The Mak Binary arrow indicator is well suited for trading so-called turbo options, the validity of which does not exceed 5 minutes. The indicator has a built-in tester that clearly helps you evaluate the WinRate for your chosen currency pair. It is very comfortable. The Mak Binary indicator never redraws or changes its readings. The indicator is designed in the form of signal arrows, which beginners love so much. Nothing extra.

Mak Binary Indicator

Characteristics of Mac Binar

Platform: Metatrader4.

Asset: any currency pair, as well as gold.

Trading hours: around the clock.

Timeframe: M5.

Validity period: 1 candle (5 minutes).

Recommended brokers: Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4 :

Mak Binary Trading Rules

The indicator has a built-in pre-signal that gives a warning on the current candle, after which you need to wait until the candle closes to receive the main signal. If an arrow appears after closing, then we buy the option in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Below are some examples of indicator signals on different currency pairs:

Example of indicator signals 1

Example of indicator signals 2

Example of indicator signals 3

Example of indicator signals 4

The indicator gives a small number of signals, so we recommend installing it on several currency pairs at once as follows:

installing the indicator on currency pairs

Mak Binary is a fairly accurate indicator for binary options, but definitely needs additional filters. Also, don’t forget to test this indicator on a demo account or take advantage of the risk-free day first.

Download Mak Binary indicator


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уровни и норм
да. так и сделал, получилось нормально, но надо тестировать
21 April 2020
Иннокентий Смоктуновский
Иннокентий Смоктуновский
уровни и норм
01 March 2020
как и все сигнальные индикаторы, необходимо тут отсеивать ложные сигналы чем-то
15 February 2020
Спасибо за индикатор, вин рейт выше 70. Это по М5.
15 February 2019
У меня получилось сделать на м1 и м5 вин даже выше 60. Помогает болик как фильтр.
31 January 2019
Попробовал индикатор на тайффрейме М1. Нареканий нет. Процент прибыльных позиций где-то 70%. Есть и ложные сигналы, поэтому внимательнее.
16 January 2019
Среднестатистический индикатор. Если использовать с другими уже проверенными индикаторами, можно поднять хорошо денег.
09 January 2019
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