Pulse Detector was originally developed exclusively as an indicator for binary options . However, over time, traders began to use this indicator for trading Forex currency pairs. Thanks to its versatility, Pulse Detector demonstrates almost the same efficiency at any time interval. However, it is recommended to trade on the M5 timeframe with an expiration period of 10 minutes. One of the disadvantages of the indicator is that it rarely gives signals during the day. Therefore, traders recommend using this technical tool on several currency pairs simultaneously.

Graph with Pulse Detector

Installation and optimal time frame for the Pulse Detector indicator

Pulse Detector is installed in the MetaTrader 4 terminal . You can learn how to install the indicator in the MT4 terminal from our training video:

As for the timeframe, traders recommend using the indicator throughout the European and early American sessions . As we said earlier, the optimal time frame for the indicator is M5, but it also shows pretty good results on M15 and M30. The expiration date should be set to 2 candles, that is, 10 minutes if you trade on M5.

The principle of trading binary options using an indicator

The principle of trading with Pulse Detector is based on very simple rules. A buy order (Call option) should be placed if an arrow pointing upward appears on the price chart. If it is directed downward, then you should sell the asset (buy a Put option).

Signals from Pulse Detector

Signals on a chart with Pulse Detector

Call and Put with Pulse Detector

Call and Put signals with Pulse Detector

Put and Call signals

Pulse Detector and Martingale method

Due to the fact that the indicator for binary options Pulse Detector, although it produces signals very rarely, almost all of them are profitable and in our tests the indicator showed only 3 losing trades in a row. In connection with this indicator, you can use the Martingale method . However, we should not forget that any binary options strategy that uses Martingale is considered high-risk and you should take into account the possible risks. Martingale calculator and Anti-Martingale calculator will be useful in this case.

Conclusion. The effectiveness of the indicator in binary options

Pulse Detector rarely gives signals. Moreover, in most cases the indicator guesses a potentially successful moment to enter the market. According to the results of testing, out of 103 open transactions, traders made a profit in 71. As a result, the profitability of the indicator was 69%. This indicator is considered quite high, since a rare trading instrument is capable of producing profitable signals for binary options in more than 50% of cases.

Also, to successfully trade binary options using this indicator or any other strategy, you will need a reliable binary options broker who will not underestimate the odds in the event of your successful trading and will withdraw your profits without delay. We recommend choosing one of these brokers in our rating of “ The Best Binary Options Brokers of 2019 ”.

Download the Pulse Detector indicator


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Не знаю как этот индикатор, но вообще стрелочные это в большинстве случаев слив депозита, а если еще и по Мартингейлу то тем более, хотя если включить в торговую систему то может что-то с этого и получится.
14 March 2021
сколько их уже было тут, этих стрелочных индюков...
а сколько еще будет)))
20 March 2020
сколько их уже было тут, этих стрелочных индюков...
12 February 2020
Косяки у него есть, но в целом норм
18 April 2019
Я тестировал индикатор. Результат мне не нравится – всего 55% выигрышных сделок.
15 March 2019
Огромное спасибо за индикатор, но на самом деле он не рисует стрелки CALL. У меня он работает на 10 валютных парах и за последние 2 недели в режиме реального времени ни одной стрелки CALL.
08 March 2019
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