Are you looking for an up-to-date rating of binary options brokers with a minimal deposit? Choose a broker from the rating where you can start trading with a minimum investment and a deposit of as little as $1. All brokers are proven and have a lot of reviews from traders worldwide. Read all the reviews and choose the best broker with a minimal deposit.





Binary options with a minimum deposit attract novice traders due to the fact that they provide the opportunity to start earning money without a large capital, and you can start trading on the same day on which the account was opened. Some brokerage platforms support trading in digital contracts allow you to enter the market with a minimum deposit of as little as $1, which is beneficial for beginners. A number of other brokers allow you to trade starting from $10. Thanks to this, traders can test their own skills and knowledge in the field of binary options in practice, insuring themselves against large losses arising from mistakes typical for beginners.


Binary options with a minimum deposit - what is it?

By replenishing an account with a binary options broker with a minimum deposit of 10 bucks, a trader cannot earn much. So, if for each option with a return of 80%, the forecast for which was correct, a trader with an investment of 1 dollar (minimum bet) will earn only 80 cents. That is, provided that the user makes 10 similar transactions (each of the transactions turns out to be profitable), then the total income will be $8. However, such situations are rare in the market. Out of 10 trades, at least one will be unprofitable. Therefore, by investing 1 dollar per deal, a trader will be able to earn no more than 5-7 dollars a day. Per month (excluding weekends) this amount will be about $100-$150.

However, despite the above, all experts recommend that beginners start trading binary options with a minimum deposit. This is explained by the fact that inexperienced players make many typical mistakes, which will occur frequently as they gain experience. Therefore, if a trader immediately starts trading with large amounts, then such actions will lead to a quick drain of the deposit.

But by trading binary options with a minimum deposit and investing small amounts per trade, beginners can keep most of their money on their balance sheet. At the same time, with this trading format, traders will receive the knowledge and experience necessary for trading with minimal losses.

Rating of binary brokers with minimum deposit

In our rating, we have collected five different brokers that offer the best binary options with a minimum deposit in rubles for traders from Russia and beyond. Each such service provider is highly reliable and offers convenient terms of cooperation.

When choosing a broker, you should pay attention not only to the minimum deposit that the company allows you to make to your account, but also to the size of the minimum bets. If a broker’s account replenishment starts at $10, but the minimum bet is 5 or the same 10 dollars, then there is no point in talking about trading and profit. Therefore, the rating we compiled includes binary options with a minimum deposit and minimum transaction amounts.

The speed of withdrawal of funds from the deposit is also considered important. The optimal company for all traders is one that:

  • does not charge any fees when withdrawing funds;
  • does not limit the withdrawal of money from the deposit;
  • processes withdrawal requests within 24 hours;
  • obliges to verify users to withdraw money.

The last procedure is carried out to identify users. For verification you must provide personal data and a copy of your passport. A number of brokers also request documents indicating the client’s place of residence and bank statements (screenshots from an electronic wallet).

The verification procedure takes up to one week. After the operation is completed, traders will be able to withdraw funds from the account. At the same time, each broker adheres to the following rule: you can withdraw money using the same method that was used to replenish the deposit (for example, a bank card).

Now, knowing what you should pay attention to when choosing a broker, you can move on to our rating.


binarium logo Binarium operates in Russia and the CIS countries, and also strives to provide its services in Europe. This company is included in the list of the most popular brokers also because it was founded more than 8 years ago. Users can register on the Binarium website and trade options using the proposed terminal. Therefore, if you are looking for binary options with a minimum deposit in rubles, then this broker may be suitable for you.

The company offers the following working conditions:

  • The minimum deposit size is $10;
  • minimum bet – 1 dollar;
  • availability of a demo account for 10,000 virtual dollars (the account can be replenished unlimitedly);
  • trading terminal with expanded functionality;
  • active support team that quickly responds to requests.

Traders include reliability among the advantages of Binarium. The company regularly pays clients the money they earn. Delays in translation are rare.


binary com logo Binary has been present on the financial market since 1999. During this time, the company has gained the trust of world traders due to its reliability. Despite the long period of work, Binari continues to support novice users, offering the latter to place a deposit of $5 or more. Also among the advantages of the broker are the following:

  1. Convenient trading platform with an expanded range of functions. In terms of the totality of its qualities, this program is comparable to the popular MetaTrader 4. Also, the built-in platform can be used instead of a “live” chart.
  2. Access to MetaTrader 5, which traders use to trade not only binary options, but also standard financial instruments (stocks, commodities, etc.).
  3. Profitability up to 1,000%. When trading classic digital contracts, this figure can reach 100%, which is not typical for most brokers.
  4. A demo account opens immediately after registration.

The advantages of Binary include the ability to invest as little as 0.35 cents in one transaction, which is rarely found among binary options brokers with a minimum deposit.


deriv logo Deriv offers similar trading conditions to Binary, as they are essentially the same company.

Users can get started with digital contracts by depositing at least $5 and investing in trades starting from 0.35 cents. Deriv has the following features:

  • reliability confirmed by years of work;
  • access to a demo account with 10,000 thousand virtual dollars;
  • regularly conducted promotional programs that provide access to additional bonuses and deposit charges;
  • a convenient platform with a large chart that is updated following the market.

The majority of traders who worked with this broker speak about the reliability of Deriv.

Pocket Option

pocket option logo Pocket Option was originally created as a binary options broker, although you can make transactions on the Forex market through it if you wish. The company strives to provide the best binary options with a minimum deposit, offering clients favorable trading conditions:

  • minimum deposit – from 5 dollars;
  • trading platform with a clear interface and functional layout of controls;
  • regular promotional programs, bonuses and promotional codes that help increase capital;
  • free signals and social trading;
  • different types of binary options.

In addition, the Pocket Option broker offers clients to make risk-free transactions. Using this function, a trader can cancel a losing trade, keeping the money on deposit.

The company's built-in terminal allows for technical analysis using indicators without the use of third-party tools.

The broker in the ranking of the best with a minimum deposit is Quotex

quotex logo Quotex entered the market in 2020. At the same time, the company also offers binary options trading conditions that are attractive for beginners and professionals in 2023:

Thanks to these conditions, tens of thousands of traders have chosen Quotex as the best binary options broker with a minimum deposit in rubles.


Binary options brokers with a minimum deposit give novice traders the opportunity to start trading with small amounts. This eliminates the possibility of large losses and provides the necessary experience, since trading on a real account is the best way to learn how to trade binary options profitably.

Newcomers to this market are advised to avoid brokers who offer large amounts for the minimum deposit and transaction. This is explained by several reasons, including the fact that by investing a large amount in a transaction, a novice trader can quickly lose his deposit and not gain the necessary experience.


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