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The affiliate program of the binary options broker Binarium is not inferior to other affiliate programs, since the broker is constantly developing, changing both technical components and visual ones. Also, this company is one of the very first to provide traders from the CIS countries with trading services on financial markets. Therefore, it makes sense to attract traders to this company. Let's find out more about the affiliate program and what reviews there are about it.

What is the Binarium broker's affiliate program and how to work with it?

It is not difficult to advertise the Binarium broker, since its minimum deposit is $10 or the equivalent of this amount in any other currency (rubles or euros). This broker also has a convenient browser-based trading platform with all the necessary functionality and a mobile application that is in no way inferior to the web version.

Therefore, this company can easily compete with its competitors.

Promotional materials for the Binarium broker affiliate program

For high-quality advertising of the Bianrium broker, all necessary materials and tools are provided. But each promotional material will need to be customized independently.

The materials and their settings are located in the “Promotional Materials” section and the first thing you need to do is select a reward program:

Promotional materials

After this, you need to select the type of promo for advertising, of which there are four types:

  • Landing page.
  • Banner.
  • Widget.
  • Pop-up window.

type of promo for advertising

And the last thing left to do is to select the promotional material you like and click on the “Get code” button:

Selection of promotional material

For convenient tracking of your campaigns, you can also specify a SubID (optional):

Specifying SubID

Binarium broker affiliate program offers

As mentioned above, there are several options to choose from for deducting affiliate commissions. Also, all links to attract new clients can be used at two or three rates at once.

There are different types of statistics on attracted clients and are divided into:

  • General.
  • According to programs.
  • Based on promotional materials.
  • By trackers.
  • By SubID.
  • By landing pages.
  • For traders.

Therefore, analysis can be carried out in quite flexible ways:

Analysis of invited clients

I would also like to say about the percentage for RevShare, which depends on the number of attracted traders who made the first deposit:

Affiliate commissions

How to participate in the Binarium broker affiliate program?

As elsewhere, first you need to register on the official website of the Binarium broker affiliate program, which is located at: http://cleveraff.com

On the main page you will need to click on the “Registration” button:

Registration in the affiliate program

After filling out all the required data, all you have to do is click on another “Registration” button:

Filling out the registration form

Financial components of the Binarium broker affiliate program

Earnings in this affiliate program may be slightly less than those of competitors, but it will still be considered worthy if advertising campaigns are structured correctly.

How much can you earn with the Binarium broker affiliate program?

With a well-thought-out advertising strategy, you can expect to earn about $3,500 per month, which significantly exceeds the royalties from some other affiliate programs.

How to withdraw profits from the Binarium broker affiliate program

Payments of earned funds occur twice a month automatically. But first you will need to set up payments by contacting affiliate program support.

The transaction history can be found in the “Mutual settlements” section:

Transaction history

Binarium broker affiliate program referral system

As for the referral program, it is no different from others and allows you to earn 5% of the profits of attracted partners, which is quite good, since such income is considered completely passive.

Statistics on referrals can be found in the “REFERRALS” section:

Statistics on referrals

Contacts and technical support of the Binarium affiliate program

The “Contact the Operator” section will help you get answers to any questions you may have. To get in touch, you will need to fill out the information and ask your question:

Technical support

Pros and cons of the Binarium broker affiliate program

The advantages include:

  • Beneficial cooperation for partners.
  • Customizable promotional materials.
  • Withdrawal of funds twice a month.
  • Rev Share and CPA to choose from.
  • Income from attracted clients, starting from 50% of the broker's earnings.

The disadvantages include:

  • A partner’s earnings can rise or fall depending on the actions of the attracted trader, and therefore it is difficult to predict what income will be in the future.


Feedback on the Binarium affiliate program is extremely positive. The broker's affiliate program makes it possible to earn money by attracting new traders to an actively developing company, and the advertising materials provided will help you do this as efficiently as possible. This is especially suitable for those who have their own website or other Internet resource on which they can place advertisements.

Register in the Binarium affiliate program


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Option Bull
Option Bull
В партнерке учитываются бонусы, которые были ипользованы приглашенными трейдерами?
Руслан, конечно
10 November 2022
В партнерке учитываются бонусы, которые были ипользованы приглашенными трейдерами?
10 November 2022
Партнерка это всегда выгодное сотрудничество, но нужно уделать этому особое внимание и тогда будет дополнительный пассивный доход от такой деятельности. Ну и хорошо если трейдер будет торговать и реально зарабатывать
27 October 2022
Не самая новая партнерка, но это думаю и плюс, по РФ часто бонусы дают, можно гнать трафик
25 May 2021
Нормальная партнерка, платит исправно, хоть и конвертит похуже покетпошн
04 January 2021
Михаил Добрый
разные типы отчислений, просто комиссии ли cpa удобный кабинет, статистика, связь всегда есть по все вопросам помогают. топ!
05 October 2020
с Binarium в партнертсве уже пару лет и люди туда торговать идут, поэтому в моей личном топе среди партнерок!
24 September 2020
лучшая партнерка в совокупности условий, удобный личный кабинет и выплаты всегда своевременно без задержек
а сколько можно заработать?
зависит от твоей активности. тут сложно цифры говорить, но если у тебя будет свой сайт с хорошей посещаемостью, то 5000к баксов в месяц будет не редко
30 August 2020
лучшая партнерка в совокупности условий, удобный личный кабинет и выплаты всегда своевременно без задержек
а сколько можно заработать?
08 August 2020
лучшая партнерка в совокупности условий, удобный личный кабинет и выплаты всегда своевременно без задержек
23 July 2020
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