The Biforexpro arrow indicator is used in trading most popular currency pairs in binary options. According to statistics, the tool provides over 80% of profitable transactions with binary options. Biforexpro is recommended for trading on the 5-minute chart. Despite such a short time frame, the indicator rarely gives signals. But thanks to this, Biforexpro displays very accurate values.

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Features of indicator installation

The Biforexpro arrow indicator is used for round-the-clock trading on 5-minute charts. The tool allows you to trade all currency pairs with the exception of a few assets.

The Biforexpro indicator does not redraw. This tool is installed on the MT4 platform.

Transactions based on the signals generated by the indicator are concluded directly through the terminal of your binary options broker. The installation of the tool is carried out according to the standard algorithm:

  1. The archive with the program is downloaded and unpacked at the end of the article.
  2. The files are copied to the Data Directory folder.
  3. The trading terminal is restarted.

Instructions for installing indicators in MetaTrader 4 :

The archive contains two templates required to work with the indicator: Boforexv2 and Biforexv2all. The first one does not take into account important levels, and the second one contains the full version of the program. If you are installing only the initial template, it is recommended to integrate at least one B2 level indicator into the chart. The latter are also present in the archive with the program. This solution will reduce the likelihood of false signals.

How to trade with Biforexpro on the binary options market?

The principle of working with the Biforexpro indicator comes down to the following basic rules:

  1. As soon as a green arrow appears on the chart, after the last candle (bar) closes, you need to place an order to buy the CALL option.
  2. If a red arrow appears on the chart, under similar conditions it is necessary to open a deal to buy a PUT option.

In both cases, the expiration period (the time interval during which the order remains open) is 5 minutes.

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General recommendations

To achieve maximum efficiency of a trading strategy based on this arrow indicator, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Avoid currency pairs containing NZD, AUD or CHF. As practice has shown, when trading these assets, the indicator often gives false signals.
  2. Do not open orders about a quarter of an hour before the release of important news information and after 15 minutes (see economic calendar )
  3. No more than 5% of the total deposit with the broker should be invested in one transaction.
  4. Aggressive traders should use the Martingale strategy in addition to the indicator.

The arrow indicator demonstrates high efficiency when trading binary options on 5-minute charts. This tool gives rare but very accurate signals about entering the market, and does not redraw.

Download the Biforexpro indicator


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