Traders are constantly looking for binary options trading strategies that work. However, if they manage to solve this problem, then the profit from financial transactions can reach 85%. This is exactly the outcome of transactions that should be expected if you use the 60 Seconds Profit Master strategy, which is designed for trading turbo options with an expiration time of 60 seconds. But in order to achieve such results, it is important to comply with several conditions, some of which may be difficult at first. But gradually, by trading on a demo account, the trader will learn to work with this strategy and begin to make big profits.

Main features of the strategy

This strategy in relation to turbo options trading has the following characteristics:

  • trading period - 24 hours a day;
  • time interval - H1
  • Option validity period: 60 seconds;
  • asset type - any currency pairs.

Optimal conditions for trading turbo options using this strategy are offered by brokers Alpari , Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

60 Seconds Profit Master chart

Tools of the trade

The 60 Seconds Profit Master trading strategy is based on three indicators that can be installed in the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal:

  • 60s Master.v3 – indicator indicating the entry point with an arrow;
  • Caixxa_v3 – oscillator used to filter false signals;
  • THV Coral is an improved version of the moving average with a period of 12, which, by changing color, shows the current market expectation.

These indicators are installed into the trading platform using a standard algorithm.

Conditions for opening a buy transaction

Within the framework of the strategy under consideration, the Call option must be purchased if on the price chart:

  • the arrow colored green points up;
  • the yellow line of the filter indicator moved away from the channel border and crossed the blue line from bottom to top;
  • the moving average line is colored blue (optional condition).

If the above conditions are simultaneously met, it is necessary to open a deal to buy an option on the next candle, setting the expiration period to 60 seconds.

Call signal with 60 Seconds Profit Master

Conditions for opening a sell transaction

You should open a deal to buy Put if:

  • a red arrow pointing downward appeared on the price chart;
  • the yellow line of the filter indicator crossed the blue line from top to bottom;
  • the moving average is colored red (optional condition).

If the above conditions are met, you need to place an order to buy PUT with the specified expiration date on the next candle.

Put signal 60 Seconds Profit Master

Additional conditions for using the strategy

The more accurately the above rules are followed, the more likely it is that the strategy will generate income. If the yellow line touches or goes beyond the boundaries of the channel, this indicates that the market is either overbought or oversold. It is highly not recommended to open an order if this condition is not met or if 5 or more candles have formed after the arrow appears.

Example 60 Seconds Profit Master chart


This strategy is highly effective provided that the trading rules are followed. This approach can also be used when trading within the framework of scalping on the M5 and M15 timeframes. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the signals from the THV Coral indicator, which shows the current direction of the trend. But in relation to the strategy under consideration, this tool does not provide useful information. A number of traders use the considered indicators on other timeframes. But before changing trading conditions, it is recommended to test the new strategy on a demo account.

Download the 60 seconds profit master strategy


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4033 Я бы еще понял, если бы это была новогодняя елка а не стратегия, а так один индюк и все не так сложно
31 March 2020
Мне как-то сложно ее воспринимать, все эти линии как для новичка тяжело...
да там ничего сложного нет, просто последовательность выполняешь и все, надо просто привыкнуть)
25 February 2020
4031 Мне как-то сложно ее воспринимать, все эти линии как для новичка тяжело...
17 January 2020
2714 Хорошая стратегия. Мне, как новичку, очень подошла. Хотя и не получается достичь мне обещанных 70% ITM, но и 60% для меня очень неплохо.
05 September 2019
2713 В течении месяца тестил стратегию. Сначала забил на инструкции к ней и слил почти весь депозит. Потом все-таки начал следовать правилам и о чудо, почти 80% прибыли. Так что, не только вернул слитое, но и наварился.
05 September 2019
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