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In 2017, the popularity of cryptocurrencies increased enormously, which led to a noticeable increase in the number of traders. Many wanted to get their piece of the digital pie. How long this trend will continue is anyone's guess. We will try to summarize and determine how popular specific cryptocurrencies are. Such information is in demand in terms of investment.


We offer a rating of cryptocurrencies for 2017, which should be taken solely as a guide. Digital money is characterized by very high volatility. In this regard, information regarding the cryptocurrency market is valid only for a short time. Data is rapidly becoming outdated. Therefore, when making a specific financial decision, you need to check the relevance of this material at the time of reading it.

Here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies in order of increasing popularity.

10: NEM (capitalization – $3,642,336,000; cost – $0.404704)

A coin whose lifespan is still relatively short, which explains its low prevalence. It first became known about it in 2015. It won tenth place in the ranking by capitalization due to its popularity in Japan. It differs from its closest competitors by having technological advantages. Developed using open source.

cryptocurrency market

This tool is based on a philosophical basis that declares the availability of available opportunities for everyone and freedom from a financial point of view. All this could have remained an empty phrase, but on the eve of the summer of 2017 the situation changed radically. The coin showed a fantastic increase in value. Investors were able to increase their deposits by several thousand percent.

9: Bitcoin Gold (capitalization – $3,734,224,329; cost – $223.62)

gold bitcoin The coin was launched by Lighting ASIC, which is actively involved in industrial mining. The goal being pursued is to displace Bitcoin and take first place among cryptocurrencies. For this purpose, the Proof-of-Work algorithm was used, aimed at resolving emerging problems regarding the centralization of mining. At the moment, this is the second option for changing the classic code through the use of tools of a higher technological order. Bitcoin Cash became the first hard fork on the basis of which they tried to move Bitcoin.

ICO projects based on the classic cue ball have become widespread. It has become the norm to break away from the parent structure to create a more technologically advanced product. So far, such attempts have not brought serious success.

8: Monero (capitalization – $3,810,414,004; cost – $246.64)

Many consider this coin to be another modification of Bitcoin. They are wrong. This is a separate currency in digital format. The developers of this crypt are trying to raise the anonymity of transactions to the highest possible level. For this purpose, the CryptoNote protocol is used, which implements ring signatures using one-time use keys.

An explosion of interest in the coin occurred in the summer of 2017. Professional traders view this currency from a position of enormous potential. This is due to the developers who continue to work hard to improve the coin they created.

7: Dash (cap – $5,412,663,025; cost – $698.85)

The way the data protection of Bitcoin holders is implemented does not suit many people. The security level is not high enough. This is what caused the emergence of more secure cryptocurrencies. Dash is one of them. At the same time, this type of crypt has other features that distinguish it from other coins:

  • low demands on energy resources during mining;
  • using several algorithms versus one;
  • equality of rights and opportunities for everyone taking part in the promotion of the coin.

dash chart

Greater privacy is achieved using the PrivateSend service. Its functionality is to split and shuffle transactions until the coins become the property of the recipients. Dash is showing strong growth, which is attracting potential investors to this coin.

6: Litecoin (capitalization – $8,255,159,882; cost – $152, 20)

litecoin A coin that appeared quite a long time ago as a fork of Bitcoin. The developers tried to overcome the shortcomings of the first cryptocurrency. The issue was increased to 84 million coins and the transaction speed was increased, ultimately increasing by 2.5 times.

However, Bitcoin and Litecoin have many similar characteristics:

1. anonymity

2. limited edition

3. impossibility of canceling transactions

Bitcoin mining is a resource-intensive process, which explains why some miners are shifting their interests towards Litecoin.

5: Ripple (capitalization – $9,208,410,948; value – $0.237703)

ripple The project started in 2012. The goal of the new monetary system based on digital currency was to achieve transactions in the most secure manner possible. At the moment, the chosen direction remains a priority.

There was interest in this currency from the main participants in the game on the classical financial market: Western Union, UniCredit, etc. The prospects for Ripple look good. The coin is already used by some banks and payment systems. It is suitable for initial exploration of the cryptocurrency market. With its help, interesting technologies are being implemented that are moving the crypto industry along the path of its effective development.

4: IOTA (capitalization – $12,013,657,994; cost – $4.32)

In recent months, there has been a rapid capitalization of IOTA, which confirms the good prospects of this coin. Developers of the majority of electronic currencies focus on maintaining a high level of transaction anonymity. IOTA treats this situation differently. The goal is to achieve the development of an economy built on the basis of cryptocurrencies through technologies that are used within the Internet of Things.


IOTA uses the Tangle consensus model to conduct transactions. Compared to the blockchain protocol, the speed of transactions increases significantly. They are carried out without charging commissions. The result is a technological advantage that serves as a lure for a large number of investors.

3: Bitcoin Cash (capitalization – $22,395,607,424; cost – $1329.97)

The coin appeared recently - late summer 2017. This is a Bitcoin hard fork. At first, it began to successfully increase in price. Then there was a serious drop in value relative to Bitcoin, which was provoked by the opening of the possibility of withdrawing the coin.

The disadvantages include more complex mining and problems with the network of this currency that arise at certain intervals. At the same time, the relationship with the main cryptocurrency helps maintain its position in the top 10 in terms of capitalization. Bitcoin forks are difficult to predict, which fully applies to Bitcoin Cash.

2: Ethereum (capitalization – $43,676,646,849; cost – $453.75)

ezereum Bitcoin has established its position as a market leader firmly and thoroughly. There were many attempts to drop the main cryptocurrency, which ultimately did not lead to significant success. There were a lot of altcoins appearing, but they were not taken seriously. It was believed that these were fruitless attempts to repeat the success of Bitcoin or fraudulent schemes, the implementation of which was aimed at obtaining immediate profits.

Everything changed when the Ethereum coin appeared. Its developers took the path of modifying blockchain technology through smart contracts. This approach has changed the view of what opportunities electronic currency opens up. It turned out that this is not only a tool of speculation, but also something more - a technological innovation distinguished by its specific usefulness.

This difference between this coin and similar coins aroused the interest of financial and IT market sharks. As an example, we can name the following players: Microsoft and IBM, and from Russia – Sberbank. They are ready to invest in Ethereum, which increases the popularity of long-term investments.

1: (capitalization – $257,773,684,162; cost – $15,405.50)

bitcoinThe top 10 is rightfully occupied by Bitcoin. This is the world's first crypt, through which it was stated that there could be alternative money in the full sense of the word. The digital format is quite consistent with the spirit of the era, so it is not surprising that coins of this type appeared.

Bitcoin was the spark that ignited the rush of demand for cryptocurrencies. 2017 was especially distinguished in this regard, when not only the Internet, but also news in the regions began to actively broadcast about mining. People became interested. Some began to mine crypto money using the appropriate equipment, while others began to try their hand at trading.

Bitcoin is used as a means of payment by many financial institutions, including well-known banks, it is used to buy goods on the Internet, it is traded on relevant exchanges, etc. This crypt was created on the basis of open source, which served as an impetus for the emergence of new digital currencies, using the classic cue ball code base.

If you decide to master the profession of a trader, then pay attention to Bitcoin. The coin has not lost its promise in terms of long-term investment. Of course, you can no longer hope for growth of thousands of percent, but there is still a chance to make good money.


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