Making money with binary options attracts both beginners and experienced traders, since it is not possible to earn up to 100% profit in a matter of minutes everywhere. Such prospects are very fascinating, but, unfortunately, not everyone can earn such huge interest on investments over such a period of time using binary options. There are currently many strategies and indicators on the Internet for small time frames and short-term trading, but not all of them can be effective at certain times. But almost all of them use different types of indicators. Experienced traders know that any new strategy or indicator for binary options needs to be tested many times on demo accounts or in testers, and therefore few “seasoned” traders lose money on strategies from the network, and some even manage to start making stable profits . But beginners most often face failure, since due to lack of experience they do not know which points should be taken into account when trading and which not. And even the most “chewed” strategy can bring losses instead of profits.


If you are wondering whether it is possible to start making money on binary options using scalping and short-term trading, then the answer is yes. But this will require significant knowledge and years of practice. No one will be able to start earning consistently after just a month of trading. Whatever strategy is used, the “market noise” will most likely confuse an inexperienced trader and cause him to lose his deposit. It is always worth considering that indicators are computer algorithms that just follow the price and nothing more. It is possible to use them successfully, but you will need to begin to understand how markets work, what a trend is , and why trading assets change prices.

Statistics say that 95% of traders lose their investments. Some almost immediately, some more slowly. Despite this, beginners continue to apply complex trading strategies for binary options without spending a single minute learning the basics of trading, which continues to replenish the “piggy bank” of trading participants who are merging. Wouldn't it be the right decision to start trading binary options with something simple?

Next, we will get acquainted with the author's trading strategy for binary options, which does not use indicators.

The essence of the insider strategy for binary options

It is important for novice traders to understand one simple pattern - the driving force of financial markets is trading volumes, and not macroeconomic or geopolitical factors. Therefore, the most objective analysis can be obtained by using volumes. The more people want to buy a certain asset, the more expensive it will become. The only problem is that real volumes can be seen in special semi-professional and professional terminals, which are not free. Do not confuse tick volumes that are available in MetaTrader 4 and 5 with real ones. Such volumes should not be used, as they do not reflect the real picture of what is happening.

Binary options trading mainly uses currency pairs. The Forex market does not have a single trading platform and therefore it is impossible to calculate the volumes that occur when trading the same EUR/USD, since at the same moment the exchange can take place in America, China and England in different banks.

There are other derivatives that provide volume. For example, on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, futures for currencies are traded, the volume of which is fully known. But our strategy will not require actual volumes; the essence of this information is that traders trading futures use not only market orders, but also limit ones. And as you know, demand shapes supply and vice versa. And before the opening of the exchange, many orders are collected, which often determine the movement of the asset price for that day. This is important to remember for a correct understanding of the strategy we are considering.

Real volumes

Characteristics of an insider strategy for binary options

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4.
  • Time frame: M15.
  • Expiration: 15 minutes.
  • Types of options: Call/Put.
  • Indicators: not required.
  • Trading instruments: currency pairs only.
  • Trading time: 11:00-11:15 Moscow time.
  • Recommended brokers: Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

Rules for trading using an insider strategy for binary options

This trading strategy is great for binary options, and its rules are quite simple.

This may seem strange to some, but working with this strategy for binary options will only take 15 minutes a day at the opening of the London trading session. Having studied the trading session times , we can see that the session we need starts at 11:00 Moscow time.

One of the best indicators in trading is the price represented by Japanese candlesticks. And most importantly, we will not need to purchase access to platforms with volumes. In binary options trading, it does not matter how far the price has passed. It is only important for us to correctly predict the direction.

So, to open a Call option you need to:

  • The candle at 10:45 closed up.

To open a Put option you need to:

  • The candle at 10:45 closed down.

When the candle at 10:45 on the 15-minute chart closes upward, then with a probability of 66.6% the next candle will also close in this direction, that is, upward. The same rule applies to candles closed down. The reason why this happens is that the sentiment of traders in England is largely represented in the last candles before the opening of the London trading session. And therefore a corresponding reaction occurs.

Please note that in the pictures that will be used further for examples, the time for candles is set before the opening of the London session at 9:45. This is because this broker's terminal time is set to a different time zone, according to which the London session opens at 10:00. For MSK you only need to use 10:45! If you are in a different time zone, then select the time using the trading sessions table.

Examples of trading using an insider strategy for binary options

For example, we take the EUR/USD currency pair, since it is one of the three most popular currencies in England.

Opening Call and Put options

01/20/20 - Put option 01/21/20 - Put option 01/22/20 - Call option 01/23/20 - Call option 01/24/20 - Call option

Put option

Put option

Call option

Call option

Call option

For the entire trading week (20-24.01), consisting of five days, we received 3 profitable trades and 2 unprofitable ones, which is 66.6% in the ratio.

Important Note When Trading with the Binary Options Insider Strategy

Unfortunately, it is impossible for every week to be like this, otherwise the market would no longer exist and such a strategy could be considered the “Grail”. There will be weeks in which there will be more losing trades than profitable ones, so you should never forget about risk management and money management . Open options with a volume of no more than 2% of your deposit and acquire additional knowledge and experience so that you can reinsure yourself in some transactions.


This insider strategy for binary options can be used as a stand-alone strategy that will save a lot of time. And you can use it additionally with your strategy. However, remember that any strategies must first be tested on demo accounts, and only then switch to a real account. If you are still in doubt about choosing a broker, you can check out our rating of binary options brokers and choose the one you like best. And we wish you successful trading and profit!

Can't figure out how this strategy or indicator works? Write about it in the comments to this article, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel WinOptionSignals , where we will definitely answer all your questions in the video.


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Название интересное - инсайдерская, но по факту конечно не грааль, а просто нормальная стратегия для бинарных опционов, к которой нужен подход, т.к. все же 100% никогда не получится получать прибыли от всех сигналов. и поэтому нужно понимать что такое риски и мани менеджмент
30 January 2020
интересно интересно, будем пробовать, правда дин сигнал в день в одно и тоже время как-то мало, хотя никто не запрещает торговать другими способами))
30 January 2020
выглядит прикольно за счет того, что нет индикаторов и вроде как реально инсайд какой-то, но на деле может оказаться иначе, собрать бы историю по таким сделкам за годик)
30 January 2020
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