The indicator for binary options RSX can be divided into 2 parts. One part is a signal indicator, and the second is an oscillator. With this combination, we get an excellent indicator with the advantages of two indicators of different types at once, and most importantly, this indicator for binary options does not redraw and gives excellent entry signals.

The profitability rate is about 70% if all rules are followed and risks are taken.

RSX indicator

Characteristics of the RSX indicator

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .
  • Time frame: M1-H1.
  • Expiration: 1 candle.
  • Types of options: Call/Put.
  • Indicators: RSX.
  • Trading instruments: Any.
  • Trading hours: 9:00-17:00.
  • Recommended brokers: Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

Installing the RSX indicator in MT4

The indicator is installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

We leave the indicator settings unchanged.

To avoid setting up the chart yourself, at the end of the article you can download this indicator and a template for it.

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4:

Trading rules using the RSX indicator

There are several rules for opening a transaction, but only one is mandatory. The second is complementary and not mandatory. Since the indicator has levels, it can accordingly show overbought and oversold zones. All options trading with its help will be based on this.

To be more precise, to open a Call option you need to:

  1. The indicator touched the “80” level, moving from bottom to top (scalping option).
  2. The indicator crossed the “80” level from top to bottom (conservative option).
  3. (Not necessary). The indicator square has changed from gray or red to green.

To open a Put option you need to:

  1. The indicator touched the “20” level, moving from top to bottom (scalping option).
  2. The indicator crossed the “20” level from bottom to top (conservative option).
  3. (Not necessary). The indicator square has changed from gray or green to red.

Working with this indicator for binary options is also very simple because it has built-in alerts that will tell you when you can enter a trade:

Indicator alert

In addition to the fact that the indicator can give several signals, there is something else that makes this indicator unique. And these are divergences. To find out what divergences are, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the divergence strategy .

Examples of trading using the RSX indicator

Now let’s look at everything using real examples to make it clearer what we’re talking about.

We will use a fairly popular currency pair – USD/JPY.

Opening a Call option (scalping option)

Do not forget that this type of signal has an increased risk, but if you understand the trend and adhere to the rules of money management, you can open Call options:

Call option

Opening a Put option (scalping option)

The same applies to Put options:

Put option

Opening Call and Put options (conservative option)

And this is a conservative option that beginners should use, since the probability of a positive outcome in this case is many times higher:

Call and Put options


What can be said for sure about the indicator for binary options RSX is that it gives many signals that can be reinforced by each other and, if used correctly, bring decent profits.

To trade binary options, you will definitely need a trusted broker. You can check out the best brokers in the rating of binary options brokers on our website. Choose the best and start earning money in the near future.

Download template and RSX indicator


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