The Binary Master Strategy, as the developers claim, ensures up to 70% of successful transactions, includes two accurate indicators for MT4 and is suitable for work even by novice binary options traders . Signals for trading binary options, on the basis of which users decide to enter the market, arise at the moment of intersection of the SMA Crossover Justin and PinBar indicators (available in the archive at the end of the article). For your convenience, both indicators are already assembled into a template with optimal settings. This strategy is suitable for 24/7 binary options trading with any assets. It is recommended to choose the time frame M5 and buy binary options with an expiration period of 3-5 minutes.

SMA Crossover Justin and PinBar indicators

When to Buy Call Options

Trading using this strategy comes down to following a few simple rules. Call options should be purchased if yellow and then green arrows pointing up appear on the chart at the same time. The first is formed by the PinBar indicator, the second by SMA Crossover Justin. As soon as such a situation arises, you must immediately open a deal.

When to buy Put options

Put options should be purchased after the formation of yellow and red arrows, respectively, pointing down. It is important to remember that the expiration period in each of the above cases should be 3-5 minutes.

PUT options

Call options

Signals on the chart

According to the developers, Binary Master is suitable for the Martingale system , since trading using this strategy does not bring more than three losing trades at the same time. However, any strategy using Martingale is considered to be very risky. In addition, for successful trading with any of the strategies, you will need a reliable binary options broker who will promptly pay you the profit received and will not change the odds during successful trading with this strategy. We recommend choosing one of the reliable brokers in our Rating of the best binary options brokers .

Download indicators and strategy template Binary Master


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А я взяла этот индикатор для форекса и тоже получилось хорошо. а то с экспирациями у меня проблемы)
02 March 2020
К стрелочным индикаторам отношусь скептически, и поэтому всегда подбираю фильтр какой-то .с фильтром работает на ура
14 February 2020
Стрелочников нынче много уже, каждый надо тестить на демо перед работой. этот по тестам пока более менее не плох
22 January 2020
Я эту стратегию немного поменял под себя, использую больше время экспы и хеджирую при этом риски, но и в первоначальном виде стратегия имеет право на жизнь!
23 March 2019
Хорошая рабочая стратегия, у меня прибыльных сделок выше 70%
19 March 2019
Крутая да, надо тестить на реале
17 March 2019
К сожалению, у меня стратегия показала себя средне. Процент выигрышных сделок не более 60%, много ложных сигналов.
06 March 2019
Очень сильная стратегия! у меня под 80% прибыльных сделок
04 March 2019
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