appear thanks to the readings in the “basement”, and in order not to track its readings, there are arrows that will tell you when to buy a Call or Put.

According to the author, FTH consists of a combination of algorithms, although it is not indicated which ones.

This tool is a paid tool and costs $25, but you can download it for free from our website for review.

Forex Triple Hit

Characteristics of the Forex Triple Hit indicator for binary options

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .
  • Timeframes: M15-H1.
  • Expiration: 5-10 candles.
  • Types of options: Call/Put.
  • Indicators: ForexTrx.ex4.
  • Trading instruments: currency pairs , stocks, commodities.
  • Trading time: 8:00-20:00 Moscow time.
  • Recommended brokers: Quotex , PocketOption , Deriv , Binarium .

Installing the Forex Triple Hit Indicator in MT4

Everything is installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

MetaTrader 4 instructions for installing indicators:

Review of the Forex Triple Hit indicator for binary options

For our work we are provided with:

  1. bar chart;
  2. arrows-signals;
  3. information panel.

The "basement" indicator resembles MACD , consists of two colors and can be above or below zero:

bar chart

There are two different types of arrows: primary and secondary. As a rule, a large one appears first, then two small ones. They occur at the moment when ForexTrx changes color from yellow to blue and vice versa:

turkey calls

The panel provides simple information that is not needed in BO trading, but can sometimes be useful. On it you can find the name of the asset, the time until the candle closes and signals:


In the settings you can remove the info panel, turn off the lines on the chart, turn on alerts, and change colors. For Forex there are take profit and stop loss. You can also display support and resistance levels :


The levels look like this:

indicator levels

To be honest, it is not clear why they were made, or they are displayed incorrectly, since they are of little use.

The developer advises looking at the instrument readings, starting with the M15 timeframe and ending with the hourly one. There is nothing more to say about the main points of this instrument, so let’s move on to the rules for purchasing options.

Trading rules using the Forex Triple Hit indicator

I would like to immediately say that ForexTrx can bring profit only with trend trading. This can be seen further when examples are shown. To make working with a trend not a problem, study the rules from the list below, and you will be able to turn almost any system into a profitable one:

  1. Identifying and using bullish and bearish trends ;
  2. How to correctly determine trend phases ;
  3. How to determine a flat in the market ;

FTH can be traded using three different methods:

  1. Positionally . With this approach, the contract must be purchased as soon as the color changes from blue to yellow and vice versa, and a large arrow appears.
  2. Balanced . A conservative method in which you need to buy binary options after confirmation, namely, when the second arrow (small) appears.
  3. Aggressively . All signals that appear are used for work.

Now a few words about the trend. It is the only way by which you can get at least some profit from Forex Triple Hit. The picture below shows the trend movement:


The author’s website has many screenshots with large movements, but not all signals are like this, so you should definitely check this development personally and base your trading only on trend movements.

Signals using the Forex Triple Hit indicator for binary options

Let's give examples of a pair of signals on M15.

Call option

Example for Call purchases:

call options

In this case, you can even work using an aggressive method if there is a trend.

Put option

Exactly the same situation, but mirrored:

put options

Also, pay attention to the flat, in which trading cannot be carried out:



The Forex Triple Hit indicator can be profitable in the right hands. This means that you will not be able to make a profit using every signal. They need to be filtered either by trends or in other ways, for example, by adding it to some strategy . Advice for beginners: it is always correct and very useful to test tools on a demo account , and only after that switch to a real account. It is also important to use the rules of money management and risk management to avoid unnecessary losses. And don’t forget about trusted brokers, which you can find on our website in the rating of binary options brokers .

Forex Triple Hit indicator free download


Can't figure out how this strategy or indicator works? Write about it in the comments to this article, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel WinOptionSignals , where we will definitely answer all your questions in the video.


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Любой индикатор может быть прибыльным в правильных руках.
21 August 2023
Тестировал этот индюк... Правильно тут называют этот индюк натуральным ГОВНОМ...
Михаил Шумаков, Ну зачем так натурально) Предупреждён, значит вооружён
31 August 2022
Михаил Шумаков
Тестировал этот индюк... Правильно тут называют этот индюк натуральным ГОВНОМ...
14 August 2022
спасибо что бесплатно. 25 баксов конечно не много но все же. платить не понятно за что не хочется. и кстати он похож на какой-то индикатор, есть чувство что forex trople hit просто был переделан немного и все......
27 December 2021
индикатор forex triple hit очередное г?? спасибо что хоть можно скачать бесплатно!!
27 December 2021
индикатор forex triple hit очередное г?? спасибо что хоть можно скачать бесплатно!!
ну не прям г, просто под бо не очень, это больше для форекса где ты открылся и сидишь, поэтому тебе эти коррекции пофиг
27 December 2021
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