The Sniper binary options strategy has many different types, as many traders have tried to improve it. Some options turned out to be less profitable, others, on the contrary, became better than the original.

The advantage of this strategy is that it uses only standard indicators , which are available in many terminals and on many platforms.

Sniper Strategy

How the strategy for binary options Sniper works

This strategy is based on the trend indicator Moving Average and the oscillator indicator MACD . In this case, moving averages are used in an exponential form that is unusual for many. This combination of indicators determines the direction of movement thanks to Moving Averages, and the MACD indicator makes it possible to determine its stop, and together they provide fairly accurate signals for entering a position.

This strategy also allows you to make additional transactions on corrective movements (rollbacks) along the trend , which will make it possible to make large profits.

Setting up and installing strategy indicators for binary options Sniper

Beginners may think that so many indicators will hurt profitable trading. But in fact, all the necessary indicators look as organic as possible and do not interfere with each other’s work. And the signals that the strategy will give are very simple and understandable. And the most important thing is that these indicators are available on almost any trading platform where technical indicators are present and it will not be necessary at all to use third-party terminals in the future.

Indicator parameters:

  • EMA (type – Exponential) – 6 pieces with periods “3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13”.
  • EMA (type – Exponential) – with a period of “55”.
  • EMA (type – Exponential) – with a period of “21”.
  • MACD - default settings.

Please note that the third EMA is set within the window with the MACD indicator. To do this, you will need to drag the indicator into the window, and in the indicator settings you will need to use the “Previous Indicator Data” parameter:

Setting up EMA

By setting this parameter, the indicator will use the data of another indicator, which allows you to combine them in one window.

For convenience, at the end of the article you can download a template for this strategy.

Expiration time and money management

Any time frame can be used, since the expiration for this strategy for binary options is 5 candles.

In each transaction you should not risk more than 2% of the deposit amount, which is the standard rule.

Examples of trading using the Sniper binary options strategy

As you can see, such a quantity of the indicator does not interfere with trading at all and allows you to see all the signals from this strategy. And the main thing is that beginners can also use this strategy, since its rules are very simple.

There are also several options for opening transactions. Consider them in order.

To open a Call option you will need:

  • Blue EMAs broke through the green one from bottom to top.
  • MACD crossed the zero level from bottom to top.


  • The blue EMAs are intertwined with each other as closely as possible.
  • The green MACD line crossed the red one from bottom to top.

To open a Put option you will need:

  • Blue EMAs broke through the green one from top to bottom.
  • MACD crossed the zero level from top to bottom.


  • The blue EMAs are intertwined with each other as closely as possible.
  • The green MACD line crossed the red one from top to bottom.

Call option

We have several signals in a row, which provides additional opportunities for entering a trade and also additional potential profit:

Call option

Put option

Almost the same situation here, especially since the signals came one after another:

Put option


Now it becomes clear why this strategy for binary options is called Sniper. The signals it generates are quite accurate and most often there are several of them, which allows you to make many good trades in a short period of time.

In order to receive accurate quotes and fast order execution, you need to trade with a trusted broker. This can be found in our rating of binary options brokers . Happy trading!

Download the template for the Sniper strategy


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