The POWER ALERTS trading strategy was developed relatively recently, but it shows good historical results. Its main purpose is to trade short-term standard PUT and CALL binary options.

The presented strategy algorithm is based on non-traditional and traditional proprietary filters and oscillators. Some of them are trending, others are signal ones. The strategy ensures that all aspects of market changes are captured. This strategy must be applied in the MetaTrader4 terminal, and you can transfer all the strategy signals to other terminals, including Web. The user will have to do the work manually, so trading will be intense, especially if you choose low time frames and short deadlines.
For the expiration period, TF*3 is best suited if you are analyzing the M 5 market; for this, we select the option expiration date of up to fifteen minutes.

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Strategy settings for binary options POWER ALERTS

  • Currency pairs: major currencies.
  • Time interval: M5 to H1.
  • Option length: three timeframe candles.
  • Trading time: does not matter.
  • Risk management: no more than 5% of the deposit per trade

Steps to install working tools:

  1. The first thing you need to do is unpack the archive with templates and indicators.
  2. Then copy it to the MQL4 - indicators folder.
  3. Copying the templates.
  4. Reboot the working terminal.
  5. Open the price chart of the selected currency pair.
  6. Install the High-power option on the chart.
  7. Let's move on to the time we need from M5 and above.

This is what a working strategy chart looks like

Strategies for binary options

Signals for trading using the POWER ALERTS strategy are, at first glance, simple and even primitive. All signals are accompanied by arrows indicating the direction.

Signals from the POWER ALERTS strategy for purchasing CALL options

A yellow UP arrow should appear on the price chart.

A white arrow with an upward direction has appeared on the RSI (relative strength index) indicator. The yellow line of the Stochastic indicator should be above the red line.

Binary options strategy

Signals to buy CALL options

Signals from the POWER ALERTS strategy for purchasing PUT options

  1. A red pointer with a downward direction appeared on the price chart.
  2. The RSI (relative strength index) indicator shows a white downward cursor.
  3. The yellow line of the Stochastic indicator is below the red line.

Strategies for binary options

Signals to buy PUT options

The strategy algorithm was developed for scalpers in the Forex market, which led to easy adaptation of the strategy to binary options. We recommend testing all strategies on a demo account and assessing the real profitability of each strategy without the risk of losing real funds.


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3919 Есть стата у кого-то по этому стратегии??
20 March 2020
3918 стрелок много, я бы поменял этот индикатор на что-то более простое и не такое частое. в остальном хорошая
07 February 2020
Алексей Алексеев
Алексей Алексеев
3917 Сначала кажется, что много сигналов стрелок, но если разобратсья и изучить историю с сигналами, то все на свои места станет
17 January 2020
1840 все просто и понятно, спасибо за стратегию!
17 June 2018
1727 Очень даже не плохо для столь молодой стратегии, все продумано, индикатор RSI себя оправдывает
30 May 2018
1638 Здравствуйте! На истории стратегия довольно интересная. Единственный вопрос - когда входить в сделку по индикатору RSI в момент появления стрелки и точки либо на следующей свече. Спасибо большое!
18 April 2018
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