When choosing a brokerage company, users take into account several parameters. But the most important thing among them is how money is withdrawn from the trading account, will the broker keep it for himself or maybe he is a scammer? If a company does not allow you to receive your earnings, then you cannot cooperate with such an organization.

We have prepared a review of such a binary options broker as Pocket Option , paying attention to the features of withdrawing cash from the broker's account. Additionally, they provided information about the pitfalls that users may encounter when withdrawing money from the binary options broker PocketOption.

Pocket Option platform

Options for withdrawing money from your account on Pocket Option

Pocket Option has established itself as a broker that always withdraws money from its clients. However, when performing such operations, several nuances must be taken into account:

  1. You can withdraw money only to the account from which the deposit was made on the broker’s website. Many financial companies do the same. Therefore, this nuance does not seem unusual to experienced traders.
  2. Withdrawing money to a bank card is processed as a refund. In this regard, in such cases, you can withdraw only the amount that the trader transferred to the deposit. For example, if a user sent $100 to an account, then he will only be able to send $100 to a bank card. The remaining amount can be transferred in other ways, which must be previously discussed with the broker's support service. It is worth noting that other financial companies follow similar practices.
  3. Money is withdrawn from the account provided that the trader has passed the account verification procedure.
  4. In some cases, the broker requests from the trader a photograph that shows the user’s face and an unfolded passport together. This procedure is designed to protect your account from fraudsters and the company itself, which thus protects itself, for example, from minor clients.

Another important nuance that should be taken into account is that money from a deposit on the broker’s website is withdrawn within a few days. It is impossible to predict the exact timing of funds transfer. It also happens that the broker transfers money on the same day the application was sent.

Real examples of withdrawing money from a Pocket Option deposit

As proof that Pocket Option does indeed withdraw money from users upon their request, below are screenshots of withdrawals that were made from different accounts.

History of transactions in Pocket Option

Operations in Pocket Option

Withdrawing funds from Pocket Option

Withdrawal of funds

However, despite the above examples, when working with Pocket Option you need to take into account some pitfalls, a list of which is given below. Be sure to read them so as not to consider the broker a scammer.

Possible problems when withdrawing money

All terms of cooperation (including the procedure for replenishing a deposit and withdrawing money from the account) are given in the client agreement.

Pocket Option User Agreement

When working with Pocket Option (and other brokers ), it is not recommended to engage in fraud. In particular, you should not open a trading account to a third party. This will allow you to confirm (verify) your account at any time. Also, you should not fund your trading account from bank cards or electronic wallets belonging to other people. Because of this, the broker often blocks the account.

A number of traders, when opening an account on Pocket Option, resort to one trick, which, under certain conditions, can bring relatively large income. To do this, two users simultaneously open accounts, receiving an additional bonus in the amount of 100% of the deposit made. After this, both traders begin to trade in opposite directions. As a result, one of the deposits goes to zero, but on the other there appears an amount exceeding the total losses. Brokers monitor such manipulations and punish users.

In addition, it is not recommended to issue no deposit bonuses to relatives. Brokers monitor this too.


Pocket Option is reliable in that it always pays out. All that remains is to learn how to earn them. At the same time, traders must comply with the rules of cooperation, otherwise the PocketOption broker may apply sanctions and block the account. In such cases, it is impossible to withdraw earned money.

Open an account with PocketOption

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