Binary options are good, first of all, because they allow you to quickly increase your profits. And accurate indicators with a short period of validity help them with this. One of these indicators is Binary Winner, which is designed for trading on M5 and with an expiration time of 5 minutes. It can also be used to trade M1 with a 60 second expiration, but in this case there will be more false signals. Binary Winner does not redraw and is suitable for trading on any asset.

Binary winner chart example

Characteristics of the Binary Winner indicator

Platform: Metatrader4.

Asset: Major currency pair.

Trading hours: around the clock.

Timeframe: M5 (optimal) and M1.

Expiration: 5 minutes or 60 seconds when trading on m1.

Recommended broker: Alpari , Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium , Grand Capital .

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4 :

Trading rules using the Binary Winner indicator

The conditions for trading using the Binary Winner indicator are only to monitor the corresponding signals (sound alerts are available). The trade must be opened immediately after the signal arrow appears (no need to wait for the current bar to close):

Signals on the binary winner chart

Signals on the binary winner chart photo

The indicator gives quite a lot of accurate signals. Of course, you should understand that the Binary Winner indicator is not perfect and false signals are inevitable. Therefore, it is better to use with additional filters or as part of your trading strategy.

Download the Binary Winner indicator


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понравился, прикрутил к стратегии
08 March 2020
12 January 2020
Не идеальный, но довольно точный индюк, пользуюсь с фильтрами
17 February 2019
Хороший индикатор, дает довольно точные сигналы
02 February 2019
Согласен - индикатор наоборот
28 January 2019
Я проверил этот индикатор на разных активах и таймфреймах. Также с некоторыми дополнительными фильтрами. Процент успешных сделок менее 30%.
Михаил Храмов, так надо, значит, делать наоборот и будет тебе 70% прибыльных сделок
26 January 2019
Михаил Храмов
Я проверил этот индикатор на разных активах и таймфреймах. Также с некоторыми дополнительными фильтрами. Процент успешных сделок менее 30%.
17 January 2019
Михаил Храмов
Торгую на валютных парах. На таймфрейме 2-3 минуты. Сделку открываю сразу же после оповещения. Прибыльных сделок 60%. Вот мои итоги тестирования индикатора.
13 January 2019
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