The crypto industry is developing very quickly, despite the fact that very few people still use cryptocurrencies . In the CIS countries and Russia, the purchase of cryptocurrencies by residents is almost always determined by investments rather than by using them for specific purposes, since very few services and companies accept cryptocurrencies as payment.


But despite this, at the moment you can buy cryptocurrency in various ways, of which there are quite a lot, although not all of these methods are convenient. In this article, we will look at the best services for exchanging and purchasing cryptocurrencies in 2022, and also analyze all the pros and cons of these methods.


Where to buy and how to store cryptocurrency in 2022

Different cryptocurrencies Unfortunately, there is no best option for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies at the moment. But, on the other hand, it all depends on why the user needed such a currency.

For those who want to trade on the exchange, the best way is to buy cryptocurrency there. For those who want to pay for any services, a crypto exchanger is more suitable, and investors can use both an exchange and an exchanger, or an electronic machine (crypto ATM).

In order to understand which method will still be more profitable, it is necessary to study the pros and cons of each method, after which it will be possible to draw a more or less balanced conclusion.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies through cryptocurrency exchanges

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges that work with many classic currencies, including rubles. Here are the two most popular ones:

  1. Binance .
  2. EXMO .

To conduct financial transactions through the exchange, you will need to fulfill several conditions:

  • Register a new account.
  • Top up your account.
  • Buy the necessary cryptocurrency.
  • Withdraw cryptocurrency to your wallet.

Today, the most profitable and convenient way is to exchange through exchanges. Compared to other exchangers, the percentage of commissions can be several times lower, and the speed of purchase and sale can be several times faster. In addition, you can buy a lot of types of cryptocurrencies on the exchange, and also each user can get the price he needs, since the price of cryptocurrencies is determined on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges may differ from each other in transaction speeds, fees, and account protection systems. Protection for exchanges is one of the primary factors, since exchanges have been hacked dozens of times in history, and funds amounting to millions of dollars were stolen from user accounts. Therefore, before choosing an exchange, you should thoroughly study reviews about it and analyze the history of its work.

Cryptocurrency exchange on Binance exchange

The official website of the exchange is

Exchange Binance

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is rightfully the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The Binance exchange was launched in 2017 and in just a year has gained popularity among most cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Over the past few years, the exchange has been a leader in trading turnover and cryptocurrency transactions. Every day, tens of thousands of exchanges, deposits and withdrawals occur on the exchange. And starting from 2019, you can top up your account on the exchange using plastic cards, buying cryptocurrencies for rubles, dollars, euros and many other currencies.

Of the crypto assets on the exchange, there are more than 250 different cryptocurrencies, and this list is updated every year with new coins and tokens:

Cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange

To list coins on an exchange, the creators of these coins must not only pay a very large amount to the exchange for listing, but also undergo a full check and fulfill all the necessary requirements of the exchange. Therefore, “junk” coins do not end up there.

To start trading cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange, you need to register a new account. Verification is not necessary if the trader plans to fund the account with cryptocurrencies. But to top up your account using classic currencies, you will need to go through verification.

After registration, it is very important to enable two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator service or verification via SMS, as this will maximally protect your account from hacking.

Buy cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange on the EXMO exchange

Official website of the exchange -

Exchange EXMO

The EXMO exchange is the most popular in the CIS countries and Russia as well. The daily turnover on it is about $200,000,000. This is several times less than on other popular exchanges, but EXMO is still in great demand, since here you can easily buy cryptocurrency for rubles, hryvnia, dollars or euros.

If this exchange is planned to be used as an exchanger for purchasing cryptocurrency and withdrawing it to your wallet, then verification will not be necessary. But if you plan to exchange cryptocurrency for rubles, hryvnia or dollars on this exchange and subsequently withdraw them to the card, then verification will be necessary, since without it you will be able to withdraw “fiat” money.

You can also use payment systems such as Payeer, AdvCash or QIWI to replenish and withdraw funds from your EXMO exchange account:

Methods for withdrawing funds from the EXMO exchange

Payment systems also do not require verification, but you will need to have an account in the payment system itself.

Do not forget that it is not worth storing large amounts of cryptocurrency on exchanges, as exchanges may go bankrupt or be hacked by hackers. It is better to store cryptocurrency in your own wallets, to which you will always have access.


