Bonus programs have always caused mistrust among traders, because... Many people believe that “free cheese” only comes in a mousetrap. But if you look in more detail, then not everything is as bad as it might seem. Today, most brokers provide various types of bonuses. These include promotional codes, loyalty programs, and no deposit bonuses. It should be noted that this has its own benefits for traders. Quite a few people choose a broker to make money based on such promotions or services.

Binomo bonus But there is also negative feedback from traders who consider such a move only a marketing one. In this article we will talk about the profitable bonuses that the Binomo broker gives to its clients.

Let's consider these types of profitable bonuses:

  1. Classic bonuses.
  2. Bonuses when replenishing your account.
  3. A unique Binomo bonus for visitors to our website at +50% and +100% to the deposit.
  4. $150 options for new customers.

Standard bonus from Binomo

Binomo, like many others, offers a standard bonus for your first deposit. It makes up 75% of the top-up amount and can be used for real earnings. What does this bonus give? The first is an increase in trading capital, and therefore an increase in the opportunity to earn more and faster. The second is risk reduction through the use of company funds. Both options are suitable for both aggressive trading strategies and restrained ones.

Bonuses for subsequent deposits

This type of bonus is smaller in size for large amounts, but it can be used with each new deposit. Sooner or later the question arises - how to increase the size of the deposit without reaching into your pocket? The answer to this question will be receiving this bonus. The table below contains detailed information on replenishment amounts and bonuses that are attached to them. And don’t forget that when successful transactions are made, all bonus funds turn into real money.

Binomo bonus amounts

A unique bonus from Binomo at +50% and +100% on deposits for visitors to our site

For all active visitors to our site, we have prepared a special bonus from Binomo, which increases your deposit by as much as 50% or 100%! The replenishment amount is not important, just enter the bonus code when replenishing your account and receive additional funds for your deposit.

Bonus coupon codes:



Insurance against losses with Binomo

Also, the binary options broker Binomo provides an excellent opportunity for novice traders. Any losses from your first five losing trades will be fully refunded. In this case, all the money earned remains with you. This gives you the chance to improve your trading skills without risking your own funds.

Binomo insurance

$150 options for new clients

This bonus can only be received by new clients of the company. They can be obtained after certain conditions are met. It’s difficult to find a broker with better offers, especially since you don’t have to invite or involve anyone in the company. To get it, you just need to open your first account with Binomo and receive your rightful $150 of free options.

It is important to understand that this bonus is not virtual, but real. Funds earned with this bonus can be withdrawn to your personal card account or to another payment system. Or you can keep it and use it later as an investment. For beginners, this is the most useful bonus from the company. You can start making money on binary options without risking your funds at all.

Open an account with Binomo


To sum it up, we can say that beginners do not even have to spend their money at the initial stage. And more advanced traders can increase their deposits due to such bonuses, and no less than 1.5 times. If you still doubt that such bonuses are real, then register with the Binomo broker and check for yourself. And we wish you success in trading!

Binomo broker

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