In 2012-2020, the number of brokers providing binary options trading services has increased sharply. But after this period, new companies rarely appear on the market. Moreover, it is now difficult to find a new reliable binary options broker in 2023 . And there are several reasons explaining this situation.


Why is nothing known about new binary options brokers?

The lack of information about new binary options brokers can be explained by the following reasons: Broker photo

  1. The niche has filled . Due to the boom of 2012-2020, the number of companies opened was so large that the subsequent competition that arose prevented new companies from entering the market. Moreover, this situation has developed against the backdrop of growing interest in binary options. Research shows that there are now companies on the market that have been among the outsiders for several years. That is, the appearance of a new broker does not mean that the office will be able to stand out from the rest.
  2. It is difficult for new brokers to compete with old ones . This situation is largely explained by the behavior of customers. Most people will trust their money to companies that have been trading binary options for many years. This is due to the fact that such companies have managed to earn a fairly high trust rating. And new binary options brokers of 2022-2023, due to natural reasons, are not able to achieve such a result.
  3. Experienced companies are overshadowing young ones . This is partly due to the fact that brokers who have been in the market for several years have more experience. Therefore, new companies need time to find a way to beat their competitors. This is what the broker did, whose website went live in 2014. But only after 4-5 years this company became a market leader.

The last point indicates that, perhaps, in a few years the market will be replenished with companies opening during 2022-2023. Now it is dangerous to work with such brokers, since it is possible that these offices will go bankrupt or close in the coming months.

What to watch out for in the new binary options market in 2023?

It is difficult to call brokers who have been working in the binary options market for a single year as scammers . Such companies strive to improve their reputation. In this regard, offices are looking for ways to retain old clients and attract new ones. Fraudsters work differently.

Intruder illustration The attackers are conducting an aggressive marketing campaign. Basically, such companies place advertisements on the Internet, offering huge earnings with minimal investment and in a short time. As soon as the client base reaches the required number of naive people who have invested their money in such a company, the latter closes.

Another characteristic feature of scammers is that they use the same methods over and over again. That is, after one company closes, another opens with a different logo and name. But the advertising text and the principle of operation of such a “broker” remain the same.

Such “black” brokers also use other methods of fraud, which you can learn about in our article – “Types of fraud on binary options” .

This means that scammers may be hiding under the new binary options broker. This leads to another conclusion: a recently opened company may be a front for criminals who want to extract money from citizens, offering in return a sharp “increase” in income.

Should I contact new binary options brokers?

Despite the negative aspects described, cooperation with young binary options brokers can be a truly profitable investment. The only danger hidden in this case is that you need to find an office that was originally opened in order to start making money in the field of trading, and is not going to close over the coming months.

Alpari advertising boards The broker market is currently crowded. It is attended by world-famous companies. Therefore, in order to stand out from the big players, new brokers need a large budget for promotion. Moreover, in this case it is impossible to limit ourselves to standard advertising campaigns involving the placement of banners or texts on the Internet. Thus, a number of brokers ( Quotex , Pocket Option , Deriv , Binarium , Alpari and others), in order to increase their own recognition and expand their client base, attracted famous athletes or global brands to promote them.

In addition to the huge budget spent on an advertising campaign, brokers need to register themselves as a legal entity. This circumstance makes the company more reliable in the eyes of potential clients.

However, the described actions are typical for large market players who have been offering the services of a binary options broker for several years now. New companies, for various reasons, do not hold such events. But even in the absence of such actions, it is possible to determine by a number of factors that a particular broker is reliable.

As a result, new companies follow a path that is expected to not only attract but also retain customers. We are talking about providing a variety of bonuses, favorable conditions and promotions. All this may be of interest to a potential client. Moreover, such offers allow you to get really high income in the initial stages of working with binary options, all other things being equal.

There is nothing strange in a situation where new brokers do not appear on the market. This is due to many reasons, among which the main one is that this segment is already overcrowded. There are many licensed companies on the market that have a high rating and have been operating for several years. Every person can benefit from the current situation. In particular, due to high competition, companies have to offer original products or trading conditions. Accordingly, each person can find the most optimal option that meets almost any criteria.


To understand that a new binary options broker is reliable, you need to check its performance. To do this, you should register and test a demo account. After this, it is important to read reviews about the company and find out the opinions of other traders. You can also read broker reviews.

Don't forget that there are many old trusted brokers on the market that are worth paying attention to.



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Option Bull
Option Bull
ворлд форекс и альпари актуальны точно, и наверное буду еще и в следующие годы))
Ангелина, не знаю как насчет ворлд форекса, но вот альпари все еще актуален)
20 December 2022
Что среди старых, что новые брокеры – многие из них мошенники, которые всячески пытаются обмануть.
Urani, прям в самую точку!
19 December 2022
ворлд форекс и альпари актуальны точно, и наверное буду еще и в следующие годы))
26 February 2020
Большая часть этой информации актуальная и на сегодняшний день!)
17 January 2020
Предпочитаю работать только с проверенными годами компаниями. На новых не обращаю особого внимания и не слежу за их появлением.
08 June 2019
Что среди старых, что новые брокеры – многие из них мошенники, которые всячески пытаются обмануть.
05 June 2019
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