Scalping stands out among the riskiest binary options trading strategies . At the same time, it attracts many traders, as it allows them to quickly achieve high results and receive large income from working in the financial market of binary options. We recommend using special indicators when working with scalping. These tools will provide access to profitable trades.

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4 :

Scalper Dream

The Scalper Dream indicator is supported by the Meta Trader 4 platform and belongs to the scalper indicators for binary options. After installing the instrument into the platform and applying it to the desired asset, a new window with a histogram appears under the chart of the selected asset. The chart itself displays the following text information:

  • strength of the current trend;
  • name of the selected asset;
  • time until the candle closes.

From our point of view, the most important parameter is the strength of the trend.

Scalper Dream Chart

We recommend entering the market when the histogram changes color. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength of the trend. This figure must exceed 65%. Once both conditions are met, you can open an order to buy a call or put option. Certain difficulties may arise with the choice of time interval and expiration. Traders use various charts for analysis, including minute charts. More often, expiration is set at the level of 1-5 candles.

Download the Scalper Dream indicator


Binary Cash Comodo

This is the second scalping indicator that can be used for binary options trading and does not redraw the chart. BinaryCash Comodo is one of the technical analysis arrow tools. According to our experience, the indicator produces very accurate signals for binary options .

One of the features of the tool is that it is easy to use. The indicator signals the presence of a good moment to enter the market by forming an arrow on the chart, the direction of which shows what type of option should be bought (up - Put, down - Call).

An order with an expiration of one bar must be placed immediately after the last candle closes. The time interval can be any, but we recommend working with the M5 timeframe.

The effectiveness of the BinaryCash Comodo scalper in binary options is confirmed by the chart below, which shows that out of four open trades, only one can be unprofitable. In practice, this indicator gives accurate forecasts in 66% of cases. In fact, every second contract (option) out of three turns out to be profitable. It is quite difficult to achieve such a result with scalping using other methods.

BinaryCash Comodo Chart

Among the disadvantages inherent in BinaryCash Comodo, it should be noted that the indicator rarely provides signals for binary options . Moreover, when working with some assets, you have to wait a long time for the arrow to appear. Therefore, we recommend opening several price charts at the same time to ensure dynamic trading.

Download BinaryCash Comodo indicator


Double ZigZag

The ZigZag scalper belongs to the group of classic indicators used in scalping. The signals this tool gives often turn out to be correct. However, notification of the moment to enter the market arrives with a noticeable delay.

As a result, traders began experimenting with the indicator, trying to eliminate its shortcomings. This has led to the emergence of many versions of the product, some of which today can only be obtained for money. Among the free modifications of the ZigZag scalping indicator, the Double ZigZag indicator without redrawing stands out, which differs from the classic one in that it gives more accurate signals and dots appear on the chart instead of the usual arrows.

Double ZigZag chart

Each such signal indicates an imminent change in trend direction. A blue dot indicates a decrease in price, an orange dot indicates an increase. The absence of redrawing and high accuracy are not able to completely eliminate the main drawback of Double ZigZag: like the classic version, this indicator provides signals for binary options with a noticeable delay.

Download the Double ZigZag indicator


Standard indicators

When using a scalping strategy when trading binary options, it is not necessary to use specific indicators. Standard tools included in most well-known platforms and available on live charts are also suitable for this type of trading. We recommend using similar scalping indicators for binary options in combinations, since individually they often give false signals.

In addition, in order to mitigate the previously described disadvantages, you should simultaneously use lagging (moving average, Bollinger waves and others) and leading (Stochastic, RSI) tools.

Another point we would like to focus on concerns indicators without redrawing . These tools include not only the oscillators described above. Most popular indicators do not redraw. In particular, the moving average is fixed at a certain position after the candle closes and does not change its position over time.

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Скажу так, для скальпинга и не нужно никаких специфических индикаторов, тут стрелочные лучше всего работают, я еще бывает вместе с канальными их сочетаю, в зависимости от тренда и волатильности рынка. За эти спасибо кстати, попробую, может они лучше чем те которые я использую.
16 March 2021
Максим Максимович
Максим Максимович
Скальпировать на бо очень сложно, а торговля на минутках, это не скальпинг, это турбо-опционы)
07 March 2020
скальпинг это конечно круто, быстрая прибыль, но для бо сложно его применять. индикаторы пойдут, некотоыре можно и не для скальпинга юзать
20 February 2020
Можно ли зарабатывать скальпингом? можно. хватит ли нервов и желания этим заниматься? думаю вряд ли. пройдет немного времени и станет что это дорога в никуда.
19 January 2020
Хороший индикатор. В работе себя показал наилучшим образом. Помогает подняться хорошо.
28 December 2018
Не сторонник я скальпинга, но в закладочки закинул индикатор. Вдруг изменю свое мнение к этой стратегии.
25 December 2018
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