The binary options indicator Shadow Pulse is a paid impulse indicator, the algorithm of which, as is often the case, was copied from another indicator (CSI), which is based on short-term impulses of price fluctuations. In addition, levels and signals have been added to the indicator, but even with CSI you can make exactly the same transactions without any problems.

Also, the price of the Shadow Pulse indicator is currently 6,420 rubles, but it is absolutely not worth the money, as you will see later.

At the end of the article, you will be able to download a free analogue of this indicator, from which the Shadow Pulse algorithm was most likely copied.

Shadow Pulse indicator chart

Characteristics of the Shadow Pulse Indicator (CSI)

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .
  • Time frame: M5.
  • Expiration: 3 candles.
  • Types of options: Call/Put.
  • Indicators: CSI, KG_Support_and_Resistance.ex4.
  • Trading instruments: any.
  • Trading hours: 8:00-18:00.
  • Recommended brokers: Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

Installing the Shadow Pulse Indicator (CSI) in MT4

Indicators are installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

MetaTrader 4 instructions for installing indicators:

Trading rules and description of the Shadow Pulse indicator (CSI)

The website of the author of the Shadow Pulse indicator states that the indicator algorithm is built on:

  1. Actions of a major player;
  2. Levels relative to open positions of a major player;
  3. Finding the impulse.

Shadow Pulse on the author's website

We can agree that the indicator really analyzes the price and determines the impulse, although there is nothing complicated in this and Bollinger Bands can do the same without any problems, but there is no doubt that this indicator will not be able to determine the actions of a major player.

The concept of a “big player” can be applied to stocks or futures on a real exchange, since there it is possible to see real volumes during trading , but even with such information it is almost impossible to understand, since it is not known who exactly made certain transactions.

The Forex market is considered decentralized because there is no single trading platform where everyone can trade currencies or metals. This means that no open positions on currency pairs can be determined, from which we can conclude that the levels that the indicator builds can be based on anything, but definitely not on the actions of a major player.

Note: it is also worth saying that the author of the Shadow Pulse indicator is the author of other indicators, and about most of them he says that they are ways to determine the actions of a major player, although this is not the case.

Shadow Pulse indicator – reviews

Since the Shadow Pulse indicator appeared quite recently and few people had time to test it, there are very few reviews about it, but there was one most remarkable one:

Shadow Pulse indicator reviews

And as you can see, it says that this is just another copy, albeit made in a completely different way, but the essence, most likely, has not changed and the indicator is unlikely to be profitable in the long run.

How to get the Shadow Pulse indicator for free?

As mentioned above, the Shadow Pulse indicator is visually very similar to the CSI indicator and was quite possibly made on its basis. If you compare both of these indicators, you can see that they are no different in terms of construction even at different price points, and even if their algorithm is different, then a minimal number of changes were made to Shadow Pulse:

Comparison of Shadow Pulse and CSI

This means that the CSI indicator can be used in trading in the same way, and for free.

The Shadow Pulse indicator also contains levels that can be easily replaced with the KG Support and Resistance indicator (available in the archive at the end of the article) or select any other level indicator from the TOP list of the best indicators of support and resistance levels .

As a result, by adding indicators to the chart, you can get a similar template:

Shadow Pulse Template

Trading rules and transactions using the Shadow Pulse indicator (CSI)

Despite the fact that there are no signals in the CSI indicator, you can use it in another way, which is suggested by the author of the Shadow Pulse indicator.

The essence of trading is to buy options after a price impulse, which can be understood by the indicator crossing the “1” and “-1” levels. In this case, levels serve as an additional filter, and transactions should be made only when they are supported by levels, and expiration should be used in 3 candles. The best timeframe for binary options when working with these indicators is M5 (5 minutes).

Call option

When a signal appears in this case, it is important to understand that the level had already been formed earlier, after which the price once again approached it on impulse, and this was shown by the CSI indicator:

Call using the Shadow Pulse indicator

Put option

The same situation occurred in this case, when the impulse movement was just towards an already formed level:

Put according to the Shadow Pulse indicator


As a result, using the free indicators CSI and KG Support and Resistance, you can get exactly the same signals as when trading using the Shadow Pulse indicator, and taking into account the fact that much of what is written on the author’s website is not true, we can conclude that it is exactly not worth the money.

And do not forget that in trading you should always adhere to the rules of money management and risk management , and it is best to make transactions through a quality broker, which you can choose in our rating of binary options brokers .

Download the Shadow Pulse indicator (CSI) for free


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Алексей Ветров
Алексей Ветров
Хороший индикатор на поимку крупной рыбки)) Использовал его ранее по совету своего товарища, как он сказал этот индикатор показывает "умные деньги" и здесь уже сам решаешь идти за ними или нет.
03 February 2021
Вот тут правильно автор подметил_Рынок Форекс считается децентрализованным, так как у него не существует единой торговой площадки, где все могли бы совершать сделки с валютами или металлами.Я бы ещё подчеркнул,что так оно и есть.
соглашусь тоже, самое смешное что эти все новые платные индикаторы рассчитаны вообще на тех, кто нифига не разбирается. в каждом пишется про крупных игроков, супер обьемы какие-то от сделок, супер умные инновационные алгоритмы хотя все это торугется просто в мт4 у какой-то кухонного брокера, даже не на настоящем форексе!!!
27 October 2020
Вот тут правильно автор подметил_Рынок Форекс считается децентрализованным, так как у него не существует единой торговой площадки, где все могли бы совершать сделки с валютами или металлами.Я бы ещё подчеркнул,что так оно и есть.
27 October 2020
индикатор shadow pulseточно не грааль, а про крупного игрока уже смешно читать! одно и тоже все время. и неужто кто-то ведется. та и ладно стоил бы индюк 500 рублей, а тут 6500 почти!
20 October 2020
Если бы его можно было ломануть, он бы уже был скорее всего. видимо там сложно все или другие причины. а значит бесплатной версии может и не быть даже у пиратов) спасибо за аналог? буду смотреть)
20 October 2020
индикатор shadow pulseточно не грааль, а про крупного игрока уже смешно читать! одно и тоже все время. и неужто кто-то ведется. та и ладно стоил бы индюк 500 рублей, а тут 6500 почти!
а знаешь что самое смешное? что покупают же))
20 October 2020
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