Options, due to their profitability, are attracting more and more investors who want to make money. To be successful, they need special knowledge that allows them to independently analyze the market, as well as an effective strategy that consistently generates income.

A simple but quite profitable trading system for minute charts “Bolivar” helps to increase your deposit up to 80% in just a month.

Preparing to trade with the Bolivar strategy

In order to prepare a working zone, you need to add several instruments to the M1 chart of the selected currency pair:

1. Bollinger Bands with the following settings: period - 73, deviation - 1.5; applies to Close;


2. Simple Moving Average: period - 4, applied to Close;


3. Force Index - oscillator with settings: period - 14, applicable to Close, method - Simple.


To optimize decision-making and visually more convenient display of the Force Index indicator on the window with its data, you need to draw a line at the “0” mark.

Chart with the entire indicator set:


All the tools we need are standard and included in the list of the MetaTrader4 trading platform . You can also use various functional specialized web platforms, for example, TradingView .


Rules for concluding transactions

So, the platform is set up, and we can move on to studying the order of buying options using signals from the Bolivar strategy.

We buy an option if:

  • Bollinger Bands are parallel to each other or expand;
  • Moving Average crossed the middle line of Bollinger Bands from bottom to top;
  • Force Index shows growth, exceeding zero;
  • The signal candle is located above the Moving Average, after its closing we buy the “Call” option;
  • contract expiration time is 5 minutes.

We sell if the following conditions are met:

  • Bollinger Bands are parallel or begin to taper;
  • Moving Average crosses the middle line of Bollinger Bands from top to bottom;
  • The Force Index oscillator went into the negative zone;
  • The signal candle is below the moving average; select the “Put” option at the opening of a new candle;
  • Expiration time: 5 candles.

Do not forget to adhere to the rules of money management: do not risk more than 1% of the deposit amount in one transaction.

Typical beginner mistakes

The most common mistakes leading to losses:

  • traders enter into trades against the dominant trend. If Bollinger Bands bend upward, sales are not allowed. Conversely, if they decline, you cannot buy;
  • lacking patience, some people trade turbo options without waiting for a clear signal and trying to “win back.” Reluctance to adhere to discipline and the rules of the strategy is fraught with loss of the deposit.

Always follow a pre-developed trading plan, in which you set specific maximum allowable amounts of profit and loss; when they are reached, you must stop working.

Useful tips in trading

Experienced investors who tried Bolivar on a real account were very pleased with the result. Here are some tips to help traders who have just discovered this strategy:

  • it can be used on all trading assets, but the results of stock trading were not very promising;
  • preferred sessions are European or American, they are more lively;
  • always remain calm, do not give in to emotions;
  • minimize risks.

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хорошая стратегия, а главное простая)
19 March 2020
Как раз для новичков подходит, чтобы не заморачиваться с индикаторами левыми)
11 February 2020
крутость стратегии в том, что она со стандартными индюками и качать ничего не надо
20 January 2020
Я как и многие трейдеры использую для работы полосы боллинджера, результаты торговли по стратегии "Боливар" выходят достаточно удачными.
02 February 2018
Установил Bolivar, как бы пятен ход жействий , но как то странно работает индикатор Force,у меня в терминале он практически в горизонтальном положении и присутствует незначительные его колебания. Может нужны какие либо дополнительные настройки?
28 October 2017
ВинОпшн, спасибо за стратегию, когда полностью разобрался — очень понравилась. Очень точная! Жаль видео не записываете, процесс вникания происходил бы быстрее)
06 January 2017
Спасибо за стратегию, буду торговать...
05 January 2017
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