Exchange of cryptocurrencies through payment services

In addition to exchanging cryptocurrencies on the exchange, this can also be done through payment services. To purchase cryptocurrencies in this way, most often it is enough to indicate the exchange amount, your data and the wallet to which the cryptocurrency will be sent, and then confirm the operation. In some services, commissions for the operation may not be charged, but the price of cryptocurrencies may differ slightly from exchange ones.

There are actually a huge variety of payment services and they work on the same principle. The most popular and convenient payment system at the moment is Advanced Cash, since this service is universal.

Payment service Advanced Cash

The AdvCash payment system allows you not only to pay for various services, top up accounts with brokers and make purchases, but also makes it possible to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency. For example, you can buy Bitcoin for rubles, dollars or euros with a small commission.

To purchase cryptocurrency through AdvCash, you will need to register an account in the system, and then top up your account with the required amount in any convenient currency.

After that, in the “Transfer of funds” section, you need to select the “To email” tab. currency":

AdvCash cryptocurrency purchase

Next, select the required cryptocurrency in the drop-down menu, and then enter the address of the wallet to which you will need to transfer the coins:

AdvCash data entry

After this, you just have to wait a little and the cryptocurrency will appear in the wallet specified during the exchange.

SITE AdvCash

Cryptocurrency exchange via ATM ATMs and terminals

Terminals for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies are not the most common way at the moment, but they still exist. There are currently about 4,000 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world, of which about 2,500 are located in the United States. The remaining majority is in Europe and Asia.

There are currently only about 50 such ATMs in Russia. The difficulty in increasing the number of crypto-ATMs is that the equipment is quite expensive, and to install such a terminal it is necessary to obtain permission from the Central Bank.

Despite this, according to statistics for 2019, companies that own crypto ATMs made a profit, which means that there is a demand for such a service in the Russian Federation.

You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin and Zcash in such terminals. It is also possible to purchase other less popular coins.

There is a 4% commission per purchase. The cryptocurrency is credited to the specified wallet, and most importantly, everything happens through a few simple steps.

Terminals for purchasing cryptocurrencies Only cash and paper money are accepted for payment.

Advantages of buying cryptocurrency through the terminal:

  • You can buy cryptocurrency with cash.
  • Everything happens quickly and conveniently.

Disadvantages of buying cryptocurrency through the terminal:

  • Terminals are not available in all cities.
  • There is a limit on exchange.
  • An additional commission will be charged.

Where is the best place to store cryptocurrency?

The most reliable option for storing cryptocurrencies is a cold wallet. There are also online services for storing cryptocurrencies. In addition, wallets can be installed on PCs and smartphones.

In the case of cold wallets (Trezor and Ledger), only you will have access to the coins. This storage option is considered the safest.

Wallets that install on a PC are also secure, but they are computer specific and will have to be transferred if you reinstall the operating system or change the hard drive.

Smartphone wallets are less secure, but more convenient since everything happens through the smartphone. But the problem is that if you change your smartphone or lose it, you will have to restore your wallet, which will only be possible if you have the keys.


As you can see, you can now buy cryptocurrency without much difficulty and in completely different ways. It all depends on the user’s preferences and financial capabilities. The main thing you should not forget about is security when making financial transactions. Always check the service through which you are going to buy cryptocurrency, as this will significantly reduce being deceived.


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на бинансе проще всего, верифицировался и все, никаких проблем, лимиты поднять тоже легко
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на бинансе проще всего, верифицировался и все, никаких проблем, лимиты поднять тоже легко
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Inokentiy Norman
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Так это, на площадке Exmo же производится обмен фиатов на Биткоины, USDT или другую криптовалюту за 0,2% комиссии вроде. Затем деньги в эфире, USDT, Bitcoin переводятся с Эксмо-кошелька на Бинанс. И вывод по той же схеме происходит. Вот и получается что никаких верификаций и комиссия меньше, а что бы ее еще уменьшить купи себе Binance coin тогда там первый год для владельцев монеты 50% скидка на все комиссии, всего 3 года она действует 2 и 3 год меньше будет % но все же оно того стоит
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6021 Вот бинанс конечно крутой но комиссии у них страшные как для покупки криптовалют так и для продажи, и верификацию проходить не хочется для пополнения другими валютами
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