Despite the fact that the Quotex broker appeared quite recently, every new user can take advantage of its bonus program and receive additional funds for trading binary options thanks to bonuses in 2024 and even cancel a losing trade using a special promotional code.

Promotional code for replenishing an account with the Quotex broker: oz4bWX2zuf .

Promotional code for canceling a losing trade (risk free) with the Quotex broker: qOC1kjSi7c   (an additional promotional code can be obtained upon request from your personal account on our website or searched in our review of the Quotex broker ).



*You can open the Quotex website in Russia only through a VPN

Thanks to bonuses, you can reduce the risks in your trading, since losses will also apply to bonus money, and receiving a bonus makes it possible to make more profit by increasing trading volume, and a promotional code for canceling a losing trade will cancel any of your negative trades up to $10.


Why do you need promotional codes from the Quotex broker?

Since the Quotex broker began its work quite recently, its main task is to attract more and more new clients, and to do this, it is necessary to resort to marketing tactics, one of which is promotional codes.

Promotional codes allow you to cancel unprofitable transactions and receive a bonus from 10% to 80% for replenishing your account with the Quotex broker, and after working out they can be withdrawn in full, like real money.

Thus, the bonus funds received can be used in trading, which can significantly increase the chances of making a profit, as well as increase the profit itself. In addition, bonuses can be used as a “safety cushion”, since these funds are fully involved in trading.

The advantage of bonuses from the Quotex broker is that they can always be canceled and they will not interfere with withdrawing your funds or profits, which means that even beginners will not have problems using them.

Welcome bonus from Quotex broker

The first and most popular bonus among all traders that can be received from the Quotex broker is the Welcome bonus:

Welcome Bonus Quotex

This bonus is given only once and only to new users who have not yet replenished their trading account.

To receive a welcome bonus in 2024, you can click on the banner offering to receive this bonus, then proceed to replenishment, or enter the promotional code “WELCOME” yourself in a special field:

Receiving a welcome bonus at Quotex

After that, in the lower right corner you can see the amount that will be credited to the trading account.

Please note that you can only receive a Welcome Bonus for an amount of $100 or more.

Characteristics of the Welcome bonus from the Quotex broker:

  • You can receive a deposit amount of $100 or more.
  • Adds 80% to the top-up amount.
  • The received bonus is workable and can be withdrawn as a result.
  • You can use the Welcome bonus only once when you make your first deposit.

Maximum promo code for replenishing your account with the Quotex broker

Also, those clients of the Quotex broker who have already received a welcome bonus, but want to replenish their account again, can receive another replenishment bonus of 60%.

This promotional code can only be used once and is subject to a certain top-up limit, so you should hurry up and use this promotional code.

Receiving a bonus is also done when replenishing your account, and in the input field you must enter - oz4bWX2zuf :

Receiving a 60% bonus at Quotex

Based on the results, in the lower right corner you will see the final amount that will be credited to the trading account.

Characteristics of the promotional code “ oz4bWX2zuf ”:

  • You can receive a deposit amount of $50 or more.
  • The promotional code has a limit on the number of activations (100 activations).
  • The promotional code can only be used once.
  • The promotional code adds up to 60% to the deposit.
  • The received bonus is workable and can be withdrawn as a result.

Terms of use of bonuses at broker Quotex

To withdraw bonuses received when replenishing your account with the Quotex broker, you must fulfill certain conditions:

Terms of use for Quotex bonuses

It is worth noting that in order to work out the bonus, you need to make a turnover equal to the bonus amount multiplied by 100, which is not always easy, so if you wish, the received bonus can be canceled in your personal account, or it will simply “burn out” at the time of withdrawal.

You can monitor the progress of bonus processing in your personal account, which is very convenient, since it is very difficult to calculate the amount of completed transactions yourself, especially if there are quite a lot of them.


As you can see, despite the young age of the Quotex broker, traders can still receive bonuses in the form of canceling a losing trade of $10 and a bonus for replenishing using promotional codes, and then start trading, but it is always worth considering that received bonuses can only be withdrawn in if they are worked out, which will require making a large number of transactions on the broker’s platform.

It is also worth remembering that you can get some bonuses only once, which means you should use them wisely and try to “squeeze” the maximum benefit out of them.


*You can open the Quotex website in Russia only through a VPN




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