beast indicator for binary options Time is one of the main factors in binary options. For successful trading, it is important to use a reliable trading system that provides forecasts on different time periods.

The Beast indicator is a arrow indicator for binary options that includes a comprehensive system that saves the investor a lot of effort. The generated signals for binary options are simple and clear; there is no need to analyze the market situation for a long time and only then make a decision, wasting precious minutes.

The developers of the popular tool claim that its profitability is about 70%.

Conditions for using the Beast indicator:


Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4:

Feature of the Beast indicator

The entry signal is generated by analyzing the indicators of three reliable instruments: RSI , CCI , WPR. Each of them has flexible settings to adapt to the trader’s requirements: periods and overbought/oversold levels change.


The ArrowType option changes the style of information display. You can choose the most convenient visualization, for example:

  • thickness of the arrows;
  • thumb icon;
  • index finger icon;
  • fractal icon..

Signal pop-up alerts are a very convenient thing, especially if an investor is monitoring the charts of several assets. They are turned on using an alert in MT4; AlertOn should be set to true. Equally useful is informing about the appearance of a login point via email.

The indicator draws two types of arrows on the chart: down and up. You need to open a trade after the signal candle closes. The direction of the contract - Put or Call - is selected according to the arrow. The expiration time of the contract depends on the chart period and is set equal to one candle.

How to use the indicator in practice

Any tool in the financial markets is not used without filters, Beast is no exception. It is used as part of a comprehensive strategy. Let's consider, for example, one of them (adapted for M30).

Rules for opening trades:

  1. We are waiting for notification from Beast. It will contain the following data: currency pair, timeframe, recommendation (buy or sell an asset);
  2. check the chart: the signal candle should go beyond the Bollinger Bands ;
  3. if the transaction turns out to be unprofitable, we buy a new option on the next candle, taking into account the martingale principle . You should not use more than 4 elbows . It only makes sense to raise rates during periods of significant price movements.


News release and options trading

Always check the economic calendar to see if there is any news coming out that could cause price spikes. It is better not to enter the market at all during important events. But if you still do not want to miss a favorable situation, make sure that the news comes out no earlier than 2 expiration dates of the option, otherwise its influence can change the existing trend and cause losses.

Examples of buying options:

Situation 1.

Let's consider the AUDUSD pair, M30 timeframe.

The green horizontal lines below the chart show successful trades, the red ones show unprofitable ones.


Situation 2.

The USDCHF currency pair on the M30 clearly shows that a candle crossing the extreme boundaries of the Bollinger Bands is not always a sufficient guarantee for a profitable rate. The risk of a loss is reduced if the body of the signal candle completely goes beyond the lines of the Bollinger Bands indicator - the probability of a rollback increases.



The Beast tool is a good basis for an effective trading strategy. By optimizing the settings, you can get excellent results, no less impressive than when using paid software products.

To trade, an investor must determine a list of pairs that are most volatile during the period when he is at the computer.

Beast is excellent at catching short-term movements, generating signals with a high degree of profitability.

Download the Beast indicator


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Максим Максимович
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19 January 2017
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