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The first ideas that formed the basis of blockchain technology, on the basis of which all cryptocurrencies are developed today, appeared at the end of the last century. But the world's first cryptocurrency - Bitcoin , was introduced only in 2008 and over the next four years, few network users knew about it due to its novelty and very low popularity. However, already in 2012 there was a sharp increase in interest in cryptocurrencies, which led to a rapid increase in their value.

Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the creator of the blockchain and Bitcoin, but besides him there are other famous personalities who developed the original idea and proposed several products that in some sense surpassed BTC.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Man with a question A network user who registered in 2008 on one of the forums under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto published a multi-page report that described the features of this technology. At the same time, the official website of the first cryptocurrency was created - bitcoin.org.

The following year, Satoshi Nakamoto announced the registration of a cryptocurrency wallet for storing Bitcoin coins, and later continued to take part in the development of the project.

In 2010, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) unexpectedly showed interest in Bitcoin, but, as it turned out, no one could call Satoshi Nakamoto for a conversation, since the identity of this man, as well as his address, remained unknown.

After this, the CIA contacted one of the users who collaborated with Nakamoto, asking him to convey an invitation to a meeting to the creator of BTC, but Satoshi did not respond to this message. Moreover, after that incident he did not appear officially (at least under his own name) on the Internet.

Many believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is a fictitious name, and a number of researchers believe that Nick Szabo, Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto or Craig Wright are hiding under this nickname.

And the appearance of people with non-Japanese names on this list is not accidental, since the white paper on Bitcoin was written in good English.

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Many consider Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto to be one of the possible creators of Bitcoin, but under this name hides an elderly Japanese man, about whom nothing is known among professional programmers.

Dorian Staoshi Nakamoto has stated many times that he did not create Bitcoin and, moreover, he threatened to sue those who associated him with this cryptocurrency.

In favor of the fact that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is not the developer of Bitcoin is the fact that this person is in a tight financial situation, which is suspicious, since the creator of Bitcoin mined 1 million BTC at the very beginning, after which he “broke” this amount into many parts of 50 BTC each and sent to different wallets.

Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo Nick Szabo is the second candidate for the title of Bitcoin creator, but he also officially stated that he is not a cryptocurrency developer, but emphasized that he understands the features of the blockchain.

He proposed similar developments even before the appearance of the first cryptocurrency, which is why Szabo subsequently took part in conferences dedicated to blockchain more than once and proposed his own ideas regarding the development of the technology.

Craig Wright

Craig Wright Wright, unlike the above individuals, stated that he really is the creator of Bitcoin. He even published some evidence showing his connection with the first cryptocurrency, where he said that he started mining Bitcoin back in 2009 and managed to mine a lot of BTC, but the global crypto community refuses to believe Wright’s words.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin Some sources have reported that the creator of Bitcoin is Vital Buterin, but this data has no basis. Vitalik Buterin is a Canadian programmer with Russian roots, born in 1994, who has been interested in computer technology since childhood.

As a teenager, Buterin became acquainted with Bitcoin and blockchain, after which he became obsessed with the idea of ​​​​creating something new based on this technology. The result of his work was the emergence of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and a platform providing smart contracts.

According to the creator’s statements, Ethereum opens up a completely different direction for the development of financial relations and, in his opinion, will help to abandon the banking system and regulatory authorities.

Charles Lee

Charles Lee Perhaps the third most famous cryptocurrency in the world is Litecoin , created by Charles Lee.

This man began to develop a new coin after meeting BTC, so Litecoin borrowed quite a lot from the first cryptocurrency, but in comparison with Bitcoin, Charles’ coin is less cumbersome.

Like Buterin, Charles Lee willingly communicates with journalists, without leading a secretive lifestyle, unlike Nakamoto, and is also currently collaborating with one of the cryptocurrency exchanges .

Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb Jed McCaleb gained popularity due to the growing popularity of the Ripple cryptocurrency , which he created. Later, based on this coin, the Stellar cryptocurrency was also invented.

Currently, McCaleb is creating new file sharing services and cryptocurrency exchanges, and also continues to develop Stellar.

It is noteworthy that after the release of the next project, Jed abandoned it for new, more interesting ideas.

Evan Duffield

Evan Duffield Duffield's name became famous thanks to his entry into the Dash cryptocurrency market.

This coin, unlike many others, provides complete anonymity to users, but among professional programmers, Duffield’s name has been known for a long time, as he took part in the development of Bitcoin.

He proposed introducing several of his own ideas into this system that could improve the functionality of the cryptocurrency, one of which was aimed at speeding up transactions with Bitcoin, which are carried out too slowly. The developer also drew attention to the fact that this coin is limited in its development, and its system does not completely hide users.

Due to the fact that the BTC community abandoned Duffield's ideas, he decided to create his own project, later called Dash. The basis of this cryptocurrency is the same technologies on which Bitcoin is implemented, but in the Dash network, income from mining is redistributed differently and 10% of total earnings goes to the development of the system.

Why do you need to know these people?

The individuals listed above are legends in the cryptocurrency world who:

  • made revolutionary discoveries in the digital world;
  • were able to attract many people to the cryptocurrency market;
  • received practical and economic benefits from their ideas.

All of the people listed above have now become dollar millionaires thanks to their developments, but Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the richest, since he owns a whole million BTC, which, with the cost of one Bitcoin being $10,000, is $10 billion.


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Вот теперь я знаю их в лицо.
08 May 2023
Я все равно к крипте отношусь с некоторым недоверием и осторожностью.
05 May 2023
Иннокентий Смоктуновский
Иннокентий Смоктуновский
есть теория что крипту придумало секретное агенство сша и это они прикидывались накамото
01 October 2020
есть теория что крипту придумало секретное агенство сша и это они прикидывались накамото
и такое может быть...
01 October 2020
миллион биткоинов, это ж капец. можно просто обвалить цену до 0_))))
01 October 2020
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