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Bitcoin exchange rate history since its inception

When Bitcoin first appeared, its cost per coin was $0.008. The highest Bitcoin rate was $42,000 (01/08/2021). During this time, the course changed significantly - there were many ups and downs. Today Bitcoin is officially recognized and has a high capitalization.

From 2009 to 2012

During this period of time, the rate of this cryptocurrency has increased sharply. Many people around the world have long regretted that they had not invested in Bitcoin at one time. At the beginning of its existence, it was difficult to believe that one coin in the future would cost more than a dollar. Imagine the shock they felt when they saw that one Bitcoin could fetch thousands of dollars.

Bitcoin is also popular because it is not afraid of inflation. As soon as it reaches the threshold of 21 million coins, the issue will stop.

The cryptocurrency appeared on October 5, 2009. On that day , the Bitcoin exchange rate to the dollar was approximately this: for 1 dollar you could buy more than a thousand coins.

The hundred millionth part of Bitcoin - Satoshi - did not yet exist at that time.

Bitcoin was not popular, but during that period the first miners began to appear. The profit from this activity was negligible, so the cost of electricity did not pay off.


Bitcoin price history

The first cryptocurrency exchanges also emerged, one of which is Dwdollar. It provided users with the opportunity to purchase bitcoins or pay for any goods/services on the Internet. Then one funny incident happened: in May 2010, someone exchanged all his bitcoins (10 thousand coins) for dollars to order pizza for $25.

At that time, the B itcoin rate was $0.008 per coin.

In the summer it grew significantly, increasing to $0.08, and in the winter its rate was equal to $0.5 per coin.

Thus, in just a few months, 2 bitcoins already amounted to a whole dollar.


At the beginning of this year, 1 Bitcoin could be sold for 1 dollar.

In March 2011, the Bitcoin rate increased approximately 30 times and amounted to $31.91 per coin.

However, on June 12, the first shock occurred - the rate dropped to $10 per coin. In addition, Bitcoin became the target of many scammers who tried to hack users’ wallets. Hacker attacks were constantly taking place and ungodly individuals were rubbing their palms in anticipation of quick enrichment.


Bitcoin price history

In 2012, Bitcoin Central Bank was created, which made the cryptocurrency more famous and popular. Bitcoin has partially become a physical currency.

From 2013 to 2016

These three years are the golden period of Bitcoin. Of course, there were drops in the exchange rate, but the currency became a leader among other analogues of electronic money. The bitcoin price chart showed that the coin could fetch more than $1,000.


In the spring, the Bitcoin rate increased from $75 to $105, but in October one cryptocurrency exchange was arrested, as a result of which the rate fell. After this, a rapid rise followed - for one coin you could get $700, and at the end of November - $1,242.

80% of all transactions with this cryptocurrency were carried out in China, so the state banned it in the country. In the winter of 2013, the rate was $600.


Bitcoin price history

This period is known for the fact that the TeraExchange exchange carried out transactions through an official exchanger for the first time. Bitcoin gained a foothold in the market and stabilized (despite the drop in price to $310). Various platforms began to emerge, whose users bought, exchanged or paid for bitcoins.


In the winter of 2015, the rate fell, but in March it became $281 per coin. Then the rate skyrocketed to $481 (a possible explanation is the use of Bitcoin in a financial pyramid in China). However, in the winter of 2015, the rate decreased and became $355 per coin.


Bitcoin price history

In 2016, the rate dropped by 50 points because a developer, who subsequently wrote a devastating article about Bitcoin, left the company. In it, he claimed that the company focused exclusively on Chinese transactions. However, after this, Japan and South Africa officially recognized Bitcoin.

In winter and early spring, you could get $395 for one coin, and in April - $56 more.

In the summer of 2016, the cryptocurrency capitalization amounted to $30 billion. The sudden increase in exchange rate is explained by the fact that there were massive purchases of cryptocurrency in China.

In September, the Bitcoin rate began to reach $600.

Before the New Year holidays, the rate rose to $1,000.

Bitcoin to ruble exchange rate in 2017

2017 – a massive “craze” for Bitcoin. People actively began to engage in mining and invest in cryptocurrency, which caused an explosion in the popularity of Bitcoin.

In 2017, the rate was more than $19,666 per coin.

Bitcoin price history

Bitcoin could be used to pay for goods and services, make purchases on the Internet, and use it for currency transactions.

The maximum Bitcoin rate at that time (the chart soared sharply) was $19,665.


In the winter of 2018, interest in Bitcoin began to gradually fade away. The Bitcoin to dollar rate at that time dropped to   $5,920 and it seemed that Bitcoin would not fall below this price.

For most of 2018, the price traded in the range from $6,000 to $9,000, and at the end of the year it fell to $3,122, which was a big surprise for everyone, since no one expected that the price could fall more than 2 times in just a couple of weeks . Many investors and traders at that moment thought that the price would go even lower, but this did not happen.


At the beginning of 2019 and up until April, there was a lot of news that cryptocurrencies were over and that Bitcoin would never again rise to the levels it was at the end of 2017. This did not have a very good effect on the price, since at that time it did not exceed more than $4,400 per coin.

However, by mid-April 2019, the price rose above $5,000, and by the end of May it reached $9,096, which finally dispelled doubts about Bitcoin among many investors. This led to new investments in Bitcoin and by the end of June the price reached $13,880 per coin.

Unfortunately, the price did not stay at these levels for long and by the end of the year dropped to $6,425.


This year was one of the most successful for Bitcoin after 2017, as the price updated its all-time high of $19,666.

But things were not so rosy at the beginning of the year, as the price dropped to $3,850 per coin in March, which for some was a great opportunity to buy Bitcoin before a huge rally. But there were also those who, as in 2018, believed that this was another end of cryptocurrencies and there would be no more growth.

But Bitcoin surprised everyone this time, updating its all-time high and reaching $29,300 by the end of 2020.


In 2021, the growth has not stopped and at the moment the price is trading in the range of $30,000 to $40,000, and the high of $42,000 was reached on January 8, and it is not yet clear whether it will be updated or whether it will remain this year's high, as it was in 2017-2018. Capitalization currently amounts to more than $650 billion.

In any case, the growth from the fall in 2020 to $3,850 and the rise to $42,000 amounted to a full 991% profit, which means the price of growth is more than 10 times.


So, in 2009, no one took Bitcoin seriously except for enthusiastic miners interested in new technologies. In 2020 and 2021, the whole world observed the peak growth of this currency. Capitalization exceeds $650 billion. There are a huge number of exchanges that officially trade this currency. So far, China has been and remains the leading country in terms of the number of transactions carried out.

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