The modified BarsStreet 1.15 indicator is used for trading binary options and the Forex currency market . This tool is universal and suitable for trading with a time interval of both 60 seconds and 1 hour.

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4 :

Description of the indicator

The indicator for binary options BarsStreet 1.15 is designed for round-the-clock trading with a time frame of M1 and higher. With this tool you can buy/sell any currencies. A distinctive feature of the indicator is the absence of redrawing of signals.

BarsStreet 1.15 is presented on the chart as red and blue circles, inside of which there are numbers (from 3 to 12). The appearance of the first one signals the presence of a profitable position for placing an order to buy an asset (Call option). The blue circle indicates the need to sell the currency (purchase a Put option). The numbers indicate the effectiveness of the transaction: the higher the indicator, the more likely it is to make a profit from the operation.

BarsStreet 1.15 chart example

Subject to compliance with deposit management rules, the indicator minimizes the risk of losing funds during trading. To understand the features of the tool, you can consider the following example:

  1. A circle with the number 3 appears on the chart. You need to open a deal (buy or depending on the color of the circle), investing no more than 1% of the deposit.
  2. A circle with the number 4 appears on the chart. No more than 3% of the deposit is allocated for the transaction.
  3. A circle with the number 5 or 6 appears on the chart. You need to place an order to buy the option by investing 6% of the deposit.
  4. A circle with numbers 7-12 appeared on the graph. Investments in the transaction should be 10% of the deposit.

Due to the fact that trading is carried out in an interval of 60 seconds, to conclude a successful transaction, it is enough for one candle to appear, which closes in the desired direction (up for Call or down for Put). For example, the presence of a blue circle with the number 7 is a strong signal to sell an asset.

Candle down on the indicator chart

The BarsStreet 1.15 indicator does not limit traders in choosing a currency pair or time interval. In this case, you need to pay attention to the fact that if you are trading with the M15 timeframe, the expiration date set by the binary options broker should be equal to 15 minutes.

What do the indicator numbers indicate?

The indicator is extremely simple, and essentially simplifies trading for the trader. The numbers placed in circles indicate the number of ascending (descending) bars. This means that the higher the indicator, the more likely the color of the next candle will change. This feature allows you to successfully trade binary options. However, the BarsStreet 1.15 indicator is ineffective when working on the Forex currency market.

Essentially, this tool automates the counting of bars of the same color, thereby speeding up trading. Due to the relatively high efficiency of BarsStreet 1.15 in the binary options market, sellers often appear on the Internet who, under the guise of this indicator, sell useless programs or simply attach a price tag to this indicator, so on the Internet you can find sites where you will be offered to download this indicator for the amount from $190. On our website you can download the BarsStreet indicator 1.15 for free.

How to set up the indicator?

Settings BarsStreet 1.05

BarsStreet 1.15 is a fully automated tool. The indicator allows you to specify a minimum number of settings. In BarsStreet 1.15 you can change the following parameters:

  • size of indicator values ​​on the price chart;
  • type of buy and sell signal (ranging from 3 to 12);
  • start or disable sound notification.

BarsStreet 1.15 is a simple tool that greatly simplifies binary options trading. To increase the profitability of each operation, you can open transactions to buy or sell assets if 7 or more identical bars are formed on the chart, located sequentially (numbers 7-12 in circles). And the Martingale system , used together with BarsStreet 1.15, significantly increases the likelihood of achieving success during operations. At the same time, with Martingale, it is important to enter the market provided that the current deposit is able to withstand a drawdown.

Download BarsStreet indicator 1.15


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Ха, с депозитом, который может выдержать просадку каждый дурак сможет выходить на рынок.
01 September 2023
скальпинг -дело не благодарное)
01 March 2020
индюк чисто для скальпинга, и то если умеешь скальпить.
12 February 2020
Для длительного прогнозирования данный индикатор не особо подходит. Например, пин-бар при подсчете количества не учитывается, а надо бы. Если простым языком, то я о цене открытия-цене закрытия. А вот для рутинной ежедневной торговли самое то. И использовать можно с любыми тактиками.
13 November 2018
Анатолий Фетисов
Индикатор – палочка выручалочка для новичков в торговле. И настроек минимум, и все понятно-доступно. Вот уже более опытному человеку нужно что-то посерьезнее, с большим списком настроек и функций.
12 November 2018
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