Binary Viper logo Many traders are successful in trading the Forex market by regularly profiting from short positions. However, this situation is typical for a limited number of exchange participants. This is due to the fact that not everyone is able to understand the peculiarities of trading in the foreign exchange market and understand when to open and close positions. Most traders, working on Forex, adhere to a specific strategy , which is usually based on several indicators. Among such tools that allow you to make a profit on the foreign exchange market, including binary options, is the Binary Viper indicator.

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Features of Binary Viper in binary options

Binary options have attracted a wide audience of traders, some of whom, after the appearance of this instrument, focused on trading it, leaving the Forex currency market . This decision is explained by the fact that this approach allows you to make significantly greater profits than the currency exchange.

But as income increases, risk increases. Therefore, working with binary options under certain conditions can bring greater losses than trading on the foreign exchange market. When creating the Binary Viper indicator, the developers took this feature of the financial instrument into account. As a result, an indicator has appeared that provides up to 80% of profitable binary options transactions.

example of a chart in the binary viper indicator

Binary Viper has the following features:

  • allows you to trade on any timeframe;
  • clearly and clearly shows the entry point for opening Buy and Sell orders (marked with an up and down arrow, respectively);
  • The indicator can be used either separately or in combination with other financial instruments.

binary viper indicator photo

Binary Viper is a customizable indicator. Users can set the color, type of signals and other parameters of the tool. Additionally, features that can be disabled include the following:

  • sound notification;
  • visual information in the form of a pop-up window;
  • information by email;
  • information in the form of text messages.

Despite the fact that Binary Viper works in any time range, it is recommended to use this tool at H1 and above. When trading on a minute chart, you need to connect additional indicators on “higher” timeframes to confirm signals for binary options , such as RSI or CCI .

binary viper indicator chart photo


Binary Viper determines a suitable entry point based on an analysis of past price chart changes and the current market situation. Thanks to this, the indicator makes accurate forecasts, also determining the moment when the order should be closed. With the help of Binary Viper, even inexperienced traders can receive a stable and fairly high income, while minimizing risk.

An important feature of the indicator is that it redraws the chart. In this regard, it is recommended to enter the market after the corresponding signal appears and the candle following the arrow is opened (provided that this signal is preserved). The convenience of Binary Viper also lies in the fact that the indicator informs the trader about the presence of a profitable situation in the market in various ways, including through text messages.

binary viper photo

Despite its high efficiency, this tool is capable of giving false signals. To reduce risks when working with binary options, it is recommended to combine Binary Viper with other indicators. With this tool, you should use Elliott waves, which eliminate unnecessary market “noise” and increase the probability of a positive outcome of transactions to 85%. Compliance with this recommendation is especially important for inexperienced traders who, due to lack of knowledge, often lose most or all of their deposit by opening and holding unsuccessful positions.

drawing a binary viper graph

Binary Viper is also suitable for Forex trading. On the currency exchange, the indicator is used to predict a trend or is used as one of the elements of the “Swing” strategy when working on an intraday chart. On longer timeframes, Binary Viper is able to identify strong market volatility.

Download the Binary Viper indicator


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и правда очень напоминает бб, толкьо с сигналами)
18 April 2020
болингер, это ты??)))))
31 March 2020
Данный индикатор основан на волатильности рынка и чем она лучше, тем он должен теоретически лучше работать. При резких движениях рынка индикатор вполне может выдавать правильные сигналы, но это под вопросом.
01 December 2018
Данный индикатор является одним из многих однотипных индикаторов. Он ничем не лучше и не хуже, чем его предшественники. Это связано с тем, что у них абсолютно одинаковый принцип работы.
30 November 2018
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