The basis of the Impulse Trading trading strategy, developed specifically for binary options trading, is the readings of the impulse AA indicator and 123PatternsV6. This system is used in asset trading on any time interval suitable for the trader (recommended not lower than M5). This strategy should be traded during the European and American sessions , setting the expiration date at 30 minutes for M5 and 90 minutes for M15 (6 timeframe candles).

Chart with impulse indicator

How to Install the Impulse Trading Strategy

The software product is installed using a standard algorithm . After unpacking the archive, MQL4 is moved to the OpenData Folder folder of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. Then MT4 reboots and a price chart is launched with any currency pair on which it is necessary to display the template of this system.

Installing a template

Choosing an Impulse Trading template

Opening a buy deal (CALL option)

Trading within the Impulse Trading system comes down to following two rules. Transactions for the purchase of Call binary options should be opened if the following conditions are met step by step:

  • the green impulse on the aa indicator has broken through level 20 (a slanted green arrow will appear on the chart);
  • a blue arrow appears on the graph;
  • the price chart from bottom to top broke the blue line 123PatternV6.

After these three factors appear on the chart, you should open a CALL option with an expiration of 6 candles immediately after breaking through the blue indicator 123PatternV6.

Call options with the Impulse Trading strategy

Opening a sell transaction (PUT option)

It is recommended to buy Put options if the opposite situation occurs:

  • the red impulse on the aa indicator is above level 20;
  • a red arrow appeared on the graph;
  • the price chart from top to bottom has broken through the 123PatternV6 line.

After these three factors appear on the chart, you should open the PUT option with an expiration of 6 candles immediately after breaking the red line of the 123PatternV6 indicator

Put options with the Impulse Trading strategy

The Impulse Trading strategy is very convenient for trading binary options, as it produces signals in several stages and you can prepare in advance to enter a trade. Also, to successfully trade binary options using this strategy, you will need a reliable broker that does not create delays in opening transactions and provides high odds. You can find the current rating of reliable brokers on our website in the section " Best binary options brokers "

Download indicators and strategy template Impulse Trading


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Я бы взял другой индюк для уровней, ну а так отличная стратегия
27 March 2020
индикатор импульсов понравился вообще, взял его для своей стратегии
02 February 2020
Импульсы вкупе с уровнями вообще отлично работают, класс, спасибо
19 January 2020
Существует куча всяких стратегий, индикаторов и прочей ерунды, в то время как на деле рабочими оказываются самые простые стратегии
10 May 2019
Это одна из лучших стратегий, если не сказать лучшая! Спасибо!
20 April 2019
Неплохая стратегия, хорошие результаты показывает!
03 April 2019
Отличная стратегия! ITM больше 75%
23 March 2019
Ребята, индикатор просто великолепен… Если не торговать против тренда и не обращать внимания на экономические новости, то очень прибыльная стратегия.
08 March 2019
Отличная вещь, получаю более 80% успешных сигналов, но есть и недостаток. Нет предупреждения на стрелку, чтобы я мог знать, когда следить за сигналами.
03 March 2019
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