The Dynamic Sync binary options strategy includes trend scanners as well as trend indicators that were originally intended for the Forex market. But any Forex strategy can be adapted for binary options , which is what was done in this case. As a result, the result is a rather interesting trading system, trading with which you can receive signals for both turbo options and more conservative transactions.

Dynamic Sync Strategy

Characteristics of the strategy for binary options Dynamic Sync

  • Terminal: MetaTrader 4 .
  • Time frame: M1-H1.
  • Expiration: 1 candle or 10 candles.
  • Types of options: Call/Put.
  • Indicators: Sync Candles, Sync MA, Sync Momentum All, Sync Overall Trend Analyzer v2, Sync Trading System v1.4, Sync Trend Scanner.
  • Trading instruments: any.
  • Trading hours: 8:00-18:00.
  • Recommended brokers: Quotex , PocketOption , Binarium .

Installing Dynamic Sync Strategy Indicators in MT4

Indicators are installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

There are a lot of indicators used in this trading strategy, and the best option would be to install them using a template, which can be downloaded at the end of the article along with the indicators.

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4:

Rules for trading using the Dynamic Sync strategy

Since this strategy is a trend one, it is important to understand what a trend is and how to determine it .

Also, the Dynamic Sync strategy involves two types of trading:

  • Turbo options.
  • Conservative trading.

As you know, turbo options are most often traded with an expiration of 60 seconds and on the M1 time frame. This type of trading is riskier and is not recommended for beginners. Conservative trading uses an expiration of 10 candles from any time frame and is suitable for traders with any level of knowledge and experience.

To buy Call options using this strategy, you will need to follow several rules:

  1. The price was above the MA Sync indicator and the indicator was lime green.
  2. The candle was green.
  3. Any green arrow appears.
  4. The Sync Trend Scanner indicator was green.
  5. The Sync Momentum All indicator lines were above the zero level.
  6. The Sync Overall Trend Analyzer v2 indicator was lime, green, or dark red (but not red).

To purchase Put options, the same rules will be required, but in reverse:

  1. The price was below the MA Sync indicator and the indicator was red.
  2. The candle was red.
  3. Any red arrow appears.
  4. The Sync Trend Scanner indicator was red.
  5. The Sync Momentum All indicator lines were below the zero level.
  6. The Sync Overall Trend Analyzer v2 indicator was red, dark red, or green (but not lime).

The Sync Trading System v1.4 indicator (arrows) provides alerts, so you don’t need to monitor your assets all the time yourself:

Dynamic Sync Strategy Alerts

Examples of trading using the Dynamic Sync strategy

As discussed above, there are two types of trading for this strategy, and in the examples we will consider both the conservative option and the option for turbo options. We will use the USD/JPY currency pair and the M1 time frame.

Opening a Call Option

The conservative method allows you to make trades without haste, receiving accurate signals, as in this case:

Call option

And this is an example of turbo options trading. The same section of the graph is taken:

Turbo option Call

Opening a Put option

Trading Put options is no different. Conservative method with all the rules fulfilled and without haste:

Put option

The same can be said about turbo options. The essence of trading is the same as with Call options:

Turbo put option

Important : trading turbo options using this strategy carries increased risks and a high probability of losing your deposit. Before using it, you should definitely test this type of trading on a demo account.

There are times when all the rules converge and it seems that this is the ideal moment to enter a trade, but in reality it may turn out differently:

False signal for Call option

The same situation with Put options:

False signal for PUT option


As a result, we have a workable binary options trading strategy that can bring super-profits when trading turbo options. But do not forget that such trading is not suitable for every trader and, more importantly, there is no guarantee that this type of trading will bring a stable income. Therefore, the best option would be to use a conservative method.

Also, for profitable trading, it is important to work through a trusted broker. If you have not yet found one, then you can familiarize yourself with our rating of binary options brokers and choose the right one.

Download indicators and template for the Dynamic Sync strategy


Can't figure out how this strategy or indicator works? Write about it in the comments to this article, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel WinOptionSignals , where we will definitely answer all your questions in the video.


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