This binary options strategy is a great way to achieve financial independence through online trading. It is not only very effective, but also does not require a significant investment of time. Statistics say that the effectiveness of the “Puria Method” is about 70%. The developer used the strategy on Forex, but, as it turned out, it can be easily adapted for binary options.

It is preferable to use on the following currency pairs: CADJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, NZDUSD, USDCAD, EURGBP, USDJPY, EURJPY, AUDUSD, CHFJPY. Other volatile assets are also suitable - indices, shares.

The number of signals using the Puria Method strategy is not very large, so it is enough to check them several times a day.

Preparing the terminal for trading

The Puria method is an indicator trading system. You can download a ready-made template that can be installed in the MetaTrader4 platform , or you can alternately apply several standard indicators with the following settings to the chart:

  • MACD indicator, standard options.
  • two Mooving Averages, one with a period of 75, the second with a period of 85, “Low”; "Linear Weighted", red;
  • Mooving Average – period 5, “Close”; "Exponential", yellow;


We set the timeframe to M30 for the chart.

How to make deals according to Puria strategy

We buy an option if:

  • the yellow moving average crossed the two red moving averages from bottom to top; both red Mooving Averages are moving up;
  • MACD is in the positive zone;
  • the signal candle is located above all three moving averages; make a trade at the opening of a new candle
  • expiration time - 3 hours.

Do not forget that you must adhere to the rules of money management: the size of one bet should not exceed 1.5 of the amount on deposit.


Recommendations for sale:

  • the yellow moving average crossed two red ones from top to bottom; red Mooving Average is decreasing;
  • MACD is below the “0” mark;
  • the signal candle is under all three moving averages; buy an option at the opening of a new candle
  • transaction expiration time is 3 hours.


Types of options

This strategy is usually used for trading classic options, but there is a way to make a profit on “One-Touch” or “Range”.

When a signal is detected - the yellow moving average crossing the red ones down or up, we conclude that a clear movement has begun, which will continue for some time. Thus, these signals work well when concluding transactions on “Range” options, because a decrease in quotes and an increase in quotes guarantees that the price will exit the corridor, and also indicates that the price of the asset will easily reach the strike level in a “One-Touch” type option. .

Before applying the strategy in new conditions, be sure to practice its execution on a history and demo account, because each broker has its own levels in “One-Touch” and “Range”.

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Это вообще элементарные правила и вот с таких стратегий на ДЕМО надо начитать новичкам в трейдинге!
19 March 2020
Пуриа норм для новичков, а набор индикаторов есть в мт4 и в мт5, тут уже кому как удобнее.
03 February 2020
большое спасибо за этот метод. я начинающий и мне он очень понравился. попробовал его с тремя парами и все удачные
22 December 2017
Индикаторы Macd и MA очень хорошо себя зарекомендовали,так что стратегию основанную на этих индикаторах я обязательно опробую
31 October 2017
большое спасибо за этот метод. я начинающий и мне очень он понравился. попробовал его с тремя парами и все удачные!!! супер. одни эмоции!
11 January 2017
большое спасибо за этот метод. я начинающий и мне очень он понравился. попробовал его с тремя парами и все удачные!!! супер. одни эмоции!
09 January 2017
Великолепная стратегия. Спасибо команде WinOptionSignals
07 January 2017
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