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The indicator for binary options and Forex Trend Navigator is a standard signal (arrow) indicator that generates buy (Call) and sell (Put) signals in the form of arrows. The author did not disclose the algorithm of the indicator, so it is difficult to say what it is based on, but many traders are inclined to believe that it is based on standard moving averages with some modifications.

This indicator is paid and costs 1,150 rubles, but you can download it for free from our website for review.

Trend Navigator indicator

Characteristics of the indicator for binary options Trend Navigator

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .
  • Time frame: M1-H1.
  • Expiration: 1 candle or 5 candles.
  • Types of options: Call/Put.
  • Indicators: Trend Navigator.
  • Trading instruments: all currency pairs.
  • Trading hours: 9:00-17:00.
  • Recommended brokers: Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

Installing the Trend Navigator binary options indicator in MT4

The indicator is installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

We leave the indicator settings as default. It is worth noting that only alerts and the visual part can be configured in the indicator.

To avoid setting up the chart yourself, at the end of the article you can download the indicator and template.

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4:

Trading rules using the Trend Navigator binary options indicator

Since the indicator is a signal indicator, there are no special rules for opening trades. When an up arrow appears, a buy or call option appears, and when a down arrow appears, a sell or put option appears.

There are also no recommendations regarding expirations on the indicator’s website, so for small time frames it is worth considering an expiration of 1 candle, and for large ones (from M30) an expiration of 5 candles. Expiration can and should be adjusted, since tests have not been carried out and there is no accurate data on working time periods for transactions.

For Forex transactions, you can consider transactions from signal to signal. That is, if there was a purchase, then you should close the deal only when a reverse signal to sell appears.

Conveniently, the indicator provides alerts and there is no need to monitor the charts all day:

Trend Navigator indicator alerts

Description of the indicator for binary options Trend Navigator on the official website. Is he really that good?

On the Trend Navigator indicator website you can find a lot of information that, unfortunately, does not correspond to reality. I would like to immediately note that this does not mean that this indicator cannot bring profit. It can bring it and, if used correctly, it will be useful in trading both binary options and the Forex market. But he is not as good as his creator says. Just look at the phrase that you won’t have a single unprofitable day:

Description of the Trend Navigator indicator

Most likely, many will agree that if this indicator brought profit every day, then there would be no point in selling it, and if it did, it would definitely not cost 1,150 rubles.

The main thing that all beginners need to understand is that there are no indicators that always bring profit and there are no traders who close every trade in profit. Everyone suffers losses, but professional traders know how to cope with emotions and also know how to correctly calculate risks and follow the rules of money management .

Also, the phrase that everyone can earn $100 a day using this indicator does not inspire confidence, since the cost of the Trend Navigator indicator is only $15 (approximately). And a fake profit statement for a few days where $1,000 and $1,500 were earned:

Profit $1,000 Profit $1,500

Profit $1,000

Profit $1,500

Why the statement is fake will become clear later when screenshots of the indicator signals on the chart are examined. After this, it will immediately become clear that such results are not real, since the indicator simply will not produce such a number of transactions per day.

And finally, fake indicator signals from the official website:

Fake Trend Navigator indicator signals Fake Trend Navigator indicator signals

Fake signals from the Trend Navigator indicator

Fake signals from the Trend Navigator indicator

All signals are as accurate as possible and it seems that the indicator can really bring such profits. But this is not true and all these screenshots of charts are also fake.

This is only a small part of the “good” information about the Trend Navigator indicator that is on the author’s website. And yet, despite the fact that the indicator’s capabilities are overly exaggerated, it is not unworkable. You can make money with it, but the statistics will certainly not be the same as those given above.

If we talk about its cost, then the price is also overpriced, since in reality the result is not at all what one would expect.

Now you can examine the indicator signals on the chart and draw your conclusions.

Examples of trading using the Trend Navigator binary options indicator

For examples, we used the M1 and M30 chart of the EUR/JPY currency pair.

Opening a Call Option

Please note that the accuracy of the signals clearly differs from those published on the indicator website:

Call option

Despite this, it is still quite possible to trade profit with this indicator, but you should be careful and not make trades on all signals in a row.

Opening a Put option

The same goes for Put options. It is possible to make a profit, but everything is not as beautiful as described on the site:

Put option

Buying and selling on the Forex market

For example, consider the M30 chart (as on the indicator website):

Buying and selling on the Forex market

Some signals are quite accurate if you trade them from signal to signal. But there are only half of these signals and this is just one section of the chart. Therefore, it becomes clear that it will not be possible to obtain the profits declared on the website of the indicator with this indicator, since there will also be unprofitable transactions, which will clearly be more than one in ten. This means that the indicator does not provide 90% of profitable signals. Most likely, its indicator will be between 60-70%, and the statement below can now definitely be considered false:

False statistics of the Trend Navigator indicator


Now it becomes clear that all the beautiful pictures and statistics on the Trend Navigator indicator are unfounded, since on the real chart (as everyone can see for themselves) there are no such accurate signals that would bring 90-100% profit.

But despite this, you can trade profitably with this indicator if you follow the rules of money management and do not enter on every signal in the hope of doubling your deposit every day.

It is very important to test this indicator on a demo account before using it and only after that start using it on a real account. It would also be a good idea to select some filters.

And don’t forget that profitable trading starts with a trusted broker, which can be found in our rating of binary options brokers . We wish you profitable transactions!

Download the Trend Navigator template and indicator


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Серега Попсуев
Серега Попсуев
Да это как всегда, красивых картинок накидали, мол этот индикатор безумно крутой, а люди ведутся. Более чем уверен что этот индикатор и ломаного гроша не стоит. Респект команде win options за то что не только дает нам годный контент но и вычисляет людей которые кидают на деньги пихая нам этот мусор
06 March 2021
Jaime Pepe Velasquez Clavijo
Sus indicadores son excelentes, gracias por todo su apoyo y colaboración. Que nuestro Sr Dios siempre los ilumine y los proteja. Bendiciones y mis mejores deseos ????
21 May 2020
Мистер график
Мистер график
Главное что бесплатно можно скачать его, а остальное сами проверим) видел этот trend navigator на форуме, обсуждали его там, но возможности скачать не было, хотя автор его очень расхваливал
06 May 2020
спасибо за индикатор, будем проверять его. Сайт конечно автора вообще там такое чувство что это грааль, но чего он его продает за такие копейки тогда?)
06 May 2020
Платить за него точно бы не стал, даже 15 баксов этих или 1000 рублей, потому что картинки уж очень красивые, прям только прибыль и прибыль, и четкие сигналы. но по факту видимо теперь, что все не так как описано. а бесплатно посмотреть почему бы и нет
06 May 2020
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